Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spotlight Adult Theater: Cinema L'Amour in Montreal, Quebec

Doc here with a long overdue Spotlight Adult Theater feature here at The Journal, your one stop shop for this thing of ours. One must not forget our civics lesson.

On Sunday 11/6, I received a very nice e-mail from a gentleman by the name of Peter B. He alerted me to an adult theater in  Montreal, Quebec by the name of Cinema l'Amour

Here is Peter's e-mail to The Good Doctor:

Greetings from Canada!

..I thought you should include this gem:

Cinema l'Amour
4015 St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec

It's one of the worlds best...especially for couples! The owner and staff are courteous and the place is very clean.

Thanks for everything!



Doc here again... I have never heard of this theater, so I clicked on the link sent by Peter of the theater's web site. This place sounds and looks terrific!  The Good Doctor did some research on Cinema l'Amour, and here are a few tidbits about the theater:

Cinema l'Amour
Montreal, Quebec
History (Courtesy of the theater's website)
Initially, a combination theater hall/movie house, the CINEMA L'AMOUR started out in 1914 under the name "Le Globe" and has since managed to survive as an independent theater. Located in the heart of Montreal’s Jewish community, "Le Globe" was the main venue for watching Yiddish films during the 1920's and the 30's.

Renamed "The Hollywood" in 1932, the building maintained its reputation as an internationally renowned theater/movie house.

As years passed and the social climate changed and evolved, the decision was made in 1969, to transform "The Hollywood" into "The PussyCat", a cinema featuring strictly explicit, adult-themed movies. The theater is now, since July 1981, known under the name "CINEMA L'AMOUR", and focuses exclusively on adult films.  The cinema has the distinction of being the oldest movie hall of its kind in Montreal, yet the interior design remains virtually unchanged since its opening almost a century ago.  As shown in this photo, the aisles, classic ornamentations, and the horseshoe balcony remain intact.

Exterior Photo

Other Nuggets About Cinema l'Amour
  • The theater shows two different XXX movies per week, at specific times. First show starts at 11am, and the last show end sometime around 11pm (or until the last movie finishes).
  • The balcony contains a V.I.P couples section, comprising three different viewing levels. Price per couple is $35
  • An online article written by film writer Stephanie Laughlin along with her colleague Jess Klein talks about their experinces inside the Cinema l'Amour. Part 1 is HERE, and Part 2 is HERE. Very interesting stuff from two adult theater virgins, and they got an eyefull the night they attended.
  • The website for the Cinema l'Amour is HERE.
  • Cinema information has been added to the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database HERE.
So there you have it...The Spotlight Adult Theater for November.  I hope you took good notes, since there will be quiz in the morning.


Special Report! A Message From The Front Lines

Special News Bulletin From The Paris Theatre
Friday 10:18PM PST
floyd, Senior Reporter for The Journal

Call it an extraordinary alignment of the planets, a once in a lifetime occurrence, or an episode of incredible synergy. Tonight at the world-famous Paris Theatre in Portland, Oregon, Bob In Biloxi, Brent (the Poet Laureate of this thing of ours), and your humble Senior Correspondent, floyd, were indeed sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on the right hand side of the Theater at 9:30 pm PST, Friday 11/4/11, sharing tales of theater sex. 

If the assembled faithful could only have known of the aggregate literary firepower of these three, measured surely in tera-watts, they would have wept openly.



Doc here... I am dabbing my eyes at the moment.  It was a mini-conference, or possibly a break-out session for The Journal's Southeast and Northwest news bureaus. 3 Senior Reporters in one theater is a seismic event. Want proof?

What happened in Oklahoma today?

Lastly, hope it was an eventful weekend for the 3 Amigos, and I'm looking forward to reading the reports.  Thanks in advance gentlemen.

Safe travels Bob, as you head back home towards the beautiful Gulf Coast.