Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cathy Tonight and Tomorrow Night @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN! (with Video!)

Doc here... Well kids, the weekend those in the Chicagoland area have been waiting for is finally here. Cathy (from and will be making her local debut at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN Saturday and Sunday nights at 8pm.

Here is what to expect:

- An insatiable blonde who believes in quality AND quantity in her adult theater and gloryhole encounters. It's time to bring it, guys and girls.

- Cathy is an equal opportunity offender: She loves guys and girls.

- Lots of video and still photos being taken to document the scene.

- A fun, sweet, and yet very naughty woman who will turn CTs on it's ear Saturday and Sunday.

They are still talking about her appearance at Hartford's Art Cinema, and I fully expect the same for the two nights at CTs, starting at 8pm.

So join in the fun at CTs this weekend. It promises to be one for the ages.

BTW, The Good Doctor will be there on Saturday night, assisting with documenting the event. So, if you see a short Sicilian working the camera for Cathy, say hello.

And to give you a further peak at the goodness ahead tonight, here is a video of Cathy being very bad at the gloryhole.