Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Colorado Couple Hits Circus Cinema in Denver

Doc here with a first time Couple's Flash Report from The Colorado Couple. Their home base is Denver, and their port of call is Denver's Circus Cinema. Here we go!


Hello from Mile High City!

My wife and I have been frequenting the adult bookstores and theaters around town for decades. And we have to sadly report that the "good old days" are long gone. The days of Kitty's Tabor and Kitty's on Broadway showing the full screen classics are gone. The Tabor was by far the best. Up in balcony section my wife created many fantastic memories for a lot of guys. Sometimes one or two, and sometimes 10 to 15 guys would get sucked off or fuck her. Or both.

Circus Cinema
Denver, CO
But enough whining. We still frequent the Circus Cinema on Federal. Started going there in the 1980's, and it has changed a LOT. It is still one of the best places for us, cause we go after dancing and drinking on Fri and Sat nights, and she still doesn't wear panties. So I fuck her at least once a week there. Sometimes there will be an attractive, POLITE guy there, and he will get to experience her tight pussy too. But sadly it is usually just older trolls, and some smell real bad.

The place was getting cleaned up pretty well a couple years ago, but now is smelling pretty rank again. I know it is understandable, as thousands of people get sucked off or fuck in there every year, but it really needs to be cleaned up better. Seats real nasty. Good thing it is dark.

Cops have been in there several times recently. We always wait till just about everybody has their cock out, and then we figure we are pretty safe. Knock on wood....never been caught.

Act I and II/Dove on West Colfax is pretty bad. Very dirty, but we have a lot of great memories there too. Maybe it will come back one day.

So single guys.....be clean, smell nice, be polite, ask if its ok to sit by her before you sit, and you will have a MUCH better time. Just my two cents.

The Colorado Couple


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Colorado Couple for this nice report, and I hope there are many more to come!


Reminder! 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa Weeklong Special Runs Through Sunday 3/10

Doc here with a quick special announcement concerning one of the top adult theaters in the country: 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa, 2125 N. 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL (in Chicago's western burbs).
The first week of every month showcases their "Weeklong Special", and it's a doozy.  Starting Monday, March 4th, and running through Sunday March 10th. Couples (boy/girl), single gals, and T-Gurls are free all week (including the spa)!
It's The Good Doctor's experience that this weeklong special is a great time to visit 15th Avenue! It is one of the premier adult theaters in the country, and possibly the cleanest!  The spa area is unique to this thing of ours, and provides a great way to relax and stay warm. 15th Avenue also has private rooms for rent that provide some privacy for you and maybe some of your newest best friends.
I cannot recommend 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa high enough! Enjoy the "Weeklong Special"!  Tell 'em Doc sent you!

Art Cinema Event Report #9: M&J's First Trip To The Art

Doc here with Report #9 from The Art Cinema's Valentines Event.  This report comes courtesy of M&J, a first time couple to The Art Cinema.

Their first venture into The Art Cinema's balcony was a fun one...



Greetings Doctor!
First off, I would like to thank you for access to you blog. I had heard about the Art Theater from a friend a couple of weeks back, and soon went online to research the theater. I found your blog and read your comments. I brought the subject of possibly attending the Valentine's Party with my girlfriend and she was pleasantly receptive. 
The Lower Balcony of The Art Cinema
I must tell you we did attend the Valentine's party, and had a ball. This was our first trip to the Art Theater and we made our way down from NH for the event. I'm sure that M was a little nervous not quite knowing what exactly to expect when we got there. I was really happy when we entered the front door to see the staff at the ticket window was truly friendly, and sincerely happy to have us there. After speaking with the attendant for about 5 minutes or so, M was talking away with him as though we were long time friends. I had the feeling the ice had been broken and we could relax and enjoy the evening.
We made our way up to the balcony and sat in the middle of the lower section. Not knowing exactly where the theater was, I had allowed plenty of time for travel. We arrived about 6:30 and as I said, made our way upstairs. There were probably 4 or 5 couples there already, and 2 were in the upper lighted area. We enjoyed the movie for about a half hour or so and we began to fool around. It didn't take long for an attractive couple to come in and seat themselves in the row in front of us, and a few seats over. I could see they were enjoying watching us and soon the pretty women offered to help M. I was very pleased to see she had asked M and not just assumed it was OK to join in. M gave her the OK and both worked on me which was wonderful.
We enjoyed our visit very much and plan on another trip this coming Saturday 3/2/13. My question to you is, is there any special blog which I can access to find out if other couples plan to attend the theater on a particular night? I would love to hear from couples we may want to meet. Again thanks for you help and we hope to meet you in person one of these evenings.
Doc here again... I am very glad you enjoyed the event as much as we did hosting.  The Art Cinema is truly a great place within this thing of ours.
As far as I know, there is no special blog for couples who want to meet at the Art Cinema.  Saturday night is the busiest couples night of the week, and it's not uncommon to see 10-18 couples on such nights.
Thanks again for the report, and I hope you have one on the way from your trip on 3/2 to The Art Cinema.