Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blast From The Past: Moaning Lisa's Misspent Youth

Doc here with a nice trip down memory lane with the always naughty Moaning Lisa. Her Blast From The Past is a good one, but don't take my word for it.  You'll see for yourself!



Blast From the Past:  The Kenosha Krawl
(memories from my misspent youth…)

Hi Doc!

When J and I were dating, (back in our 20's)  one of our favorite activities was to drive North on 294 to Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Just over the border, there were three ABSs within ten minutes of each other.  We would drive to the furthest one, then make our way back. 

Superb Video was the first stop.  This  small ABS/Head shop is still in business!  Not sure if they have refurnished the place... but back in the day, you were greeted by a vast and colorful array of bongs, pipes, hookahs and one hitters… for your “tobacco”.  They also had a limited selection of glossy magazines and VHS tapes. 

All our favorite "actors": Amber Lynn, Traci Lords, Sharon Mitchell and Nina Hartley were displayed  neatly on the shelves.  In the back of the store there were a few booths that sometimes had glory holes, and sometimes didn't...(depending on whether it was an election year?) 

My favorite sport at this ABS was to wear a really short skirt and flash the guys by the booths as I perused the magazines & videos. I would get so wet watching them rub their cocks through their pants... Occasionally they would pull it out and give me a real show!

The next stop was a great store called Crossroads.  This place was almost always busy.  It had an extensive selection of toys, and were the first to carry the new Cyberskin cool!!

The arcade at this store was larger than Supreme Video, with booths that had either no doors or short doors, so it was excellent for both exhibitionists and voyeurs!  J and I did much more showing off and watching (rather than interacting) back then.  I know, it's hard to believe I was shy... (ed. note: I'm not buying it.)

To end the evening, we would go to Odyssey. This was the largest if the three stores.  They had a huge selection of everything:  toys, movies, lingerie, BDSM leather stuff and magazines (we had to pick up the recent copy of Amateurs in Action or Cocoa and Creme to enjoy at home).

They also had a large arcade in back, which often had glory holes.  One night we were in a booth, viewing a classic John Leslie film *draws breath in through teeth* and noticed a guy watching us through the GH.  When we left, he followed us out to the parking lot, and coerced us to come back in and play a little longer.  I ended up sucking both him and J at the same time... Thus began my desire for having more than one cock at a time...

I guess you could say that Kenosha was where I went to school for this thing of ours...I will be sharing more of my "studies" and "post graduate work" in the future!

Academically Yours,
Moaning Lisa


Doc here again... This Blast From The Past from the lovely Moaning Lisa has got me thinking... Would there be interest out there in a series from our regular reporters here at The Journal on how they began in this thing of ours?   I have put up a new poll asking that question on the right hand side of The Journal's home page.  If the repsonse is good, I will send out a request to the entire pool of Journal scribes asking for their start.  It'll be like "Batman Begins", except Liam Neeson won't be involved in our training.

Thanks to Moaning Lisa for a great report, and for stimulating the old Doctor's brain (among other things).


Couples Flash Report! Eros Theater in Colorado Springs by Jim & Chris

Doc here with a GREAT Couples Flash Report from regular contributors, Jim & Chris.  This report focuses on the Eros Theater in Colorado Springs, CO., and is accompanied by a terrific photo taken during this encounter.

So without further delay, here are Jim & Chris, and their HOT report:


Hey Doc,

Just letting you know what my wife did a few weeks ago with her bull.  My wife has been seeing a BBC for about a year and the last time we hooked up with him, he decided he wanted to take my wife to a xxx theater for some fun.  I've always enjoyed taking my wife to theaters and bookstores and always promote her playing with others.  Since she now has a steady bull using her and me enjoying xxx theaters, it seems perfect that he take her to have fun.  She was dress in garter, hose, heels and a button up the front dress, no panties, no bra.  She's called him and told him we'd meet him inside The Eros Theater, 519 S Tejon St in Colorado Springs, CO.

We bought a ticket and went in and sat in the last row with a large open space behind us.   There were 3 other guys already there sitting throughout the place. It holds about 50 people and there are two large speaker boxes along the side walls that are just the right height for someone bent over to lean on.

Eros Theater, Co. Springs
We were there about 10 minutes when her bull came in and sat besides her, her between us, him on the aisle.  They kissed and quietly chatted.  After a few minutes of making out, with me sitting besides them the other guys were noticing.  Hard not to when a guy walks in , sits next to a couple and starts kissing.

Within minutes she was undoing the buttons on her dress, letting him start feeling her tits.   All the time whispering to each other and kissing.  One guy moved across the aisle and one in front of my wife to watch them play.  She handed me our camera and told me to take some pictures.  I moved over one chair to frame them into the picture and watched them.  He soon stood up and dropped his pants, pulled out his dick and moved in front of her.  She started sucking his dick and playing with his balls.   Getting him close to cumming, he stopped her and said something. 

Chris and her "Bull"
They moved to one of the boxes along a wall and she took her dress off, threw it at me and told me to hang on to it.  He bent her over the box and started fucking her doggy style.  All the guys watching and jacking off.   It wasn't soon when he told her he wanted to finish up in our hotel room, but first he wanted to do some things.  They told me to grab her clothes and follow them. 

They went to the front of the theater in front of the screen where she got on her knew and proceeded to give him a blow job.   After getting him close again, he stood her up, she put her dress on and we went into the bookstore.  He took her to the clerk and told her to open her dress and show the clerk. She did and he moved around from behind the counter and felt my wife's tits and pussy. A minute or two later, she buttoned up, we left and went to our room to finish, but that's a different blog story. 

He plans on taking her again soon and I hope with more fun with other guys.  I love my wife playing in adult theaters and her bull has just added a new touch.

From a voyeur and happy husband,


Doc here again... This report from Jim and Chris had it all, including documentation of the actual fun inside the theater.  Terrific job Jim and Chris, and we will be looking forward to the next report from you.  And keep up with the pics too! 

Do you have an adult theater report?  just e-mail Lon Chaney The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, and drop in a few pics for good measure.  You supply the report, and get the glory.  I need reports in a bad way, so it's your turn to help The Good Doctor out.