Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flash Report: A Weekend in Portland by "Sam"

Doc here with another first time contributor, "Sam".  His first visit to Portland's Paris Theater was full of surprises. This first report knocked it out of the park, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

So, without further delay, here is "Sam":
I have read so much about Portland I had to try it. I arrived at the Paris Theater last Friday evening about 9:30p. It is a small theater that uses its space well. Besides the regular theater seats with two couches scattered about, there is a small "balcony" behind the last row that is "couples only" as well as a small stage in the back right corner where the exam table is located. There is the small "bedroom" midway down the right side in front of a glory-hole area that looks too much like the confessionals in a Catholic church. In front of the main stage is a small circular seating area. The screen is large and looks much like 35mm rather than video. On the left side is a narrow "antechamber" with upper and lower rooms that shows gay films. It takes longer to describe it than to walk around it.

Soon after my arrival a mid-30s couple arrived and entered the "couples" area. After a short time, he started sucking on her small cute breasts and then lowered her jeans and started eating her. She fished his cock out and started blowing him. Nice show. After a few minutes they unhooked the chain and with her naked, proceeded to the circular area in front of the stage. The regulars all got into position. She lay down on the hard couch and guys started fucking her while others were invited to cum on her face. This quickly turned into blow jobs, but she wanted the cum on her face.

During the show, a younger couple - perhaps mid-20s - entered and came down front to watch. They climbed up on the stage and fondled each other through clothing. When the older couple went back to the "couples" area, they followed them and started to put on their own show. The older girl started licking the younger girl who blew the older guy. It was fun to watch. After a while, both couples left.

After a "dry" period, a Hispanic young couple entered and she started blowing him. He got her tits out. The mid-30s couple from earlier returned and they started interacting. Then the mid-20s couple also returned and we had a six way going. An older and overdressed couple entered and sat in the far corner of the "couples" area to watch. Soon he dug her tits out from under multiple layers of clothing, and eventually she reached under her long skirt and pulled down her pantyhose. She was naked underneath. When the sixsome (?) took a break, the older woman timidly went over and started to eat the Hispanic girl. That revitalized the group, and soon everybody was back into it. The older guy took his wife's place between the Hispanic girls legs, and he licked her for almost an hour to many loud orgasms while everybody played with everybody else. After the younger six left together, the older woman blew her man until he shot in her mouth.

I should have left but stayed for one more older couple. What a pain in the ass. After teasing everyone (OK, there were four of us left) for an hour, he finally got her into the bedroom where he spread lotion on her back exposing her ass and the sides of her tits, but that's as far as it went. Time to go.

I arrived at the same time Saturday night to find a large couple already sitting in the "couples" area. Soon after three very large couples entered and took their time getting naked and having sex. The original couple exposed her breasts and enjoyed talking to the naked group, but that's as far as they went. The big girls has as much sex with each other as they had with their men. It was fun to watch, but the theater became very crowded.

The younger couple from Friday evening returned, she wearing short denim shorts. With no room - literally - in the "couples" section, they went to the exam balcony where she got up on the table and enjoyed sex in various ways with her man. Two other mid-30s couples entered the theater and joined them on the balcony, which became "couple" only by default. They did each other while enjoying the show. It was so crowded I could only enjoy from afar.

A regular named Bonnie entered with her husband and camped on the upper couch, taking all on cummers (?) with her mouth and pussy. She was enjoyed by many when they weren't watching the two shows.

One of the mid-30s couples left the balcony and sat on the sideways chairs in from of the confessional area, the lady removing her red dress to blow anybody waiting in line. I wandered over and was surprised to find that the husband was "sampling" the cocks of the men in line before presenting them to his wife. I had never seen this before in an adult theater. Sure, there are plenty of gay guys around doing their thing, but I never saw a guy who brought a woman partake. Is this something new?

The other mid-30s couple also left the exam stage and went to the lower couch where she was surrounded by guys. She was a beautiful teacher looking lady in a blue skirt who exposed her breasts and then her pussy and fingered herself while watching the parade of cocks. I never saw her touch anyone or let anyone touch her, but it was nice watching her masturbate her beautiful pussy.

While this was happening, an older couple entered and rudely pushed their way to the front to watch the girl (and everything else that was happening) and then I saw them go into the lower gay movie room. They came out seconds later and headed directly for the upper gay area. This looked interesting so I went into the lower gay area and sat on the chairs just under the upper gay area. My instincts were right on. The couple entered the upper gay room and went down to the couch that sits just above the lower room and sat down, within reach of my position. They sat watching the action for a while and then the guy - the guy - asked if her could blow the man who had sat down next to him. He got on his knees and started sucking. After a while, he reached up and started fondling his wife's tits. A guy who had followed me in to the lower room climbed up onto the upper floor and pulled his cock out. The wife looked at it for a while and then leaned forward and sucked it in. That started everyone in the room reaching for the wife and we soon had her top down and gradually removed her jeans to play with her pussy. This was fun. After a while, the guy being sucked by the husband came in his mouth. He didn't look so well and then said he was going to throw up. The room completely cleared in seconds.

Again, I was surprised. Has this become accepted action in theaters these days? I have been doing this for years but cannot remember ever seeing this before.

It was now approaching midnight. The big people had left, as well as the other couples. The young girl in the jean shorts was in the "couples" area being eaten by her man. "Throw up man" had recovered and they entered the "couples" area. He pulled down his jeans and his wife started blowing him right next to the young couple. The older guy started playing with the young girl's tits, while the young guy on his knees started fondling the jeans and top of the older woman. The older guy pulled his wife's tits out and the young girl started fondling them and looked like she was going to suck them. Here we go again!

One of the "regulars" named Fred who was standing in the last row looking into the "couples" area started having a seizure or something. He got sick and looked paralyzed. Friends pulled him off the wall and he lay motionless on the floor. The Fire department was called, and everyone was asked to leave the theater. Fortunately the man was able to walk out to the ambulance after a while, but the theater was closed for cleaning. The "show" outside on the street was almost as entertaining as what we had been watching, although most of the females had on more clothes. Almost.

After an hour or so, we went back in the theater but the spell was broken. Two more young couples entered but did nothing, even though jeans shorts came back for a third time and did an encore right next to them. I left at 3:00a with only guys remaining in the building. Thank you So Cal Coronal for the ride back to my hotel.

If this is typical for the Paris Theater, I will be back.

Thank you.
No, thank you Sam for an outstanding first report.  You witnessed quite a bit on your first trip into The Paris, and the parade outside on 3rd Ave.  We look forward to your next reports!
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