Saturday, February 23, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Gloryhole Princess @ Tampa's Fantasyland II w/PICS and VIDEO!

Doc here with the first full length report from one of my newest colleagues here at The Journal, The Gloryhole Princess herself, the very naughty Piper.

She just got back from Tampa, and her visits to Fantasyland II ,and boy does she have a tale to tell.  Along with her report are some incredible pics and a video to boot!



Hi Doc!

I have had members and friends tell me for years that I should check out the gloryholes in Tampa. Having graduated recently, I have had a lot of time to fill and I have been filling it with non stop sex with my friends in Miami. The more sex I have, the hornier I get.  The hornier I get, the nastier I want to be.

When I think nasty, I think of being on my knees in a peepshow booth, sucking anonymous cocks that poke through the gloryhole.  As I mentioned, I was in Miami at the time and the only problem with Miami gloryholes is that scene isn’t like the reviewed gloryhole scene in Tampa. I was too horny so I decided to randomly drive 4 hours to get my quota of perverted cocksucking in a dirty porn store.

I love gloryholes.  I love the way peep booths smell.  That mix of semen and bleach turns me on for some reason.  I love when the clerks in porn stores are welcoming.   It is even hotter when they start giving me a tour of their establishments.  They know I am there to suck cock.  It is not a dirty secret. It is just dirty. It makes me comfortable knowing that some employee is not going to ruin my fun by banging on my peep booth door because there is a huge line of men in the hallway.  I can settle in, get
on my knees and suck as much cock as I can take.

This is one of the Fantasyland theaters, a totally fabulous establishment in Tampa's Drew Park area.
I went there on a Thursday night around 9pm. If it was this good on a Thursday night, I can’t wait to go back on a weekend.  I checked out the little peep booths but I have to say that I was most turned on by the rooms off the main cinemas.   They were like nothing I have ever seen
before. They had plenty of room. I could throw a party in the rooms while I sucked a bunch of strangers….that might not be a bad idea.  Invite a bunch of friends to watch me suck anonymous dick.

Half of what turns me on in these places is being watched.  It is the reason for my site.  I am a giant exhibitionist.  The idea that strangers are cumming to my pics and videos while strangers are cumming in my mouth seriously turns me on.

Piper the GloryholePrincess

 P.S.  Yes, that is dried cum on my shoes.

Piper's GloryholePrincess Gallery (Pics and Video!)


Doc here again... Make sure you check out to get more of the very naughty Piper doing her thing across the sexual landscape.  She will be a regular contributor to The Journal, and I for one can't wait to what she has up her skirt sleeve.

Thanks again Piper!