Sunday, February 10, 2013

Journal Profile! The Mysterious Maya (w/8 HOT Pics!)

Doc here with a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters: Journal Profile. In this new feature, past or present reporters profile themselves and discuss what had attracted them to this thing of ours.
We lead off this new series with the lovely Mysterious Maya.  Maya has been contributing to The Journal for over two years now, and her adventures are pretty amazing. Whether she is in an adult theater, a gloryhole booth, or out in public, she is always looking for that next step to the edge.
Accompanying this profile, are some never before seen pics of Maya both solo and playing with others.


Hi Doc,
Nice to chat with you once more. This time was wondering why so few girls are into this ¨thing of ours¨, so I figured that perhaps your readers would like to hear of this from my perspective.
Some background? I am submissive, married to a cuckold. Middle aged, no kids, and fortunate in that men feel attracted to me.
Of course I do meet guys, and sometimes do offer myself, but the ritual of going to a club or bar is not for me. Quite some time & effort expended, a somewhat higher risk of being recognized and stigmatized, and the end is a one shot deal which can easily be with a boring guy.  Let us not forget the risk. Usually overblown, but always some there. Same applies to most casual encounters of this kind.
I was a swinger for quite some time and enjoyed it, but it has become rare for us nowadays, and has lost its luster.
Adult theaters, gloryholes, et al. bring a combo of feelings. It starts with the love of the raunchiness of it all, and continues with strong shyness. 

There is a thrill in getting dolled up, and having hubby (he´s not always, but usually part of the game) judging undies, clothes, heels and makeup from a male perspective. Examples are that as places tend to be rather dark, so panties need to be white or light and never black, as to allow guys to see and guess when I offer a peek. Skirt or dresses very short, and a bra is totally out.
Arriving at a theater or ABS makes me tense, and walking in I feel very shy and plain nervous. Hubby needs to (for example)me to show of my titties. He doesn't ask, and I do not argue. When on occasion I am on my own bearing them and letting my skirt ride high takes a tremendous effort and focus. But once I do it, should a guy come and offer his manhood I feel I have provoked the situation and its my obligation to submit & serve. The gates flood open at that instant.
Usually am soon surrounded by guys in a theater, or there´s many lining up to enter the adjacent gloryhole booth. Being touched and feeling the guys urgency becomes overwhelming to me and I submit to what in some ways feels overwhelming.
Of course do not remember names or faces, often don't even see them, but the joy and pride that overcomes me as I start receiving those gifts of sperm that are the testimony that I am complete as a woman is difficult to describe. Many guys taking turns, each one subtly different. Am addicted to the smells, the demanding erections, the firmness with which am fucked. No foreplay, just do me and dump.
My exhilarated hubby spreading me, holding me for the guys and sharing the cum when somebody feeds my mouth or licking it off my titties adds to it all.
And this is it in a nutshell Doc. Probably quite a different perspective about all this.
I turn down obese guys, over 60, unkempt, unclean. The rest are welcome, being their slut pleases me immensely. I can not relate to most women who have perhaps 3-4 sex partners in a lifetime. 
Hope it is of interest to your readers.

Maya's Gallery (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... I hope you liked this first edition of Journal Profile.  Maya was the perfect first subject, with her international journey through all aspects of her sexuality.  Hopefully one day you will have a chance to encounter Maya in an adult theater or ABS.

A big thank you goes out to Maya for opening up her world to us!

Are you a couple or woman who would like to be profiled here on The Journal of Adult Theaters? Please e-mail The Good Doctor at , with "PROFILE" in the subject line.  I would suggest following Maya's template above... Who you are, generally where you are from, how you got into this thing of ours, what you enjoy most about it, and possibly what you are looking forward to next.  I suggest submitting a few pics, which I can Photoshop for you to hide your identity and also punch up it's picture quality.

So who is going to step up and be the next "Profile"?