Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flash Report: Kitty from Portland on The Paris Theater Thursday & Friday: 2 for 1 (w/PICS)

Doc here with a special treat for you: A 2 for 1 Special of the very naughty Kitty from Portland.  She doubled up last Thursday and Friday at The Paris Theatre, and submitted her reports into Brent's Theater Tails. 

Here they are, presented for you, the good readers of The Journal:


Thursday June 2nd, 2011

Started as a slow night. I arrived to talk business about the upcuming bukkake event (July 15th) and ended up staying to play. I must say there was some delicious looking gentlemen arriving.

There was a red flag just before I made my way in, a young couple that was visiting for the first time. As I was in the lobby headed back in the young lady started asking me some questions and I did the best I could to answer and show her the bedroom and exam table. Her and her man were not comfotable to play and prefered to watch, so off to work I go. WINK.

I put my things in the locker, got naked and headed to the center of the theater. I sat next to a gentlman on one of the couches and fondled each other some, but he left. A young man, handsome asked to sit next to me and we began to fondle each other. He seemed more interested in fingering me and my ass, am who am I to say no to that, LOL. I wanted to suck his cock very much as through the jeans it felt like a nice package. But he would not let me even see it.  Kitty shots and misses. DOAH.

The Real Kitty

There was a white/grey haired man there that came over and politely stood there with his throbbing rod, sooo . . . well you now. Yep Kitty sucked him some and finished him with a handjob. Mini break and when I was back for more the same man who teased me with his cock was back and left me enjoy his tool some more through the jeans. But when I told him I wanted to suck his hard cock he said he couldn't and got up, WTH!?!

Anyways there was a tall handsome man, I'll call him Special K, standing there and I invited him to sit down on the couch in front of me. He enjoyed my tits as I rubbed his growing-throbbing cock through his jeans. I asked if I could take down his jeans and he abliged, much to my delight I must say. Oh this cock was just delicious. I very much enjoyed sucking this cock and it finally got to the point where I had to have some. So he put on the condom and I climbed on for the ride. It was such a great ride that literally I was in the zone and had a few intense orgasms. After he and I were done I got dressed and headed out, so here I am writng this.

Oh Special K, thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to seeing you again.

Friday June 3rd

I arrived and waited for some action to start/flags, but finally decided I better get in and make the action happen. Oh man that is exactly what happened.

I was the orange flag at 9:17 PM, but mingled some with friends in the lobby before having the kitty flag fly at 9:55 PM. The red flag that went up with the orange flag, but sadly they did not play.

After getting the lock and water I headed out to play. Guy were in tow in no time. I approached one of the regulars and he gladly brought out his cock for me to suck. I was already on my knees and guys were gathering quickly with their hard cocks out. Two guys immediately came all over my face, GOTTA LOVE IT.

I proceeded to suck off cock after cock. Eventually I moved to the arena table. There was a young man who I began to suck, eventually climbing on backwards to him and sucking more cocks. After several more guys covered me in cum I turned around and rode his cock some more. He licked some cum off of my tits and I leaned forward as the remainder of the cum was rubbed into his shirt.

Cocks were everywhere and I sucked them off every chance I got. It was time to get up on the table and have both holes filled. The guys lined up on all sides stroking their cocks. I sucked all of them that I could reach while one layed in front of me and guys behind me took turns fucking my cunt or ass. One after another filled my cunt witht their hardness. After about an hour of sucking and fucking the crowd disperesed some and watched other couples. I was tired and gathered my things to head home.

It was a GREAT night of action for me at the theater.



Doc here again... Is there anyone out there who seems to enjoy taking a stangers cock and cum in a theater seting more than Kitty?  If so, write me... We need to talk!

Kitty's bukkake event is coming up on July 15th at The Paris Theater... You just might want to get to Portland... STAT!