Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Poll: What Are Your Favorite Type Of Reports Here @ The Journal?

Doc here with a new Poll: "What are your favorite type of reports here at The Journal?"  I have listed the poll and definitions of the type of reports on the right hand of The Journal.  You can click multiple answers.

Do you like Flash Reports of recent adult theater action? Maybe Blasts From The Past are more your speed. Field Reports are handy when planning a trip to an adult theater. Maybe you find The Good Doctor's House Call Reports informative, detailed, and semi-clever from time to time.  Perhaps snuggling up with an I-Team Report when jones-ing for a longer, more thought provoking article is right up your alley.

Now why should you vote?  This information will help me craft the 2011 version of The Journal of Adult Theaters.  I want to provide you, the good readers of The Journal, the best adult theater resource on the web (even if you don't want to buy a Dr. Emilio coffee mug).  I'm playing with some format changes, and this will help me with that project.

Thank you for making The Journal what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow.


Field Report: CVE Update by Alex and Lauren

Doc here with an update from our good friend's Alex and Lauren in Gastonia, NC.  A & L have the distinction of being the first field reporters to submit a report when The Journal was launched in August of 2009.

This report is a status update on CVE in Gastonia.  Take it away Alex and Lauren...

Gastonia, NC




Good Morning Good Doctor,

I just read your plea for reports and thought I should check in. Sadly, there is little to relay about the state of play in the Carolinas. CVE, while picking up a little bit of traffic from couples these days, is just a shadow of its former self. The passing of the couples room, the change in staff and the lingering remnants of rumors (now stretching back almost a year to the day) are all to blame, I suppose.

Yahoo groups and internet chatter have indicated more couples heading that way. Our personal correspondence tells us that many of these folks are first-timers who quickly decide to become one-timers. Some come expecting a couples room. Others are looking for the more open atmosphere that used to define CVE. Others, of course, are no-shows.

  Lauren and I stopped in Saturday night to see for ourselves what might be happening these days. We were there for about an hour, from 10-11 PM or so (generally "prime time"). We were the only couple in the place. Most of the male population seemed to be interested in one another.

I am an incurable optimist, so I still hold out some hope that they can get through their issues with the city and reopen the couples room. Time alone, will deal with issues created by the rumors, of course; but as couples begin to slowly return, the guys who like to play with them will be back, too.

As that happens, we will keep you posted. In the meantime, we hope to be getting out of town from time to time. Perhaps we can post some reports from the road.

Alex and Lauren
Doc here again...Thanks for the update Alex and Lauren.  I would remain optimistic too... 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL was going through much of the same thing CVE is going through now in late 2009.  Now, 15th Avenue is back in the Top 5 of The Good Doctor's Power Rankings week after week.  It's been a slow road, but things will get better.

Trust me. I'm a Doctor.

Also, make sure you check out Alex and Lauren's website: http://1playfulcouple.com/

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to submit?  Just e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.  I will edit and format your report for you...All I need you to do is get the details down in your e-mail and I'll do the rest.