Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Visit Announcement! Tonight at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago Around 9pm - JP's Slut Toy w/4 Pics!!!

Doc here with a last minute Visit Announcement from my good friends, JP's Slut Toy and her Master, JP.

Tonight, July 7th sometime around 9-10pm, the incredible JP's Slut Toy will be visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago to take in a movie or two. As always, they are looking for a few good people to enjoy the show with them.

If you have never seen the smoke show that is JP's Slut Toy, you are missing something special.  Don't believe me?  Try this on for size, Slappy (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE):

Flash Report! Adult World in Pulaski, PA by StellarWing

Doc here a man who some say once hypnotized a goat with his mustache, with a Flash report from 2nd time contributor, StellarWing.  StellarWing ventured to Adultworld in Pulaski, PA, and has filed this report.

Take it away, sir.


Hi Doc,

StellarWing here reporting from Pulaski, PA

This was the first time I came there to just relax and get back to adult theaters. Tried the Swing clubs but not my cup of tea. Since Summit Street News in Warren, OH has been doing through issues with the city, this was a place I wanted to try out.

I come in and there was a guy named Eric (Not the one from Summit), very nice. Showed the place around and was polite.

Adultworld (AW) has video booths and two theaters: One public and one private (called a VIP ROOM at AW). The public theater is $10 or $15 if you decide to leave and come back later. Eric or whomever is at the place at the counter will give you a ticket and ask you to keep it until you are ready to leave.

Couple's Field Report! Gemini Hits Secrets in Des Moines, WA

Doc here, a man who some say can fling a salmon at the fish market like nobody's business, With a terrific Field Report from my good friend, the incredible Gemini.  

In a reconnaissance mission executed by Seal Team Gemini, this team of adult theater commandos (Gemini, Jordan, and Brent) ventured north from Portland to just outside of Seattle, to Secrets

The word of mouth has been strong about Secrets, and this report from STG does a great job of painting the picture of what Secrets is all about.

Take it away, Gemini!



Sexy, Intelligent and Friendly.  This is how I would describe the owners, Michael and Carly, and their staff at Secrets.  Jordan and I decided that if we could go into a lab and create the perfect adult theater owners, we could not have done as well as the couple who met us at Secrets.  Their warmth and hospitality was beyond expectation.

It was very exciting to discover a new venue within driving distance, albeit a hotel reservation is in order with the 2:30am closing time.  So what does it look like?  Well, I would say that if the Paris Theatre and the Velvet Rope Swing Club had a baby, it would be Secrets.  

The exterior of the building is red, with parking in the back.  The interior has black walls and a retail area in the front. From there you can wander to multiple “theaters” with various padded leather seating (no fabric, icky carpet or plastic chairs here!). I did suggest more trash cans and paper towels, and maybe even available sheets.  However, I can attest to the fact that they have a SUPER CLEAN environment, and a clerk who seemed to be born with a bottle of disinfectant in her hand.  I have never come across a cleaner adult venue of any kind.  Both restrooms are huge and are as clean as a Lysol commercial.

Entrance fees at the time we visited were $10 per day, or $25 for a week.  Couples are free, and are even offered complimentary water/soda.  All rooms are air conditioned and kept a comfortable climate.

Like I said, Michael and Carly are very intelligent and have come up with creative ways to make the rooms and layout interesting and fun.  I was very excited to learn of their expansion plans.  They have some incredible theater seats they are planning to install in a new area once they are re-covered with new leather.  These folks have made the decision to invest plenty of time and money in Secrets to make it a step above anything in the Seattle area.  In fact, from what I saw on my trip, this might be the only place to go when in town.  I know Jordan and I will be back!  

I highly recommend you plan a trip to visit this exciting venue, Secrets should not be kept a secret to anyone in “this thing of ours”! 



Doc here again... Many thanks to the smoking hot Gemini, and her team of commandos for the overview of Mike and Carly's adult theater/ABS, Secrets. It sounds like a must see, and the next time I get to the Pacific Northwest, I am there.

With bells on.


Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, NY on June 17th & 19th, 2015.

Doc here, an man who some say understands the importance of good produce, with a report from my old stomping grounds in Upsate NY.

Senior Journal scribe The Oral Reporter has ventured back to the Niagara Falls/Buffalo area and visited what was a regular haunt for me back in the day, Talk of the Town Video.  Oh, the stories I can tell about that place...

Without further ado, please welcome back to the main stage here at The Journal, The Oral Reporter.


Hi Doc,

Well the old standby, Talk of the Town theater in Niagara Falls, NY has been good to me again. This is your old stomping grounds (ed. note: Why yes...Yes it is.). 

I was there on Wednesday the 17th of June, and that night was a wash out; no couples or single women in the theater. I was hoping for the lady I have called The Librarian to be there. I have described her before in my previous stories about the Talk of the Town theater, I think you might have met her on on of your previous trips (ed. note: I certainly did!). But she and her hubby did not show up.

I was in Toronto the next night and it was a total waste of time, I went to the Swing Shift Theater on Yonge Street. Nothing but a bunch of guys trolling the theaters. Not my cup of tea.
Talk of the Town Video
Niagara Falls, NY

Then on Friday night I was back in Buffalo, so I went back to the Talk of the Town theater in Niagara Falls. As I was entering the ABS portion of the building, a cross dresser walks out, (again not my cup of tea).  I step up to the clerk and ask him if the CD that just walked out was the closest thing to a couple that had been in the theater, he smiled and said no, actually there is a couple in the theater right now.

Perfect timing. He said that she was "led in to the theater on a leash" - now things were looking up! I paid my $10 dollars and went into the theater. In the back there is an area with a 1/2 wall and standing room, or kneeling room, no chairs. There were a group of guys gathered around one area. 

I looked over the wall and could see what appeared to be a woman on her knees with about 10 + guys standing around her. She was blindfolded, and had a collar and leash on. She was giving blow jobs to the guys, as soon as one would cum and back away then another would step up to the plate and get his cock sucked. I noticed that with each new cock as it touched her lips, she would ask "May I suck your cock until you cum in my mouth?" I did not hear anyone say no to that. 

After about 3 more blow jobs to a nice creamy completion, she said her knees were getting sore. The Dom asked her if she wanted to go to one of the theater chairs. She told him that she wanted to be told what to do, and that it was his choice. She continued to suck off one more cock until he shot his load in her mouth, and then the Dom told her she was going to sit in the theater seats.