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Field Report: The Deja Vu Love Boutique & Theatre in Las Vegas by JaxBchBum

Doc here with an oustanding Field Report from Senior Reporter, JaxBchBum, and his focus this time is the Deja Vu Theater in Sin City.

Brent from Portland and I have had many conversations about why the Vegas adult theaters are nothing special these days.  It isn't the quality of the theaters, as they range from good to excellent by our standards in this thing of ours.

So what gives?  My guess is the competition from the on-premises sex clubs like The Green Door, The Power Exchange, and The Red Rooster.  However, this is Vegas...And there is more than enough sinners to go around (one might think).

In any case, here is JaxBchBum and his Vegas report...



Here is my report from my business trip out to Las Vegas last month:

I recently attended a businss conference out in Las Vegas that ran Monday - Wednesday but they had some pre-conference activities (golf, shows, etc.) that gave me a good excuse to fly out there Saturday morning. I was staying at Paris Hotel which is a great location for a couple of reasons.  First, it is is the middle of the strip so the other major hotel are a close walk by. Second, the self-parking garage that serves Paris and Bally's has great views overlooking one of the towers at Bally's. While I didn't have a chance to spend much time looking, a dedicated voyeur could probably get a lot of hotel room views from the upper levels of the parking garage. 

But back to the story, I had visited the Deja Vu Theatre on 3275 Industrial Road (west end of the strip by Trump Hotel) on a previous visit and while didn't have any luck from this thing we all enjoy, I was impressed by the layout and cleanliness of the theatres - especially compared to some of the other LV theatres - and wanted to give it a try on future visits. 

The DejaVu Love Boutique facility is just north of the Erotic History Museum which would be worthy of a visit on a future trip but I didn't have time.  It is an adult complex that consists of the theatres (3 of them), arcade, exceptionally large retail store selling everything type of adult merchandise imaginable and a showgirls bar.  No admission fee for the retail store, $10 for the theatre and I am sure the arcade is one where you feed the bills.  From my previous visit, I learned that in the evening you can avoid the valet parking (primarily for the showgirls bar) by driving around the back of the building to a well-lit parking lot with an entrance to the retail store. 

A little description of the theatres might also be helpful.  As you walk down the hallway after being buzzed in, there are two openings on your left.  The first one is a small (25 person) theatre showing straight porn on two different flat screens.  The second opening is to the gay theatre which is of similar size and also has two large flat screens.  All of the seating in the theatres are large plush lounge chairs with movable arm rests between most of the seats.  The third theatre is at the end of the hallway and you enter through another door (providing a bit more privacy) at the back of the theatre.  This is a much larger theatre that has 4 flat screens on the front wall showing the same 2 m/f movies showing in the straight theatre as well as a couple of specialized porn (fetish, etc.).  I am guessing this theatre will hold at least 50 people. Same comfortable lounge chairs and some of them are like Lazy-boys and actually recline.

Arrived about 9 pm on a Saturday night.  There were only about 5 cars parked in the back so was afraid that this would be a slow night as I had experienced in the past.  For some reason, this place just has not seemed to have caught on with either the locals or tourists.  On my previous visit last Spring, I visited 3 evenings (all week nights) and there were less than 3-4 people there during the evening and only one couple.  But always the optimist, was hoping a weekend night might prove more beneficial.  I glanced in the straight theatre and there was 1 guy there sitting in the second of three rows.  Looking in the gay theatre, there were 3-4 guys, but all were seated separate from each other.  I went into the big theatre and selected a seat in the middle and I was the only one there.  Over the next hour, several single guys came in for a bit but then left.  I was afraid that I was going to strike out again, but about 10:15 I heard the door open and in came a couple.  They stood at the back of the theatre for a bit and I knew right away they were players as he was standing behind her and would move his hands from her waist up to cup her breasts and sometimes insert one of his hands inside her blouse.  It was hard to tell for sure, but looked like she had her hands behind her rubbing his crotch.   While they were standing there, a couple of guys came in and sat down in the theatre in the rows behind me.  The couple came down and sat down in the row in front of me and to my left.  Although the theatre is dark, they appeared to be in their mid-to-late 30s.  She was slender, but not petite, brunette with dark hair cut short like Demi Moore.  She was wearing a light blue blouse and a navy blue / denim(?) pleated skirt.  He was a tall, lanky fellow with a short beard and mustache and looked like a cowboy in his blue jeans and white shirt.

They weren't there more than 5 minutes when she lays back in one of the reclining chairs and he is reaching over and unbuttoning the rest of her blouse.  I have a perfect view of her chest as she is just off to my left with the light from the video displaying her form and it becomes clear she is not wearing a bra.  He pulls aside her blouse and she has a nice set of C tits with nipples that must be almost an inch long and sticking out towards the ceiling.  He spends a lot of time rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples to keep them erect.  He glances back at me and I give him the "thumbs up" signal and he just nods and smiles.  He leans over and starts to suck on them.  Meanwhile, the other couple of guys still in the theatre come down and sit in row in front of them.  I was so thankful they didn't crowd the couple and make them leave.  I move over one seat to my left to get a better view of her full reclined body.  I notice that while sucking her tits, he has let one hand slip down and is rubbing her thighs and under her skirt.  He flips up her skirt onto her stomach and I see in the reflected light a smooth, lovely pussy except for a small, trimmed triangular patch just above her lips.  He begins to caress his finger up and down her slit while sucking on her breasts and whispering in her ear.  She is obviously enjoying all he is doing as her hips continue to lift up and her legs spread.

After a bit, she sits up, leans over and begins to suck him off as she had already pulled out his cock and had been stroking it.  He leans backs and closes his eyes.  I stand up slowly to get a better view, watching for any sign that my movement might be taken as an unwelcome entry into their personal space.  The guy looks at me and gives me a slight sideways nod that I interpreted as a warning sign of not getting to close.  I nod an acknowledgement back to him and he goes back to his enjoyment.  In a minute, she sits back up and then lowers herself so her waist is on the forward edge of the seat.  He gets up and begins fucking her.  After a bit, she gets up and turns partially sideways on all fours and he begins fucking her doggy style.  She begins with low moans and the volume gradually increases as he thrusts harder and harder and she appeared to have a couple of orgasms.  Finally he pulls out, she turns around and swallows his cock as he explodes in her mouth. 

They relax for a little bit and then get dressed to leave.  The other two guys have left so I am alone with them.  I tell them thanks for the incredible show.  She says softly "you're welcome" and he says he appreciates us giving them them their space.  I said that I didn't want to do anything to spoil the incredible, erotic show.  We chat for a little bit and it turns out they are locals that love to show off for others.  He said they sometimes go to the Red Rooster, but it was becoming sleazier and rundown; so they like this place cause it is clean and not too crowded.  He said that sometimes they go at night when the weather is mild in their van to the Airport overlook parking lot and have sex in the back where others can watch; although he said they are never sure how much someone can see since their windows are heavily tinted. He said they have to be careful as a lot of families come there to watch the planes but usually not too many late in the evening. I thanked them again and they left.

This put it about 11:15. I moved to the straight theatre where I could see anyone walking down the hall and entering the adult theatre.  I stayed there until 12:30 but no other couples came so then I left.  I visited Deja Vu again on Sunday and Tuesday evenings but no luck.



Doc here again... Thanks again to JaxBchBum for another one of his exemplary field reports.  His report is very indicative of every time I have visited an adult theater in Vegas: the action is few and far between, and I have yet to see a situation where there are more than one couple inside a theater. At least JaxBchBum got a floor show on his Vegas trip that didn't include a ventriloquist or Celene Dion.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the front page of The Journal.  Just e-mail your report to The Good Doctor at  I will format and edit your report, and you will take all the glory.  Try it!