Monday, October 3, 2011

Couple's Flash Report: "Calling The Shots with C&R" - Report On The Summit News and Foster Adult Theaters

Doc here with an excellent first-time Couple's Flash Report from C&R.  C&R visited NE Ohio's two main adult theaters: The Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, and the venerable Foster Adult Theater in Youngstown. 

This report focuses mainly on The Foster, but C&R will tease us at the end of the report about what they found at Summit News.

So please welcome to the main stage, the C&R Adult Theater Express!


Hi Doc,

We recently found your web site –blog and database. BTW, the database is very helpful.

A few weeks ago - We decided to try out two theaters near us, Summit News in Warren, OH and The Foster Theater in Youngstown, OH.

Summit was nice – lots of video booths, a main theater with a few couches and theater seats and a private back room theater.

The Real "R"
However, our favorite was The Foster Theater (2504 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown). It is an old, large theater with a newer projection system. My girlfriend ("R") and I went on a Saturday night 3 weeks ago around 9 p.m. and learned that the adult theaters in Ohio have to close at midnight. We entered the theater and saw that there were about five or six guys scattered throughout the theater.

We took our seats around the mid section of the theater. A great movie was playing and we were wound up to play. I started to fondle my girlfriend's breasts and removed her top. I sucked on her nipples and slid my hand under her summer dress. I found her pussy to be very wet. She did not want to remove her dress – but it easily slid up above her waist.

By now, the guys in the theater had gathered around us and were watching and rubbing their cocks. I slid off my seat, took off my pants and positioned myself between my girlfriends legs. I licked her pussy and spread her legs for all to see. I was rock hard. I pulled her ass slightly toward me and then slid my cock into her pussy. The guys had their cocks out and were stroking them. When I looked at the guys – I gave them a nod – I then told them to start playing with my girlfriends tits. She closed her eyes and began moaning while I thrust my cock deep into her pussy.
Foster Theater

One guy immediately shot his massive load of cum all over her tits and chest. It ran down her neck. As she turned to suck the cock of the guy standing next to her, the guy came all over the side of her face. She began to rub the cum all over her exposed body and into her breasts. She reached up to her sides with both of her hands and began to stroke the cocks of the guys on either side of her. Within minutes they shot their loads all over her chest. She was covered in cum.

I fucked her furiously and shot my load into her pussy. She slid two of her fingers into her pussy and played with the cum. Within a few minutes, she got up and went to the upstairs bathroom to clean up.

We had a great time at Foster’s and plan on returning there this Friday night 9/30. She wants to be tied up and blindfolded while guys take turns fucking her from behind.

We will send you the story about our night at the Summit later – but I will tell you that many guys had their cocks sucked in a video booth until she couldn’t swallow anymore cum.



Doc here again... Wow. A big thank you to C&R for an excellent Couple's Flash Report. This is the first report from The Foster in a LONG time, and I'm just glad to hear it is still open!  The Foster is an exceptionally clean large old theater, in an art deco style (or what's left of it). The marquee is old school, and possibly the last old marquee still used by an adult theater (The Apex in Baltimore is the only other one that comes to mind).

I am looking forward to the next report from C&R, which should be hitting The Good Doctor's in-box any time now.  Fasten your seatbelts folks... This is a very hot adult theater couple!


Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Couples Party @ The Hustler Theater in Washington Park, IL (St. Louis area)

Doc here with something I just came across while scouring the interwebs for news regarding this thing of ours...

The Hustler Club Theater(s), located with The Hustler Club complex in Washington Park, IL (right across the river from St. Louis) is having a couples only event for this Friday. 

Here are the details:


Check out the couple special at the Hustler Club on 7 October, Friday!• All day event, but more activities at night.
• Cookies and juice at the entrance.
• Couples get into club and theater/peep arcade for free.
• Couples also receive a free gift bag when they get their free wristbands.
• "Couples Only" area available. Private theaters open and playing movies for couples only.
• Bartender to get drinks from clubside if they desire them.
• Also other events/giveaways throughout the night for couples only.

Contact Josh at 618-696-5481 for more information.
• Address: 5420 Bunkum Rd., Washington Park, IL 62204


Doc here again... Looks like a great time!  I would love a report or two about this event... So if you are in the St. Louis area and plan to attend (why wouldn't you?), PLEASE submit a report to your old resort waiter looking buddy The Good Doctor at

Have fun!


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Saturday Review: Eager Beaver Edition

Doc here with this week's edition of "Cruising the Coast with Bob in Biloxi". It seems that Bob had a dilemma on his hands... He has a choice to make.  While not a critical as "Sophie's Choice", it was a choice nonetheless: Should it be A) BBW in the parking lot, or B) BBW in the ABS?

What choice did he make? Your answer follows...


Hey Doc,

Things on the beautiful Gulf Coast keep getting better and better! Last night we had 5 couples come in during my time at the Gulf Coast Adult Theater (222 Iberville Drive, Biloxi). "Cruising the Coast" has just started, for those not familiar with the week long event; it’s a collection of classic cars and hot rods that gather on the beach road to show off their stuff.

Bob in Biloxi
That said, one hot rodder couple came in and sat on one of the front couches. She was a blonde wearing daisy dukes and high heels, she blew her man while the crowd looked on, and after completing her mission, they left.  The other four couples, two of which were meeting there, sat on the back couch chatting and giggling, they soon left as well. The other two couples came in at separate times and just watched the movie.

Meanwhile down at the ABS, it was very slow until 11pm when a BBW came in with her man, dressed in a black wrap (I guess that’s what it was). They were scoping out the toys for awhile, then went to the back video booth area. While they were in one of the booths, another couple pulled in, the guy went inside and the lady stayed in the vehicle. She was watching me, so I starting flagging the little soldier, she would look away, then stare back and nod her head. So I am thinking maybe she wants some parking lot play.

During this time, another couple pulled up. This was also a BBW dressed in a black pullover dress, no bra, no panties, with platform shoes on. So I ditch the voyeur lady, and follow them inside. Turns out, she likes to jack and suck, jack and suck, that’s OK, and it beats doing it yourself I guess?  She was rewarded with copious amounts of Bob’s baby batter all over her enormous tits!

As I went back to the HD truck, voyeur lady and her man (that was inside) got out and went inside, she was dressed in a black dress as well. She had huge tits and a killer ass, short black hair with heels. Damn! And I settled for a jack and suck! According to the gang, she gave incredible head and stayed until they closed. I was dry and couldn’t have done her any good, had I waited I could have really drowned her with cum.

"Cruising the Coast" lasts until Oct 9th , so if any of our readers want to get out and see some primo classics and hot rods, next Saturday would be the bomb. And don’t forget to pass by and say hello to Bob, usually I’m in the lot at the ABS, look for a Silver Ingot HD truck, I won’t bite unless you’re into that! I sure hope voyeur lady comes back too!!!



Doc here again... This report spotlights a common dilemma for guys at busy adult theaters or combo theater/ABSs: Take advantage of a situation right in front of you, or be patient and wait for a different situation that may or may not present itself.  Bob went for the surest bet, and to be honest, I would have done the same thing.

Sometimes in this thing of ours, you never know. And that is what keeps us coming back.

It's a new week kids, and with that The Good Doctor needs adult theater reports in a bad way!  Just e-mail your report to The Amazing Kreskin The Good Doctor at, and I will make your report look slick, and you get the glory and the byline.  Also, don't forget to give me a pen name you wish to use (for first time reporters).