Saturday, February 13, 2016

TONIGHT!!! I'm with Cupid Valentines Party at The Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 2/13 at 7PM!

Update Saturday 2/13 at 3pm! Well, the big day is here kids... The Valentines Event at The Mighty Art Cinema starts in 4 hours, and they cannot wait to welcome you to the party.

The stage is set, the orchestra is ready...Are you ready to dance?

The great team at The Art Cinema are looking forward to seeing you!



Want to take a peak at the fun bags?

Mrs. Sexual Athlete and Today's Gift Bag Assembly

Yeah, thought so... Amazing bags, right?  They are VERY AMAZING. 

Tonight will be the last of the decorating of the theater, and then The Art will be ready for you...   The Sybian will be set up along with CindySin and her hubby before the start of the event, and then it's off to the races!

Tomorrow will be the last update before the start of the event... Fasten your seat belts, this will be a bouncy ride!