Friday, June 19, 2015

Visit Announcement! JP's Slut Toy at 15th Ave. Adult Theater at Noon CT TODAY!

Doc here... A last minute Visit Announcement for those of you in and around Chicago and 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

TODAY, at 12 noon-ish, the smoke show known as JP's Slut Toy will be visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater to enjoy a movie or two. Summer is blockbuster movie season, and JP's Slut Toy is a blockbuster in her own right.

In case you need a reminder of how incredible JP's Slut Toy looks, please enjoy the scenery (and click the thumbnails to ENLARGE).

Breaking News! Portland's Club Sesso Closing!

Doc here with some bad news from Portland, Oregon.

Portland's highest profile and largest on-premises swing club, Club Sesso, is closing their doors after Saturday night's farewell bash.  In a message sent out to their customers from the owner, issues with the city of Portland and it's different entities have forced the closure.  

In that same letter, the owner also said that they are re-evaluating re-opening Club Sesso, but that may be way down the road.

Many thanks to my Portland "insider" for the head's up.

Club Sesso...We hardly knew ye.