Friday, April 26, 2013

Flash Report! Summit Street News in Warren, OH by SJPenternal

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from new contributor SJPenternal. He visited the awesome Summit Street News in Warren, Ohio and this is his report.

Take it away SJPenternal...



This was my first time at an adult theater PERIOD. I was nervous but the staff was very nice. $11 for singles, $16 for couples. So, as I paid my $11, I went to the theater and it was 7 men but it was cool.

Summit Street News
Warren, OH
15 minutes later, an older couple (maybe 50's) came in, and this woman looked nice. The guy started to make out with her and showed her boobs. The other men that were inside started to lick and suck on her D's, some rubbing her pussy while she gave head to a few dudes. They then left.

I left to get some grub and came back. Nice thing is that if you pay for your ticket, you can come back later during the day if you wanna get food or a smoke or whatever as long as you keep the stub. So, an hour later, this sexy BBW came in with amazing tits with this dude. He came in as there was three guys giving oral in the back. Note that from the last posting, all the seats are now leather black couches, even the center of the room.

So, the BBW came in, just got naked and started to have hot sex with her dude while another dude was getting oral from the BBW. When he got his jolly's, one of the men from the 3-sum came in and got head for the longest of time. Being this is my first time, I was nervous to do anything while everyone else was either watching, jerking, or trying to get a piece but asking very nicely. It was about 11 when I left when another young couple came in.

Staff was very nice, and the theaters were very, very clean. I would go again.



Doc here again... Many thanks to SJPenternal for a terrific first time report.  Nicely done, sir.  Summit Street News in Warren, Ohio is one of the top adult theaters in the country, and is a consistent member of the weekly Power Rankings.  If you are in the Warren area, make sure you stop in, see Eric and the team at the Summit Street News, and tell 'em Doc sent you!


Flash Report! Sevenlinguest Reports on Two Fridays Ago @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a Flash Report from Portland and the famous Paris Theatre.  Brent's Theater Tails regular contributor, Sevenlinguest, was kind enough to send this report along to The Good Doctor. 

This is an excellent report from a typical crazy Friday night at Portland's legendary adult theater

Enjoy the report...


Hello Good Doctor!

I noticed on your blog, you like reviews sent from time to time...the below is from a week ago this last Friday, a story about Voodoo Girl and Daddy's last visit to the Paris Theater in Portland

Early on Friday night, just before sunset, I came in to the theater to see what one usually does early on. A dozen or so people looking at the screen, and turning their heads to see who is coming through the door to the auditorium. Most glanced and just continued to watch the movie.

Being that it was only 7 45 or so, and realizing I haven't had anything to eat, I left for a spell and walked to a small hamburger joint on 5th just north of Burnside. I don't always know I am in need of a meal until I have it in front of me, and smell the entrée and side dish. I knew I wouldn't have fared well without sustenance.

Back to the theater at a quarter of nine, and not much happening. Others wishing that they had gone to the Oregon for the eight o'clock gang bang.

I held out that the odds were on our side, and I hate running around to clubs, theater, video stores, and glory holes trying to chase action. Uses up way too much energy.Just go with the first choice of venues and if worse comes to worse, just go to the front row, and watch the movie, and take care of myself!

The faithful usually prevail, and Friday night was no exception. We were graced by our visitors from the north, at about 9 15 or so..

Less then 3 minutes, the lobby clears out. I wait for a spell, and get coffee before entering the auditorium. Never rush oneself, nor put pressure on a worthy couple. I enter, sit in the annex, with a comfortable view of the couple section. Waiting patiently, and not expecting too much too soon.

The Paris Theatre & VooDoo Dounuts
Portland, OR
Patience and manners pays off, as a rule. I just remain comfortable in the annex, sitting and relaxing.

The Star of the evening with her escort, leave the couples area after only a few minutes. It is always entertaining to watch the swarming of the men, like the herding instinct in action , anticipating where they will go, and wanting to nudge to "the front of the line".

I just sit comfortably in the annex, for I am one who needs to get comfortable for a time, and watch the mood develop and blossom.

As the others swarm to the Arena, the gentleman sitting next to me and I, anticipate that they are in fact, coming to the annex, and we both move the bench toward the railing, to facilitate their entrance.

No better place to be, than sitting comfortably, watching, when one knows that this could be going on for a time, perhaps, a time until the wee hours of the following morning. I believe it was still only 15 minutes to the hour of 10 p.m..

Yes, the Maestro of the evening directs the Choir Boys as to the protocol. Minimal conversation and maximum being sucked, and fucking. Keep the line moving...

My understanding was they were going for a "new record".

The annex is a great place for such an event. The couple, by rights, have control of the situation, and it is conducive to being relatively easy to manage.

First, the Lady in question unwraps a condom. With great dexterity, she unrolls over the engorged member, and proceeds to demonstrate the great skill of a talented and practiced oral facilitator. A joy to see, and more joy for those who have experienced first hand (or mouth).

After she works her Magic, she turns around to have the suitor fucker her wildly!

The 'aftermath' in the condom is then placed in a cup. This is how score is kept..This is 'record keeping', leading to 'record breaking'..

The setting of a new goal in this thing of ours, is one in which everyone who participates can feel they are doing something that is memorable and significant.

I and another gentleman sit in the annex for a long period of time. I know, I feel much more comfortable sitting and watching for a time. There was crowding right near me, but it was clear to my right, where only one Choir Boy at a time was allowed. Such a good and admirable level of control for the event, and that is always important.

Later, that is hours that passed like a warm luscious fluid of space-time, Our Goddess leans over between the gentleman to my right, and myself and asks "would you two like to come to the little theater with me?"....!...

The small theater is gay porn. Some in the front part of the little theater were enjoying themselves, the flick, and each other. No doubt, this evening had something that everyone enjoyed either playing or watching.

Yes, our Good Friends from north of our wonderful city enjoyed each other, and us in the little theater.

The gentleman who was sitting to my right in the annex, sports a condom, and proceeds to enjoy some anal pleasures with the Sweet Little Princess, while her Prince lies down on the bench licking her Luscious Glory, and Rocking The Little Boat.

I proceed to stand above her, masturbating as she whispers "You can cum on me! Please!"...Oh!! I tried so hard (and was very hard)!!! Really I did try!! I was encouraged greatly..

Fatigue, age, and performance anxiety can combine as a formidable foe. Must be understood that it is all me, because I have fucked even bareback with my fwb(s) for 30 minutes or more and have to just rest, try again, and maybe a third time before the 100 million Warrior Sperm are jettisoned into the world at large..

Let's be Real Clear on the above. 100% of the problem is ME and MY physiology...Not our Lovely Lady... I say that because some ladies I know question whether they are doing something wrong because I don't always cum, and that isn't the case..

All said and done, it was 1 40 a.m. at the time I left, and I graciously thanked our Good Friends before leaving exhausted and happy!

More could have been written had I been willing to stay until...??...

A wonderful night, even though they were the only couple in the entire theater for the whole evening (if there was another, I have to admit I was oblivious to their presents).


Doc here again... Many thanks to Sevenlinguest to forwarding over this report from the Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group.  Excellent stuff, sir!

Thanks again,