Monday, March 21, 2016

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Kisses (the former Colony Theater) in East St. Louis, MO on 3/11 and 3/12.

Doc here, a man who some say once saved a town from a flood by laying cannoli end to end to form a bridge for people trapped by the rising waters.

Senior reporter The Oral Reporter is back with a report from Kisses, the former Colony Adult Theater in East St. Louis, MO. The action on Saturday 3/12 sounds like it was great!

Take it away, The Oral Reporter!


Hi Doc,

I have a report for last weekend at Kisses (the old Colony Theater) in East St Louis, MO. This is for Friday and Saturday March the 11th and 12th.

As you know Kisses is a different kind of adult theater, since it has a "swingers club" attached to the three theaters. The swingers club and the theaters are a play anywhere area.

The lounge area in the swingers portion has a fully stocked bar and the drinks are strong, and the owner Linda can make any type of mixed drink you could want, also there is beer and wine.

On to the report about the activity on Friday and Saturday nights...

I arrived at the Club before they opened, probably around 7PM, opening is at 8PM. I went in and helped Linda get the place ready to open for the night.
Kisses (former Colony Theater)

Even though the weather was pretty good, Friday didn't get off to a good start, several of the regular guys came in and had a few drinks but I only counted two couples all night and a few more single guys. In some places, these couples would have been like raw meat to the single guys. Kisses has a group of single guys (Choir Boys) that are very respectful of a couples or single woman (unicorn) space and will not crowd around unless asked to of course.

The couples theater got used by the two couples that night and I think they may have invited in a single guy or two. (the couples theater is just that, couples only unless a single is invited in to play. Management (Linda or Richard) controls the over zealous guys from just going in with out being invited.

So I stayed at the club until closing and patiently waited for additional couples or any Unicorns to arrive, No other couples or girls arrived and Linda actually closed about 1 hour early (normal closing is 3AM).