Monday, November 28, 2011

Flash Report! Tara @ The Paris by Brent from Portland

Doc here with another classic Flash Report from the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent from Portland.

Did a Republican candidate with a taste for the ladies escort a former star of American Pie, or were these two their doppelgangers?

Here is Brent with the low down on their down lows...


A man who looked like a young Herman Cain brought a woman who looked like a cross between Billie Piper and Tara Reid to The Paris Theatre in Portland last night, Sunday, November 27, 2011.

She was dressed to play in a skintight, see-through black mini dress and black stripper heels. She had a perfect, toned body, either sculpted in the gym or on the pole. Her tits looked like they were drawn by Vargas. Her angelic face was doll like and she moved about the theater, stiffly at first, like she didn't want to be there. But Herman was in control. He asked us  to treat her with respect while he guided her through  The Paris night. She was a submissive who loved the attention of the crowd and he was parading her around the ring like a prize Lipizzaner.

The Paris Theatre
c. 2011
They stayed for about two hours. She was completely nude and most of the time was either using a vibrator on herself, stroking it in and out of her wet shaved pussy or using her long tapered fingers like she was playing bass guitar. He guided her onto one of the benches along the rail and asked the guys to reach in and pinch her nipples. A  couple of guys were also allowed to spank her pretty ass.

By the way, there were not that many people there watching but it was a good looking crowd and I think she liked that. There was even  another couple there but the young lady was shy and nervous and after a few minutes, she and her escort left. Then, a little while later they came back and watched the action, so her curiosity must have been greater than her trepidation.

The  hot blond Tara was now being vibrator fucked by a  handsome Hispanic gentleman while another young man twisted her nipples and her master fucked her face.  It was a  damn hot theater sex moment made even hotter by her amber waves of ecstasy.

Next Herman blindfolded her and led her over to the entrance to the couples section. There were three men standing there including a big man with a big dick. She grabbed it and played with it. She was so excited by everything. Her man was calling her a slut in a way that made her writhe and moan even more. The handsome Hispanic was now in front of her with his hard dick in her face. He was still using her vibrator on her, and please thank Duracell for long lasting batteries. A third young man was standing to her right, squeezing her tits, his cock was in her right hand.

It was all too much. She took off her blindfold so she could see the men and the dicks that were in front of her. Suddenly she collapsed and spasm-ed into another wobbly orgasm. It was at least her third powerful orgasm of the evening and it made her stagger backwards.

After they got dressed, She thanked us and waved  good-bye. She personally thanked the handsome Hispanic man for spanking her ass and playing with her tits. I think that she had been nervous and not sure if she would enjoy herself when she and her man first walked into The Paris Theater, but, after she relaxed and good things kept happening to her,  she really got into it.

Also, I think they may have been from out of town because they asked the clerk to find them a taxi. Was she a business woman out for a thrill? Was this an Ashley Madison hook up? The things we don't know about those who play in  "this thing of ours"  help make it more exciting.



Thanks again Brent for pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or secretary to Dictaphone. This is the type of scene that makes Portland so unique... Not only was this a hot adult theater experience, the couple in question were playing out a scene for their (and our) enjoyment.

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Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 11/26/11

Doc here with this week's report from our good friend and part time lagomorphologist, Bob in Biloxi.

Some have called Bob "The Hugh Hefner of The Gulf Coast", while I call him a damn fine reporter.  Action packed reports, always on deadline, and always cuts to the chase.  What more could a Sicilian internet doctor and editor ask for?

So, without any additional delay or exposition, I present to you Bob in Biloxi and this week's "Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi"...


Morning Doc,

Greetings from the beautiful Gulf Coast,  Doc and faithful readers! It was a dark and stormy night last evening. I’d like to believe some of the attending couples were suffering from mini cabin fever? Certainly the action was feverish at times.

Bob in Biloxi
During the regular business cycle at our quaint little Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS, eight couples attended and out of the eight, three ended up playing in some form.

First up was our German Couple, taking care of patrons during the daylight and afternoon hours. Very early evening was a short BBW taking orders on the far left back row. Later on in the late evening, one blonde BBW was getting hammered on the back couch. During this time, what could be described as a porn star, a 20-something hottie wearing a dress with fuck me heels came in and watched the BBW getting pinned to the cushions. She was mainly glancing around at the cock flagging, but didn’t stay but maybe five minutes and then she and her man left. If only she could return some night and put on a show!! That would be a story worth describing in minute detail!

Down at the ABS, at somewhat smoking hot blonde and her man paid admission, and your faithful reporter was first up in the batter’s box. She’s about 5’6 large boobs, wearing blue jeans and a pullover blouse.

They started out with her man massaging her ample chest from behind while she was seated in the chair. She kept watching me through the hole as I was stroking the little soldier to attention. Once there, I slid him through the hole and was rewarded with her warm mouth. She paid attention to detail and soon I heard zippers and the rustling of clothes being removed on the other side. Her mouth never left my cock, so I have to assume he was undressing her as she was coaxing my cock even further.

At any rate, she wound up nude, putting a condom on my cock with her mouth. (what a show off huh?) Followed shortly there afterward with backing her ass up to the hole and proceeding to test the integrity of the fasteners holding the wall in place. I love hearing the squeaking, cracking sounds the wall makes when a woman is slamming her ass against it! Sort of like the sound of high heels clicking on the floor when a woman enters the ABS or Theater, it’s just one of those powerful sounds that arouses! I also love the fact I could hear her moaning on the other side, and I think I was able to give her what she needed!

After letting out a yell and filling the bag with baby batter, I felt/heard the distinctive pop as she pulled off, I felt her remove the condom and gently start sucking my cock clean, then I hear a knock on the wall, as I bent down to the hole, she said thank you! What a girl! No ma’am, thank YOU!! She giggled and said anytime!! Women are so nice, Doc!

That’s it for Saturday, Doc. LSU is headed to the SEC Championship and probably the BCS. I’m drained and smiling, so I think I’ll call up the poor people and see what they are doing next.



Doc here again... Another classic from Bob, so thank you sir for another fine effort. 

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Couple's Flash Report! Handy Pete at Cinema L'Amour in Montreal

Doc here with a follow-up Couple's Flash Report from 1st time reporter, Handy Pete.  Once again, this report comes from the now-on-the-radar adult theater in Montreal, Cinema L'Amour

Between the recent Flash Reports, and the documentary film about this theater, Cinema L'Amour should be on the tip of every one's tongue.

Here is Handy Pete and his ribald tale from Montreal...


Hey Doc!

..What a surprise when I saw the report from the Cinema L'Amour in MontrĂ©al. When I started reading I swear it was about my last visit with my loving slut girlfriend. As it turned out the article described a Tuesday event....Sorry sucker, I was getting my freak-on Saturday!  Had the good "reporter" been there, he would have gotten the fuck of his life.

The Story:
Saturday morning I woke up and asked my gal if she wanted to get nasty today, the reply was "YES!" and so together we we're off to Montreal. Keep in mind it's a 5 hour winter drive in order to get there and I'm kinda proud of how much effort it takes to get my rocks off (in the best of ways). Montreal is a "world class" sex resort, theaters, arcades, strip clubs, swingers clubs (yes, open to single guys) and the likes...a perverts paradise!

We got in town at about 2pm, and didn't waste a minute. We paid the friendly cashier and made our way into the theater. ( $20 or so buck,  35$ for the couples balcony!?!  These folks need to wake up, as hot couples like us pull patrons in and deserve VERY low rates...)

We made our way to our seats, but before long my girl went to the ladies room (which she is). After a few minutes she walked down the aisle dressed as a true slut. I don't need to say she drew the attention of the twenty so men who we're present.

She sat next to me and we started to play right away. Of course the guys came right up close and made the moment very sexy. She got my cock out and started to suck, I fingered her wet snatch and knew that things we're going to get very hot. Damn! Cinema d'Amour only has typical theater seats so it wasn't easy to play!

After moving into the front row, things got a little more serious. I finally got on my knees in front of her and gave her hot pussy the licking she needed. All my fellow perverts started getting their hands busy and gave her tits and body a good fondling. I got the urge and started to dick my woman really good.

The guys we're really surprised, as we fuck like bunnies and my dick is something to be proud of! Anyways, only one dude offered his cock to my slut and it got sucked to perfection. Bear in mind the Theatre D'amour is kinda new and the patrons are average old perverts, Maybe one day ( a flag system) some good young bucks will come in and help me out to give the fucking my girlfriend deserves.

We left after about 1 1/2 hours of play. The next stop was Sauna 3333 which is a very popular swingers club 24/7 in Montreal. Needless to say, theater sex is the best! Nothing turns my girl on inside or outside of the bedroom as much as public sex in the nastiest form.

Fuck, this is my first report, I need a break ;-)

-Handy Pete


Doc here again... The Cinema L'Amour is getting more exposure in the last month than any other adult theatre here at The Journal.  Pete was the first one to give us a head's up about the cinema, and the rest has come flooding in.  Welcome to the Power Rankings, Cinema L'Amour!

Thanks again to Handy Pete for the great Couple's Flash Report!  We are waiting for your next submission, sir!

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