Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tour of Duty 2012: Chapter 9 With Old Marine Corps Guy - The Jolar in San Diego

Doc here with Chapter 9 of the Tour of Duty 2012 with Old Marine Corps Guy. 

So far, we have covered LA, as well as Las Vegas for updates on this thing of ours.  It is now time to turn the tables and focus on the top spot in the Pacific Southwest, San Diego.

Here is OMCG's take on The Jolar:

Jolar Books and Theater
6321 University Ave. 
San Diego, CA.
  • Sister theater to the Barnett Superstore
  • 24/7  -  4 hour In and Out
  • Small bookstore, arcade with 1/2 doors, Peepshows with live girls in private booths ($10.00 for 5 minutes).
  • 2 small theaters with comfy theater seats (16 seats in each theater).  $10.00 admission admits you to both theaters.
  • 2 screens in each theater  1 showing str8 the other showing gay.
  • Wed and Sat. are couples nights and couples are free anytime.
  • Very couples friendly.
  • Must be buzzed in to the theater.  Loud buzzer so you have time to square away before someone comes in.

Flash Report! Mocha Pickle on Monday with Kate and Len @ 15th Ave in Chicago

Doc here... Let's jump into the Way Back Machine. Sherman, set the controls to Tuesday 7/24. The Good Doctor's House Call Report on the incredible evening at 15th Ave. Adult Books in Chicago with Kate and Len.  An incredible evening with a great first-time adult theater couple.

Senior reporter for The Journal, Mocha Pickle, was there at The Good Doctor's request. His resulting report is his best report to date, and in the Top 3 all-time here @ The Journal. The bases were loaded, and he lifted this one onto Waveland Avenue.

Here is Mocha Pickle, and his clutch report from Chicago's western suburbs.


... and from between the thighs of the Statue of Liberty, with mustachioed lips, the Good Doctor proclaimed, "Give me your swingers, your nymphettes, your naked horny masses yearning to squirt and jizz free..." and he parted Lady Liberty's skirt, revealing her naked charms, leading the way for all of us with a promise of erotic adventure across this great land...

... and his followers were numerous and many.

We met, prearranged, at 15th Avenue Adult Books. In the spa. There at the 'bleachers'. They were here. 'Len and Kate'. An All-American couple. Good looking. No. Better than good...

He was cut from the pages from Sports Illustrated. She, from Playboy. Centerfold, circa 2002. They'd come from one of the back rooms. Taking a deserved breather. Fucking is hard work. Try it sometime.

Len. He's healthy. Strong. Friendly, but firmly protective of his treasure. His lady. And OMG, what a lady...

Kate. Wrapped in a towel, her natural bosom exposed to a respectful crowd of voyeuristic admirers holding court. For now, happy with the chaste taste of the exhibitionist halftime show, yet clearly praying to play on her well manicured field.

Kate. Ah, Kate. Attractive? Absolutely. 100%. WOW!!! Tan. Lean. Flashing a 1000 kilowatt smile. Her perky perfect boobs and pokey pink nipples defied gravity...

And the good Doctor, the eager bastard. He was soaked to the skin with sweat. The sexy shenanigans had started sooner than expected.

The Good Doctor had gone, balls deep, into this charming little bird. Devouring her charms. A wolf munching a squirting peach, juices spilling everywhere in the back room. The mattress. The floor...

Every... fucking... where...

Did I mention the Good Doctor was a glorious bastard? It bears repeating.

Kate was so adorable I wanted to break out straws and share a root beer float. Can a woman be 'too' nice and cute to fuck the absolute hell out of?

This thing of ours. Sometimes the stars in the sky align just right and you find yourself fucking for days and days. Other times, not so much. This night, sadly, was terrible proof of this fact. A vigorous slurp and tender clit-nibble between those tanned centerfold thighs in the back room was all I could muster before tagging off to the Good Doctor. As I limped out of the ring, Kate was like the youngest sweetest Osmond sister you could ever imagine begging (BEGGING!) for cock. Doc leaped off the top rope and wrestled the pussy down like a champion. Pounding her clit from the back. Into her doe eyes he stared with the dominant Alpha intent. Seducing her with sex talk. Her dam BROKE and Doc literally ORDERED her pussy to gush buckets. All over his cock, a fountain of squirting submission...

As a reward, she slogged through the mattress g-spot puddle, and dropped to her knees on the damp floor as her wonderful breasts were christened in Lizardo jizz. The territory now officially marked. Doctor Emilio was here!

(*And somewhere, an angel cried. Indeed, heaven lost another one to this sinful libidinous thing-of-ours*)

To Kate, I raise a toast- *Here's to your time in the batter's box with Doc as he skillfully rounded your bases. To Len, thank you for cheering us on. And here's to hope- may my next at bat with the lovely Kate be an explosive home run. To Len and Kate. Thank you both.*

(*FYI, with ventilation so poor, the private rooms at 15th Avenue can indeed swelter with all the 'activity'. If you and your lady don't come out of there drenched in sweat and grinning like idiots, get back in there and KEEP FUCKING until you do.*)

Mocha P.


A standing "O" for Mr. Pickle, please.  Great job, sir. Everything about this great couple, Kate and Len, is spot on. And the best part?  I spoke to them the next day... Kate wants to take it up a notch or two.