Saturday, July 21, 2012

UPDATED 7/21: Hanging with Gloryhole Hannah - 16 HOT Pics and Report

UPDATED 7/21: If you want to join Hannah's Yahoo Group listed HERE, here are the requirements: Hannah requests (Guys) you need to send her 2 cock pics. No face pic needed. (Ladies), 2 nude pics as well, but please remember to block your face in the pics. Send the pics to Hannah directly at
This will allow you to be considered for The Group.

Doc here with a great way to start your weekend! A brand new glory-hole girl is on the scene, and her name is Hannah.

Hannah was featured earlier this week in a report from atrampboy, in his profile of The Big Eye in Albuquerque, NM. ATB did a terrific job describing how hot Hannah is, and her amazing BJ skills that are second to none.

Fast forward to today, when The Good Doctor received a nice e-mail from Hannah, telling me about how traffic picked up tremendously at her Yahoo Group after the report about her hit. I then offered her an opportunity to blog about her adventures @ the glory-hole. Thankfully, she accepted!

Tonight I received her report, and it's all sorts of fantastic! And the cherry on top of this dessert would be the HOT pics from the actual event. (Remember to click on them, they are hi-res images!)


So guys where to start...I'm Hannah from I'm 28 years old, blonde, 5'2", 105 lbs, petite B cup, and completely shaved.

I've been into the Glory-hole scene for about two years now. I usually go to The Big Eye in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I love the anonymity of the glory-hole, and most of all I love all the cum I get. So you've guessed it I have a cum fetish! Nothing turns me on more than seeing how many guys I can make cum the fastest!

So that leads me to last Sunday in Albuquerque... Like I said, I've been doing this for a couple years, so I posted in my group that I would be in town and would be going to the glory-hole. Like always, I had a great response from my members.

I set up a midnight meeting at The Big Eye. My members know to look for my butterfly tape on the door of the video booth, so they can find me because The Big Eye has like 20 booths. Anyway I set up the time, headed into town, and got a room close to The Big Eye. Lounged at the pool, hot tubbed for awhile, then off to get ready. After picking out a super tight mini skirt, I took a shower, got ready, and went to the casino to win some money! Or so I thought... I lost a hundred bucks fast, so I decided it was time to go to the GH where I knew I would get lucky ;)

I get to TBE, and you can park in back or in front of the place. I usually park in back, but this time there was not one spot to park! So I parked in the front, grabbed my bag and headed inside. As soon as I opened the door, I saw 10-13 guys and they all looked straight at me LOL. I knew tonight was going to be a great night!

I paid for my admittance, which is 3 dollars a person. I walked in the back... I like to walk around and let the guys get a good look. Act like I'm looking at what movies are playing, & bend over just enough to let them see my bare pussy. Then I selected a booth, placed my marker tape on the door, and went inside.

I didn't even have time to get naked, and there was my first cock of the night. Dropped to my knees, ripped off my shirt, an shoved that nice cock in my mouth. Only took a few minutes and he gave me a great big load! He left, and 2 seconds later there's another hard cock for me!

I stripped down naked, and he fingered me threw the GH. I sucked his cock for only one minute an he gave me a great load! So the 3rd guy comes in, and he has a huge cock! Anyway I started sucking him, felt him getting ready to cum so opened my mouth an he filled it with his cum. He then kept cumming all over me... He even managed to hit my pussy LOL! It was just the way I like it - he came fast and a lot!

When it comes to the GH, nothing is hotter than a guy cumming super fast! Makes me know I did my job! So I had 4 more members from the site show up and after the 7th huge load running down my face an tits, I decided to clean up an head back to the room.

When the door to the booth opens, there's another cock for me. He turned out to just be a random guy who lucked out but he took wayyyyyyy to long to cum (made me tired lol)... Well he finely came, and I was about to leave, and low and behold one last cock for me!

I blew him so good he came before we could even turn the camera back with a total of 9 cumshots it turned out to be a good night...Went back to the hotel covered in cum! Mmmm just the way I like it....

Stay tuned for my report on the next night! I went back for another round!......

Glory-hole Hannah

Doc here again... A great job by Hannah on her first report, which will be only one of many to come. Hannah is a naughty girl, and she cannot wait to show you how naughty.

Hannah is a live one folks... Fasten your seatbelts! More reports are on the way...