Saturday, November 2, 2013

Flash Report! The Lone Sailor Voyages to The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here, man who some say once starred in the off-Broadway production of "The Old Meatball and The Sea", with a first time Flash Report from new contributor The Lone Sailor.

The Lone Sailor made two visits to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and is here with his yeoman's report.

Take it away, sir.



First time reporter and long time viewer of your wonderful blog, The Lone Sailor reporting from the amazing Art Cinema in Hartford, CT with two visits.

The first being the Halloween spectacular this past Saturday. The Lone Sailor arrived just after 8 p.m. Solo after a series of unfortunate events left this intrepid reporter without a date. Nonetheless, I decided to continue my mission undaunted and entered the lower level of single males. The theatre was absolutely packed with the elusive couples balcony filled with couples. As I made my way amongst the assembled single crowd I faintly heard the sounds of a spanking occurring above signifying a good time.