Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flash Report! Captain EO at Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from regular contributor, Captain EODeja Vu in Ontario, CA is his port of call...



Hey Doc,

I took a trip tonight (Saturday 10/6) to Deja Vu in Ontario with another success story, albeit an interesting one. I arrived at the Vu around 6:45 in the PM, bought admission to theater. I asked one of the girls at the register if there had been any couples going in, to which she said no, but the past few Fridays and Saturdays had couples going into the theaters and booths, so it sounds like it has been picking up.
DeJa Vu
Ontario, CA
I went in between the theater and booths for about an hour before permanently settling into the theater at about 8. I was seated in one of the single plush chairs and another guy was on the couch. A couple came in and stood in the back by the partition. They were an older Hispanic couple. The wife was in a denim skirt and a pink tank top with nothing underneath. The partition is the action area, but I figured decided to stand there because the guy on the couch wouldn't move. Couch Guy eventually left the theater and the couple remained leaning over the partition, with room on the wife's right side. Since I was the only other guy in the theater, I took it as an OK to come over and I did. I slowly moved closer to her, while fully hard and stroking. I moved my free hand to her ass and she opened her legs, allowing me to feel up her skirt.

The lady then grabbed my cock and began stroking it. She moved back allowing access to her front side. With one hand, a felt up her shirt and the other was playing with her tight pussy. Hubby just watched at first, but he started feeling her up as well. She eventually put her purse down and leaned over, sucking my rock hard cock. With no hands, she showed off her excellent oral skills and I felt like a spoiler brat having her all to myself. She then leaned over to her husband's cock and began sucking it. He motioned for me to fuck her, but I did not have a condom on me. He said it was okay anyway, but this is one area I always have self-control over and respectfully decline. I refuse to play unsafe and while other guys would still go for it, I could not. He then spins her around and fucks her silly, while she continued to suck me. As I was nearing climax, hubby stopped fucking her and she stood up and pulled her skirt down. They thanked me, and I mentioned I was close to cumming, but they simply walked to the other side of the partition and sat on the couch.

I wasn't sure if they were taking a breather or if I should have gone back into the store to get a condom, so I stood near the couch stroking while they watched the various movies playing on the wall. The wife eventually spread her legs open and when I moved closer, the husband said "we're good right now, thanks." I nodded, took a few steps back and continued stroking while they watched the TV.

Eventually, two guys came in. One didn't even acknowledge the couple and the other was cruising for dudes, so we walked back out. The couple exchanged brief dialogue that I couldn't make out, but the wife finally looked over at me. She took a condom out of her purse and handed it to me. After a moment of getting it on (I practically looked like a high schooler, lol) we went back behind the partition, while hubby stayed on the couch. She bent over, holding onto the half-sized wall while I pounded her from behind. She was really into it and I used the waist of her skirts to grab hold and give her my cock nice and deep. After a little while, she was finally spent, so I took the condom off, told her I was ready to cum. She sucked me off for a little bit and when I got real close, she moved away while playing with my balls. I came really hard and shot across the floor. She thanked me and went back to the couch, now back to playing with hubby. I got dressed, took a moment to catch my breath, and thanked them again on my way out. It wasn't even 9pm yet.

I was tempted to stay and see if the couple was going to wait for more cummers or move to the booths, and to see if any other couples would show, but I was spent. I don't live close to Deja Vu -- about 45 mins away -- but with what sounds like a major uptick in couples business, I might make it a point to go a little more often on weekends again.

Capt EO


Doc here again... Thanks to Captain EO for another solid report from this thing of ours.  DeJa Vu is getting more publicity as of late, and hopefully more couples will venture there and experience their own walk on the wild side.

The Good Doctor is in need of adult theater reports from you, the good readers of The Journal.  Just e-mail your reports to me a, and I will do the rest: edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You get the glory and the byline.  First time reporters: Please send me a pen name you wish to use for your reports with your submission.


Flash Report! Southsuburbanguy Returns To 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with the second Flash report from Southsurburbanguy in as many days!  He's back at 15th Avenue in Chicago's western burbs, and once again he has a lot of fun.  And who knows, he may run into a familiar face...
So sit back, pop open an Old Style, and enjoy SSG's latest Flash Report.
Wow! A second report in a week!
Last night, Wednesday, I was again heading home from a late meeting. I stopped in at 15th Ave, just to kill some time. The lot was almost empty, so I didn't expect much. However, while walking in, a guy told me there was a woman in the theater playing.
I walked in, and there was a couple and a single, older black woman. The single woman had her tits out, and two guys were sucking on them while a third guy was kneeling between her legs with his head in her lap...she was moaning and obviously enjoying herself. 
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
I turned to the second couple, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was A!! She had her head in M's lap, sucking his cock, while a guy fucked her. I watched them play, while stroking my cock. Soon, the guy pulled out and came in her mouth. He got up, left, and another guy came and sat down.
A leaned over and sucked him, and he came in no time. At that point, I walked over, cock in hand, and she bent over to suck M again, her ass in the air. I slid my cock into her velvet pussy, and didn't take long myself. She is just incredible! She kept telling me to pull out and fuck her ass, but she was so tight that I couldn't get in, and so I finished in her pussy, which was great by me! 
Then another guy came and stood behind A, and tried to fuck her in the ass, but he could not get A sucked him and he came in her lovely mouth! She kept saying she wanted a cock in her ass, but no one could do it. She bent over, and started sucking M again, and he asked someone to stick a finger in her ass. An older guy was sitting next to her, stroking her body and rubbing her pussy, and was more than happy to oblige. 
He slid his middle finger in and slowly started working it in and out. Another guy held A's cheeks apart so the guy could get nice and deep. A started moaning while sucking M's cock, then shuddered and came. With that, A said she was tired and done for the evening. She started to get dressed, and we all admired that sweet hot body! We all have to thank M for bringing such a beauty to this place of ours!
Thanks again to SSG for another quality Flash Report.  He up the good work, sir.