Saturday, May 12, 2012

Flash Report! Chauncey Gardiner Hits The New Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with the return of regular Journal scribe, Chauncey Gardiner.  Chauncey has submitted some fantastic reports previously, and he is now throwing his hat into the ring on reviewing The New Art Cinema in Hartford, CT.

Here is Chauncey and his latest report from this thing of ours.


Hi Doc,

Thought I'd chime in after seeing the reports from Ctfireguy & Tomkat. I was also at the Art Cinema this past Sunday, and probably arrived at the same time as Tomkat left.

Kasha at the ticket booth told me that couple # 2 had just left, but they would be back. So I bought my ticket and had a seat. Sure enough, the couple did return shortly before 8, went to the balcony, and then came downstairs & sat in the center aisle. I took a seat a respectful distance away in the row behind them, and watched some over the clothes playing. Their activity did not go further than that, and they left after 10 -15 minutes downstairs.

This is the second time I have seen this couple on a Sunday evening, and both times their routine was the same. I was told that they did play with others on different occasions, but not the times that I saw them. I guess either they were not in the mood or perhaps they were seeking playmates other than the mature male that I am.

But that's OK, because I do like to watch.

Chauncey Gardiner


Thanks again to Chauncey for another solid report from the front line at The New Art Cinema in Hartford.  Keep up the good work sir!

OK, now it's your turn to submit an adult theater report.  Here is how it works: You e-mail me your report directly at, provide a pen name, I will edit and format the report, add in a photo or two, and presto-chango, your report is up at The Journal.

Try it.