Friday, September 16, 2011

Flash Report: "American Family or Modern Family?" by Brent in Portland

Doc here with that Charles Dickens of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.  Please do not confuse this report with a "Fractured Fairy Tale", as Brent is back with his tack-sharp report on last weekend at The Paris Theatre in Portland.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will live the story.  Here is Brent...


One of the reasons I still enjoy going to adult theaters after all these years is because every visit is a little different. Some are better than others but every one has its own peculiarities.

This past Friday for example.

At first I thought it was going to be the night of the theater sex veterans.  Except for a well built and attractive older blonde , who jacked off a few guys at The Paris Theater Couples Oasis Rail while she was getting fucked by her husband ( a good time was had by all including us spectators), most of the women were experienced players. There was the solid wife with straight reddish blond hair who came in with her husband,an older but still very active swinger.

First they were at The Oregon where she fucked about 15 guys, I was told. At The Paris she fucked around 8 guys on 2 different occasions and, although I can't confirm this, I was told she was doing them bareback. Another veteran who was in Friday was The Colonel's Wife.

She reminds me a little of Thelma Harper (Mama's Family) and she loves them big and she loves them black. She and her distinguished looking husband drive to Portland from a  nearby conservative state so that she can get fucked and sucked by well endowed men at either The Paris or The Oregon Theaters. They have been doing this for a number of years . She did not hook up with any single men at The Paris on Friday but she did get a good fucking from the husband of the gal who fucked all those guys at The Oregon and The Paris.  I always enjoy watching her go from Ms Prim and Proper to Ms. Horny and Nasty in two strokes of a hard penis.

The other veteran who was at The Paris that night was The Librarian, that big breasted, big thigh-ed, curly haired glasses wearing  cock craving woman who loves nothing more than to fuck by grinding her hips slow and deep and feeling the come spurt deep into her pussy. I only saw her fuck one guy on Friday but, chances are good, she did a lot more.

There were a lot of couples that came to The Paris on Friday who did not play or played just a little. There was a young man who tried his best but his girl friend  was playing goalie and her pussy was the net. They were both good looking Nerds. They were in the theater when there were other couples there  and she could see women getting fucked or sucking dick right next to her so maybe she will have more fun next time they visit The Paris.

There was a very sexy, thin, Russian-looking brunette who came in wearing a very short dress, hiked it past her ass ,climbed on top of her man's long thin cock, rode up and down on it ,then took off the dress, jumped off the dick, sucked it for a little while, climbed back on board. got her tits sucked and bit, ended up on her back taking his final hard thrust and his hot pay load into her  warm wet pussy, then putting her dress back on slipping into her high heels and walking out the door. She and her man's theater sex visit lasted all of 30 minutes.

The theater sex action that made Friday unique was provided by a Latin couple who came to The Paris with a friend. Their friend was a dude and he was reluctant to be there, probably because he knew them from outside the theater and didn't know that things were a little different on the inside. The woman, who looked like Sofia Vergara from Modern Family with extra fire and desire in every sensual movement of her sexy body, proceed to get naked and fuck her husband with a fiery passion and an uninhibited lust. She clearly liked their friend and was turned on by his shyness.

When she finally persuaded him to suck on her breasts while she was getting fucked, his attentive tit slurping sent her soaring into ecstasy. I'm not sure how much further they went after that because I left the theater before they did. It was a very interesting theater sex scene.. Maybe afterwards they all went back to the house and had a threesome. Maybe he's always wanted to fuck her, his friends wife. Maybe he didn't know they were swingers and was surprised by their openness. Or maybe it freaked him out and he realized he's not really into it. Whatever the outcome, He learned a lot at The Paris that night.

Have you been to The Paris, recently? I'd love to read a report about your adventures there, especially you single ladies or couples. When you write about it, it makes the experience more intense and , who knows, your words just might become immortal.



Doc here again... Thanks again to the premier adult theater reporter in this thing of ours, Brent.  Brent will be going on a much deserved vacation down south shortly, thus there will be a huge void in reports from Portland.  It's time to step up and be a reporter here at The Journal.  Senior reporter floyd has the daytime scene covered, but the night scene needs a go-to reporter. Be that person.