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Blast From The Past: The Luv Theatre in Orlando by JaxBchBum

Doc here with a trip down this thing of ours' lane with senior Journal reporter, JaxBchBum.  This report focuses on the late great Luv Theatre in Orlando, FL. From my research, the theater closed in 1988 (forced out of business by local authorities), and a bank now stands where The Luv once stood.

Enjoy JaxBchBum's adult theater encounter...



Here is my Blast From The Past from the old Luv Theatre that used to operate in downtown Orlando:

Ah, the joys of youth and the remembrances of times long ago when life was simpler.  It was during the Holidays in the early 70s and I was back home from college visiting the family living in Orlando.  Not big into shopping the post Holiday sales, I noted in the paper a small ad in the sports section of an adult theatre in downtown Orlando called the Luv Theatre.  I had only visited an adult theatre one time before with some college friends where the movie could only be described as soft porn by today's standards with only shots of frontal nudity but no actual shots of cock sucking or fucking.  Venturing out that evening under some pretext, I drove to downtown on S. Orange Avenue and spotted the theatre. From the outside it appeared like a normal theatre back before the days of multi-plexes.  The large triangular sign with the bright white light bulbs that raced around the big red letters proclaiming "Double Adult Feature".  As a downtown business, there was no parking lot so I found a parking space on a side street and walked back to the theatre.  I had to show ID since I was only 19 and there was the minimum age limit of 18.

The Luv Theatre
Orlando, FL  circa 1981

I entered inside and it was just like a regular theatre visited when I was a kid with the concession stand with the big popcorn machine and entrance doors on either side.  I chose the door on the left and went inside and stood at the back a second to give time for my eyes to adjust.  I was amazed to see the huge theatre was packed with hardly an open seat.  I spied an open seat in the center section about 4 seats in from the aisle and about two-thirds back.  As I made my way across, I heard some grumbling but figured it was guys upset I was getting in front of them.  It was as I was taking my seat that I became aware that there was a couple seated next to me.  They were in their mid-30s I am guessing.  The lady was to my right and she had a short Demi Moore style haircut and was wearing a dark blouse buttoned up the front with a matching skirt that went to just above her knees.  From what I could tell, she was fairly attractive but not a raving beauty.  Her husband was wearing jeans and a polo type shirt and had a full beard and moustache.  She looked over at me and I just nodded and proceeded to watch the movie.

I noticed that she had one of those megaphone shaped boxes of popcorn that she and hubby were eating from and he was holding the large size drink cup that they would share.  After a few minutes she offered me some of the popcorn but I graciously declined.  The movie had good hardcore porn back in the days when there was actual dialogue and some reasonable semblance of a story line instead of the constant scene vignettes of moaning and squealing that is so often shown today.  
Senior Reporter

Anyway, after the lady finishes the popcorn she bends over to put the box on the floor and as she does, her knee presses up against mine.  I pull in a bit and the contact ends.  She sits back up and places her hands in her lap,but it looks like she is gently rubbing her mound through her skirt.  After a bit she catches me glancing over and looked up at me and smiled.  Hubby hands her the drink cup which she finishes and does the same routine of bending over and placing it on the floor in front of her, slightly spreading her legs and again having her knee touch mine.  This time I keep my leg where it is and I feel the pressure slightly increase as she pushes in.  She sits back up but keeps her legs slightly spread so her knee and lower leg stays in contact with mine.  I notice she is doing the same thing with her other leg against her hubby. 

This was getting me quite erect and I tried to make a discrete move to readjust my cock through my pants so it would be a little more comfortable.  After a bit, I notice that hubby has placed his hand on her right knee and was gently rubbing it.  As time went on, his hand slowly worked its way up a little higher, pushing up her skirt.  As a newbie to the scene, I was getting really excited and was more interested in watching what was going on next to me rather than what was on the screen, but tried to be discrete.  Every few minutes she would reach up and rub her nipples/tits for just a couple of seconds. I had to do another "adjustment" and noted she was watching me.  Her right hand then went over into hubby's lap and rested there although I could tell that from time to time she would squeeze a little bit.  It was getting nearly 10pm and the first movie ended and some of the folks left.

Being a bit brazen after the next movie started, I slowly slid my hands down my legs so they rested on my knees.  Shortly I felt her knee brush against the side of my right hand.  I kept my hand in place and her exposed knee returned against my hand.  I just kept it motionless there but noted that hubby's hand had worked up higher and was halfway up her thigh.  I glanced over to look at both of them and moved my hand on top of her knee.  She gave a little sigh and slid down a little further in her seat.  By this time, some of the men sitting in the surrounding seats were beginning to take notice and were straining for a better view of what was happening.  But since this was back in the days when civility still reigned in adult theatres, everyone stayed chilled and was content with watching.  I slowly moved my hand using gentle strokes up her creamy thigh over her hose so that I was about in the same place as her hubby. 

After a bit, her left hand found its way under my arm and she began rubbing my erect cock through my pants.  Time went on and I would mimic her husband's advances.  As we got closer and closer to her pussy, the rubbing she was giving me got more and more intense to where pre-cum was leaking through my boxers and my polyester pants.  Soon, I was up high enough to realize she was wearing a garter belt as the stockings ended and I was touching smooth thighs.   Her hubby then reached up and I was sure he began rubbing her pussy. 

I didn't want to push my luck and interfere, so I pushed up a little higher.  His hand came back down a little and I took his place.  She wasn't wearing any panties.  She had a hairy pussy but it was quite wet from the attention it had received.  I would take my little finger and brush it up and down her labia to tantalize her and she seemed to enjoy it.  I noted that hubby had reached down and unzipped and she was stroking his short cock.  I was too scared to pull mine out so I just let her squeeze/rub through my pants.  This went on for about 30 minutes with hubby and I alternating rubbing her pussy and some finger fucking.  After a bit, his rubbing got more intense and it became obvious she was having an orgasm from the way she pressed down and her slight moans.  Soon thereafter, he stuffed his cock back in his pants, she gave mine a little squeeze and they got up and left.  As they passed by, I stood up and whispered "thank you" and got a "you're welcome" back from both of them.

All in all, it wasn't a wild exhibitionist display as I have come to see in other theatres since then, but for this novice at the time, it certainly was a big thrill.

Sadly, the Luv Theatre no longer exists, nor does any of the adult businesses that populated Orange Blossom Trail.  Ever since Mickey Mouse announced he was coming to town, the City fathers have done all they can to "clean up" Orlando from all the adult entertainment that was there before.  Progress has its victims sometime.


Thanks JaxBchBum for a story that I bet more than a few of us have gone through one time or another, while seated in the dark of an adult theater back in the 70's or 80's.   Great stuff.

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