Friday, April 8, 2011

Flash Report: "Better Late Than Never" by floyd in Portland

Doc here with another 5-Star report from our good friend floyd in Portland.  In this rare two-parter, floyd ventures out in the daytime to the epicenter of this thing of ours, The Paris Theater in Portland.

Also, when you have a chance, I highly recommend floyd's own blog, "Cockofthetalk" .  Hot stories with a terrific narrative, and surprisingly low calorie.  Try a mouthful.

Here is floyd and his report from The Paris in Portlandia....


floyd’s “Better Late Than Never” Daytime Paris Theater Report

Your loyal reporter has been a bit busy with the mundane things like life and job the past few weeks and has not filed a report with thegood Doctor in a while, but that does NOT mean that there is no daytime action at Portland’s famous Paris Theater. Here, filed under the “Better Late Than Never” tab, are accounts of two recent happenings at the Paris.  In between, floyd made a quick trip to Orlando, where the ABS scene was so lame he wasn’t moved to put pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keyboard. Note to self: Must get to Tampa next time!

Part One

Last month on St Patty’s day, I was in the office with an eye out for the Paris flags that would indicate action in the theater.  I figured at least a few couples would have enough green beer and Jameson’s to want to sneak over to the Paris for a quick fuck, especially since there are a multitude of Irish drinking establishments close by.  Even though some flags flew later that night, the afternoon was completely dead. 

So, the next day, Friday, I was not particularly optimistic.  So naturally, mid-afternoon saw a Red Flag pop up, and I was off in a flash, arriving just about 10 minutes behind the couple.  He was a thin guy, medium height, with a gaffer’s cap on his head.  She was about 5”2”, rolly-polly with a bit of a belly, but a nice ass and an attractive face.  There were only three other guys in the place, and our couple wasted no time in getting down to business. 

She was wearing a tight skirt with leggings or maybe pantyhose underneath, and a tight knit top, no bra.  The skirt got pulled down right away,and he fondled her butt, which was facing the railing on the couples area, as he dropped his drawers.  She dropped to her knees and began sucking his very hard cock as we watched from the peanut gallery.  After a few minutes of a nice BJ, he turned her around and placed her on her knees on the bench, proceeding to fuck her doggie-style. She became quite vocal at this point, which was turning this audience member on, and he slapped her ass, hard, a few times as punctuation.  It was at this point that I noticed he was talking quietly to her, and I could just about make it out; it was about “strangers” coming up and fucking her, which sounded promising!  Resolving not to cum in case I was needed to play the “stranger” role, I took it easy and watched. 

After a good few minutes of this hard fucking, he grabbed a small bottle of lube, and it became pretty obvious that he was lubing up her asshole.  He tried two or three times to push his rather sizable cock in there, without success.  She finally laughed out loud and said,“You’re gonna have to buy me a lot more whisky before you can put that big thing up my ass.” 

Well spoken, young slut!

They took a break for a bit with him sitting on the bench,still rock hard.  After a minute or so she climbed on, and what she lacked in looks she more than made up for in enthusiasm, riding him like a wild woman, and very noisily too.  After this delightful show, she hopped off, winded, and declared a break for a while, starting to get dressed.  I wasn’t sure if the guy had cum, but it sure looked like they were done. She was standing up pulling her skirt back up when he lifted her top,exposing a nice pair of round tits to the gallery.  He sucked her nips and then suddenly turned her around and bent her over the bench with both of them standing.  He roughly yanked her skirt and hose down and entered her again, absolutely pounding her in a standing doggie fuck.  He came noisily, they split a bottle of water offered by the friendly attendant, then dressed quickly and were on their way.  I guess the whole “stranger” thing was just fantasy…..


Part Two

It was a slow day at my Portland office two Monday’s ago, and it was late afternoon when I saw the Red Flag from the Paris Theater on my phone.  A short streetcar ride later I was paying for my ticket and entering the Paris, hoping for some hot couple action, and this day I would not be disappointed!

There was the couple back in the couples area at the back of the theater, gathering pillows from the exam table area and pushing the benches together to form a large flat area.  I quickly recognized the couple as one I had seen one afternoon last summer playing in the “bedroom” area at the Paris. 

They quickly got naked, and out came a large jar of Vaseline and a smaller bottle of lube.  Now I recalled the last time I had seen them, as he had been trying to fist her in the bedroom area using copious amounts of Vaseline and lube.  After a very well lubed hand job had the guy hard and moaning with pleasure, she put a pillow under her ass and offered her wide open pussy to him. He sat in front of her and was obviously stretching her out with multiple lubed fingers. 

The Paris Theater
c. 1982
After along while of him probing and her moaning loudly, he flipped her around so her spread legs faced the four or five of us at the rail.  Now he lubed her again and started putting his whole hand into her.  I’m not exactly sure if he got his whole fist in there, but he was pretty close.  If the extreme stretching deal is your thing, this was undoubtedly a huge turn on, but your reporter is not really into that all that much, so I was watching her very attractive tits and listening to her screams and moans.

They took a short break and then she knelt in front of him and alternated between an expert hand job and an equally competent BJ, with his enjoyment obvious to all.  He laid her back down with her head nearest the railing and started fingering again, until after three or four minutes she loudly commanded, “SUCK ME OFF, NOW!” 

He wasted no time diving into her greasy, sopping pussy and licking and sucking with all his might.  She worked up and up into a fantastic screaming orgasm that shook the foundations of the old building.  After catching her breath, she announced to him and to us that it was break time, almost five o’clock, and she was ready for a cigarette, a drink, and a snack. They began gathering their clothes, and at one point she started stroking his hard cock again.  Oops.  That got him going, finally, and he did what all of were waiting for: he placed her on her back again, lifted her legs high, and drove that big dick all the way into her. She was shouting, “Go, ahead, fuck me, I can take it,” over and over as he pounded her with her legs up over his shoulders.

It was at this exact moment that a second couple lowered the chain and entered the couples’ area. None of us had even noticed them as we were enthralled by the monstrous fucking this guy was giving his lady friend.  I recognized these two also, an out-of-town couple who have been to the Paris several times over the last month and have figured in a few of Brent’s reports.  He is a big guy, and she is a petite dancer type with tiny round ass to die for. 

She immediately removed her jeans and lifted up her top, revealing a total lack of undergarments.  She proceeded to start her typical lap dance moves on her guy, while the first couple kept noisily fucking away right in front of them.  The little one even climbed up and pushed her shaved pussy in her guy’s face, giving us a 100% awesome rear view of her bare ass and shaved cunt.

Couple #1 soon finished and started to clean up and dress.  Dancer-girl was still putting the half-nude moves on Big Guy, and floyd was realizing that it was time to go close up the office!

The first couple checked their backpack with the theater attendant and promised to be back.  I am guessing they were the “Bedroom Flag” I saw a couple of hours later, but I have not seen any report on that.  Also no idea if the Dancer couple wound up playing or just doing the lap dance thing as I had seen in the past.

So, the daytime action continues at the world-famous Paris.  Hope you agree that these reports were “Better Late Than Never.”



Doc here again... floyd has been a great addition to the gaggle of quality field reporters here at the Journal.  I also like his writing style...Reminds me a lot of Brent's, and that is high praise.

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