Monday, November 12, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini at Mr. Peeps in Portland, OR (w/PIC!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the exotic and mysterious Gemini. Gemini is known in the Portland adult theater and ABS scene, but this report is a new twist for her and her very lucky hubby. 

I encourage you to savor every morsel of this terrific report from Gemini, and her productive evening at Mr. Peeps in Portlandia.

We will talk after the report...


Hubby and I went out Saturday afternoon seeking an adventure. First we stopped by the Paris, but no luck there. We tried the Oregon, but left there quickly too. I almost thought I was out of luck, but hubby suggested an adult store. Alright, I'm game...let's go.

We ended up at Mr. Peeps. The parking lot was crowded – good sign. As we walked towards the door I saw a man with an orange ball cap drive up. Hmm. He looks good already. We walked in and saw that there were quite a few men there. Everybody did the customary `let's pretend to look at these videos as we check each other out.' OK. Maybe this will be good. I went outside for a quick cigarette as my husband tried to get a better vibe of the men inside.

A man walked by me and nearly scared the pants off me since I didn't hear him. Turned out to be a good conversation starter. He apologized and asked me if I was going in. I replied, "Yes, my husband is in there." "Oh." He said sounding defeated. He looked very appealing and was very respectful so I said "But we are going to the booths." "Want company?" he asked. "Possibly so," I responded. " I'll be in shortly." He went in and I was not far behind. I pointed out the two men to my husband and we made our way to a booth sandwiched between a glory hole and a voyeur room. The guy I met outside helped himself the glory hole booth as orange cap occupied the voyeur room.
The Real Gemini!

I started unbuttoning my blouse as my husband fed money into the machine. I positioned myself so the guy could see my breasts through the glory hole. I had not yet taken off my plunging cheetah print DDD bra that was struggling to keep in my size H breasts. He reached through to fondle them, then quickly had his mouth at the hole trying to lick my nipples. I returned the favor by reaching my arm through to stroke his cock. He didn't waste any more time and asked if he could come in and go down on me. I obliged him.

 I put some paper towels on the chair, and took off my pants as he came in. I sat down on the chair as he got on his knees to reach me. His tongue swirled around my freshly shaven pussy and I put my head back and moaned. He used his fingers and his tongue until I was dripping wet. I reached over to start stroking his cock again. I must have been damned good at it because next thing I knew he was cumming in my hand. He stood up, cleaned up and thanked us. He gave my husband his number and headed off to work.

Orange ball cap had been watching all this, so I invited him in. He came in just long enough to let us know he was married and only wanted to watch. I respected the hell out of that. But man, I needed to be fucked so badly by then!

Lucky for me a new cock appeared in the glory hole. It was dark, big, and was presented to me already jacketed up. I immediately started to stroke it. It only grew larger and larger. And as my husband tells it – so did my eyes and my smile. "Back into it", my husband instructed. Since I am my husband's slut, I did what I was told. It took just a minute to find the right height, but then SUCCESS! FINALLY! This dark stranger started slow and worked his way faster and faster as I moaned with delight. My husband could not contain himself and the next thing I knew, I had his wonderful cock in my mouth while the stranger fucked me harder and harder. I seriously thought at one point that the wall was coming down! 

It wasn't long before I heard moans from the other side of the wall as he exploded inside of me. We both cleaned up for a quick second and I could see he was still hard. I put my hand through the glory hole and brought his cock to my eager mouth. I began to suck him and stroke him at the same time. I ran the tip of his cock around my lips and then ran my tongue down his shaft . I continued stroking him as I did my best to reach his balls with my tongue. Then I went back to fully sucking and stroking until the dark stranger came again. This time partially in my mouth, on my face and across my chest. I sat down on the chair as my husband handed me paper towels.

 I looked through the glory hole and saw that this black stallion was still hard!! I could not believe my luck! I didn't hesitate to ask him if he wanted to come in the room to fuck me some more and he didn't hesitate to say yes. We wasted no time as I grabbed the chair and bent over. Oh my gawd! That man fucked me fast and furiously and with so much stamina. When I am in that much pleasure, I cannot contain myself and I was told they could hear me screaming in the entire store. My husband said he could hear the slap of our bodies all the way out in the hall.

He fucked me hard and deep, hitting my g-spot on occasion. THIS is what I needed. Please don't stop, I begged him. Please fuck me! He continued to pound me until he exploded again. But knowing I was not quite ready to stop he replaced his cock with his fingers. Oh man, I just love fingers too! He had just as much stamina using his fingers as his cock. I reached down and started playing with my clit until I was brought to such a screaming orgasm I am sure they could hear me in the bar next door.

 I turned around to see my husband in the doorway with a huge smile. Sweaty and satisfied, we cleaned up and I asked him his name. I thought he would ask my name, but instead he said "I know your name. You're Gemini." I was astounded. He said, "I've seen you at the Paris, and have wanted to be with you, but you were always busy with others." I was so flattered. We put "D"'s number in our phone. This was one guy to call back for sure. And if you are reading this, D, you can be sure we will. Thanks for making my day.



Doc here again... I'm glad that Gemini shook off the first volunteer and recruiter guy # 2 who delivered the goods...Time after time after time.  A huge thank you goes out to Gemini and her hubby for this fantastic report.  Keep them coming!