Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tour of Duty 2012 With Old Marine Corps Guy - Chapter 2

Doc here with Chapter 2 of Tour of Duty 2012 with Old Marine Corps Guy. First up is Babes in Las Vegas.  Well maybe we should say "was Babes". The theater has ceased to be. 

In my opinion, Babes was the nicest adult theater in Vegas.  Located at 5901 Emerald Avenue, it was clean, new, and unfortunately, rarely visited.

Here is Old Marine Corps Guy...


This is just an FYI... 

Babes, which is a strip club that used to have one of the nicest theaters around, and had actually 3 of them, with theater type seats. They have closed the theaters and turned it into a sports bar. 

I guess they got the message that the theater action has gone away.

Doc here again... Stay tuned for Chapter 3 from Old Marine Corps Guy. New Tour of Duty reports daily at 3pm CDT.


Flash Report! ATrampBoy On The Big Eye ABS in Albuquerque, NM

Doc here with a ABS/gloryhole report from regular contributor, Atrampboy. The setting is Albuquerque, NM, and the location is The Big Eye ABS.

Take it away ATB...



A quicky report from a recent, first time, gloryhole experience..... Pics will eventually be here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/New_mexico_gloryhole_girlz/

There is a yahoo group run by a young couple in southern New Mexico who's thing is gloryhole fun. They periodically send out a message to the group with the details, usually in Albuquerque or El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM.

Big Eye ABS
Albuquerque, NM
Last Sunday night it was a trip to Albuquerque and 'The Big Eye' ABS video booths. It was originally set up that Hannah and her partner would be at the Big Eye at 11 pm, so I headed out about 9. I'm close to 2 hrs away and didn't want to miss out. I was in place a few minutes before 11pm, and eager to have my first GH experience. About then I checked e-mail to find that it would be later than planned as she was winning at one of the casinos!

Long story short, they got there about 12:40am and set up shop in one of the booths marked with a small piece of tape. I would have missed it but one of the other guys in the booth area mentioned a couple had just come in and I knew it must be them, so I started hunting the tape! I didn't have to look hard as a queue was already formed, so I slid into place at #3 and urged those ahead of me to hurry up!

When my turn came I slid into the booth and looked through the GH to see her in the adjacent booth, already nude and wiping the last load from her tits. Shes a young, slender blonde with a very tight body and outstanding 'talents'! She reached through for my cock and I slid into her hand, through the hole and into her mouth. I would have loved to have lasted longer but she likes it quick and I had little say in that as she extracted my load way more quickly than I'd hoped. I thought about trying again but it was after 1am and I had a two hour ride home and had to be up at 5 am for work, so I headed out. We did exchange texts when I was half way home, and there is always a chance that one lucky guy goes back to the hotel with her... I wish I hadn't headed out so quickly, I'd have loved to return the favor....

She was back Monday night again, but didn't get there until after 1:30 am, so I wasn't able to make the trip back down (but I sure wish I had been able to!).

So, if you are ever in SW  TX or NM when Hannah is making a GH stop, it is well worth the time. Even if it means you go to work with no sleep. However, you need to join her group to find out when and where she's playing.



Doc here again... Thanks to Atrampboy for his report.  The Yahoo Group allows viewing of some messages without joining the group, but if you are in that area, I suggest joining anyway.

Adult theater reports are now needed by that suave and debonair Good Doctor... Please send them to emiliolizardo1@gmail.com, and I'll do the rest of the man behind the curtain stuff: editing, formattin, and pic insertion.  You know, the brave things.  And remember, you always get the byline and the glory.