Monday, April 30, 2012

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report for 4/28/12

Doc here with this week's Bob in Biloxi report.  Our good friend has been on a roll lately, and last week's walk-off grand slam report is still getting a ton of page views.

This week's report is another solid one, with Bob spreading the love (and baby batter) all over the beautiful gulf coast.

So let's have a warm welcome for this week's Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi...


Hi Doc,

The Gulf Coast is OPEN for business!! Last night was awesome on our beautiful Gulf Coast. Lot’s of couples out, however most were shopping. But several players as well.

Bob in Biloxi
Starting with a beautiful brunette that one of the scouts got with prior to my arrival. She and her man took up residence in the ABS peep show booth and serviced two lucky guys (one was the scout of course). He described her as petite with long brunette hair dressed in CFM (come fuck me) heels and a short mini capped off with a button down blouse. He said she was young (30’s) and gave awesome head. They left after providing two lucky guys with her talent. I guess her “gaydar”/ “confused” folks intuition went off.

Next up prior to my arrival was a blonde lady who actually checked into a booth. One of the scouts told me she and her man were inside for a couple of hours providing pleasure to all that wanted it. Not much of a description on her, other than she was very “doable”.

En route to the Coast, another scout called and told me yet another smoking hot blonde was at the theater and I had better get my ass there ASAP. I was still 30 minutes out and told him so. About 5 minutes later he called back and said they were leaving, but wanted a group of “totally straight” guys to come by their room for some fun. Ok, I know theater/ABS sex is the bomb, but for most women, I think they like to be comfortable and the bed beats a couch/seat any day of the week. The only problem with a bed is she can’t show off to a crowd. I now know this lady wasn’t all that interested in showing off, she was playing to be pleasured.

The Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
The scout called me back with the hotel and room number, and I arrived about 10 minutes later and knocked on the door. Her guy opened the door fully clothed and I saw the lady nude on the bed with the scout between her legs fingering her asshole with a condom. More on that in a bit. So I came in and she looked up at me and smiled. She said she was 44, she had blonde hair, perky C-cup tits, a tuft of blonde hair above her clit. Judging her height at about 5’3, weight around 110lbs, she was indeed petite and attractive.

This blonde also seemed to be enjoying the scout's action of  having her clit licked and asshole massaged, as he was knuckle deep and then some in her brown eye. Her man was filming the event, so I disrobed and knelt on the bed next to her head. She instinctively reached for my cock and started gently stroking it, followed up closely with her tongue and lips. Yes, she had talent.

After a few minutes of this, she gave her man a look and he asked me if I wanted to fuck her? Uh, yes, after all that is what “this thing of ours” is about. I told him I wanted her to be on top. She must have liked that idea because a huge smile came across her face. After donning Bob’s signature non latex polyurethane condom, she proceeded to mount my soldier who was standing at attention ready for duty. The look on her face was priceless, as she winced as my cock touched bottom, a sure sign from her knowing I wasn’t slacking off!! That was followed by a loud moan and a huge smile, as she slowly started her grind and pump, her large tits swaying in face.

If I could have but one wish, I would have the power to simply touch a woman on the shoulder and give her a earth thundering orgasm. I would be touching every woman I see, simply because all of them deserve one. And they’re much easier to live with afterward.

Back to the cowgirl ride... I didn’t  know it, because I was talking some serious shit to her and had her both laughing and moaning. The husband had moved the camera to her rear and was filming, while the scout was back there and told me while she was riding my cock he inserted a condom covered finger in her ass and she was fucking both my cock and his finger. I never felt his finger, I guess I was so into her I was oblivious to anything but her pleasure!

I let her ride my cock for around 20 minutes, then noticing she was getting tired pulled her down on my chest and started pumping her. I love vocal women! She held on to my shoulders and nuzzled her nose under my chin as I started pumping that pussy, the more she moaned the harder I hit it, she began shaking all over as I loaded a ton of special edition Bob’s baby batter into the polyurethane non irritating cum catcher!! She just cried out and moaned, her body was shaking while she was making cooing sounds of a woman that just enjoyed herself. She and I were also covered in sweat. Yes the air conditioner was wide ass open too!

She sat back up on my poor soldier and shook her pretty blonde hair, her tiny hands on my chest and looked down at me smiling, and she asked if it was good for me as well? Uh yeah!!! Off to the bathroom we went, soap and shower, thanks all around, numbers exchanged, nice pat on the ass and this reporter was off to the theater!! Later the scout arrived and told me he was able to fuck her ass, as tight as her pussy was I don’t think I could have gone into that realm. That’s when I learned he was also DP’ing her with his finger. I’m glad I didn’t know, I probably would have kicked him.

At the theater, the young chick from last weekend came back. She’s brunette, very early 20’s, blue jean skirt, red tube top, heels. She hasn’t done anything yet, but she likes looking around watching guys stroke. I was sitting about 5ft from her on another couch, and she and I would do the whole eye contact thing for a sec. I smiled, she looked uninterested and would look away, then she would look at my crotch then my eyes then away. This went on for several minutes until another blonde walked into the theater.

Gulf Coast Theater, Interior
Biloxi, MS
This blonde and her man, walked in and went directly to the front couch. She was about 5’6", very buxom, big ass, slender waist huge EE pumped up tits, pixie cut blonde hair. She had on a leopard print skin tight dress and CFM heels. He proceeded to untie her blouse and peel off her top while she was still standing. Out came my cock so both could see it. The brunette now had a clear view of it as well, the man with the buxom blonde looked at me and waved me over, and told her to suck that big cock.

Ok its not that “big”, but it’s also not that little either. As I like to say, bigger than most, smaller than a few. I digress... She went at it like a porn star. I love it when a woman moans when she sucking cock, more of a connection I think. Of course she immediately drew a crowd and soon there was eight guys standing close flopping/fapping as three of us were in very close proximity so she would go from one to the other. The guy she was with tapped me on the shoulder and handled me a magic marker and asked me to write my name on her back while she was sucking me. OK, so I wrote Bob was here and he started laughing. Soon she was just too pre-occupied and I bailed to the side, a few minutes later guys started cumming on her tits (at his direction) and she was digging it too! A couple of confused black guys moved in and were waved off, the guy saying sorry not her thing. After about eight loads on tits he allowed one very confused white guy to move in and lick the cum off her tits! Whew!!

At this point the young brunette got up and walked out, it seemed the buxom blonde stole her thunder and no one was ogling her anymore. If only she had displayed some interest, she could have stolen the show back! As things were heating up, still another blonde escorted by her husband came in. My cock was now back firmly in Ms Buxom’s throat as we made eye contact. The other blonde smiled at me when I winked at her, I motioned for her to come stand beside me, she just shook her head no. But then after the guy asked me to fuck Ms. Buxom the other blonde made eye contact again with a smile this time. And this time she moved to the side of the couch pretty close to me, but never next to me. All the time I was fucking Ms Buxom she never took her eyes off me, her eyes were smiling, as some of the guys started stroking her and rubbing her tits, but she never lost eye contact with me. Its very erotic fucking one woman from behind while looking directly into another woman’s eyes.

There were guys standing next to her with their hands down her pants, mouth’s on her tits and except for closing her eyes and moaning on a few occasions her eyes never left mine. It was too much and pulled out and unloaded on Ms. Buxom’s ass cheeks!! Soon clean up boi was there licking up my baby batter. I exited stage left and went and cleaned up, and as I came back Ms. Buxom’s hubby was balls deep in her and I sat on the couch behind them watching. I looked to my left and Ms Eye Contact was sitting over with her husband surrounded by confused folks looking for a hand out (and getting NONE) she smiled back at me and gave me a “thumbs up” and another smile. I returned both the smile and thumbs up.

I left after a bit and went back down to the ABS, but nothing happening there. Last week the young brunette and her man came down after leaving the theater, but as you re-call never went in the back. They were nowhere to be seen last night however. I guess Ms. Buxom really snatched her thunder? Oh well, I still hope she comes back. Nothing happening at the ABS hetero style so out to the bitching Silver Ingot HD for some R/R. I waited until about 11pm when a scout arrived and told me the blonde (Ms Eye Contact) never did do anything after I left but he talked to her in the parking and she said she would be back another weekend every soon. Let’s hope so, as she is a sexy lady.

Last count was six couples at the theater, two at the ABS. Pretty good showing so far, but we need a lot more couples playing. We have enough gay/confused folks (thank you) that the only thing missing is a Portland style venue of regular players. Friday night reports seem to be overwhelmingly gay/confused, so I still believe Saturday venues are still the best for hetero action as well as interaction with couples. Single ladies would be a great attraction too!!

There it is in black and white, Doc.  Hope our readers have a great week and venture out next weekend partaking “in this thing of ours”. Stay safe and until next weekend, I remain your faithful reporter here on the beautiful Gulf Coast!!



Doc here again... Thanks to our good friend Bob for another 5-Star report from the beautiful Gulf Coast.  This guy has been on-fire lately, between cranking out terrific reports and and having some unbelievable luck.  Yes, we all want to be Bob when we grow up!

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  Please send them direct to me at I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You get the byline and the glory.

Try it...You'll be glad you did!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Call For Reports!

Doc here with a plea to you, the good readers of The Journal.

You might have noticed that there have not been any new reports up since Wednesday of this past week.  There is a reason... The report well is dry. Aside from Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report (which goes up Monday morning at 9am CDT), I have nothing. Nada. Zip.

The lifeblood of The Journal are your Flash, Field, and Blast from the Past Reports from this thing of ours.  Without them, the element that makes The Journal unique (immediate and up to date reviews and accounts from adult theaters), makes this site nothing more than an archive.  While that is fine and dandy, that is not my vision for The Journal. 

The Journal is your one-stop shop for all things from this thing of ours. It's recent reports, memories of adult theater experiences, photos (past and present), polls, an extensive database of adult theaters across the US and Canada, and news nuggets from across this spectrum.  It's collaborative.  It's the sharing of experiences and knowledge.  Kind of a pervy version of paying it forward.

My challenge to you, the good readers of The Journal, is two-fold:
  1. To the senior reporters here at The Journal (you know who you are): Let's see what you have! Set the pace for people thinking about contributing their own first reports.  Your styles vary wildly, but all are just as important as your peer's reports.  Short, long, detailed filled, or maybe just your impressions of a theater and/or experience.  You've done it before, so please share with us again. All are welcome and needed. Badly.
  2. To the readers thinking of submitting your first reports: Just do it.  If you don't see yourself as a writer, don't worry.  99% of the reports submitted here are by people just like you.  A paragraph or 3 is all that is needed for starters.  A short report is better than no report in The Good Doctor's eyes. I will edit your reports, format them, drop in photos, and make you look like a rock star.  And you get ALL the credit.  Just supply me with a pen name to use with your report, and we will be off to the races. 
A special request to the couples out there... Couple's Flash Report are some of the most viewed reports here at The Journal.  Take your shot at one.  I will hold your hand through the process, suggest a few things here and there, and once it's done, you can take pride that you let us peek in on your private life while being totally anonymous.

Please submit your reports to me at Need a template to follow?  There are over 800 reports here at The Journal in the archive section.  Take your pick... Also, please e-mail me with any questions.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Let's see what you got.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update! The Paris Cinema in Worcester, MA from Tomkat

Doc here with an update from the long-closed Paris Cinema in downtown Worcester, MA.  Our man on the ground, senior Journal scribe Tomkat, has been covering developments with this theater as it nears the next stage of it's existence.

Here is Tomkat with the latest...


Hey Doc,

The current owners of the former Paris Cinema in Worcester are having an erection (the first one in quite some time).  Specifically, they are building this faux facade in front if the building.  I have no information about who, if anyone, bought the sign.  Just thought you'd like to know.


Paris Cinema
April 2012

Paris Cinema


Doc here again... This report from Tomkat gave your old friend with the white suit an idea.  I think we need to have an adult theater related photo contest.  Stay tuned for details...


House Call! The Good Doctor Visits 15th Avenue on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th: 4 Hours in 3D

Doc here with a rare House Call Report… A late meeting put me in the vicinity of 15thAvenue Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL on Friday the 13th around 7pm.  After changing out of my scrubs and into my civilian gear, I drove into the lot, finding it about half full. 

Venturing into the theater, I found a gaggle of gropers congregated near the front (always a good sign).  Having never been mistaken for a basketball player, my height did not afford me a POV initially.  Eventually, I was rewarded with a visual, and I was not disappointed in the least.

Our guest of honor was about 5’5” in heels, long wavy brown hair, slender athletic body, small B’s, perfect nipples, toned legs, and wearing a sheer print nightie… She looked like a shorter mid to late 30’s Jennifer Garner (with a bit of Kate Walsh thrown in the mix). It turns out this couple ventures in from Michigan, and by the looks of things have visited a couple times before.

From 7pm until 11pm, this incredible couple explored just about every inch of what 15th Avenuehas to offer… The theater, “behind the screen door”, the private rooms inside the spa area, the shower room, the sauna, and even the locker room.  The gentleman escorting her was in control, my friends… Yes, “Jennifer” was very submissive. 

And at times, blindfolded.

Jennifer, when playing in the private rooms, had a type.  Younger guys, black or Hispanic.  The last time I looked, I’m neither black, Hispanic, nor young.  Thus, no private sexy time for The Good Doctor.

Outside the private room was a different story… At one point just outside the locker room area, Hubby said, and I quote, “Have at her boys”. Jennifer was leaning her back against hubby, while he slipped her sheer nightie off her shoulders.  Hands and mouths were soon on her firm natural boobs, and hands were soon exploring deep inside her.  She was putty in the hands of this confidant yet well behaved crowd.

Jennifer next moved down to the bench in the locker room, where she reclined length-wise… This time, she took a cock in each hand, while she was fingered to at least two intense orgasms.  Just to be fair, she took at least two rounds from the cocks she was stroking on her torso.  Luckily, they were only flesh wounds.

Jennifer also took full advantage of the shower room and the spa.  And by take advantage, I mean she was taken advantage of (with her permission).  Word had it that all 3 ports of call were in play, and I heard nothing to dispute that notion.

My favorite part of the evening played out late into their visit.  Jennifer and hubby ventured back into the theater.  They sat in the front row, relaxing and watching the movie.  It didn’t long for Jennifer to start squirming, and not before long, her nightie had slipped back down.  Hubby stood her up, and walked her to the semi-hidden side wall of the theater.  In what resembled a magic trick, her blindfold magically appeared and was placed around her eyes. 

Jennifer was bent over, and hubby fucked her from behind. Jennifer was leaning forward, cocks in each hand, and one firmly implanted in her mouth.  If theater sex wasn’t anonymous enough, this made it even more so.  She then was led back over to the seats in the theater, and the blindfold was slipped off her eyes. For the next 20 minutes, she worked on several stiff cocks, most of them erupting all over her firm boobs.

At this point, the Good Doctor needed to get back to The Park near the giant super highway, since he had an early call in the morning.  I heard after the fact they stayed for another 45 minutes, and kept playing until they left the parking lot that night.

Jennifer put on a virtuoso  performance, and couple that with the fact she was not just adult theater hot, but real world hot, made this a great night in the burbs of Chicago.


(Comments are open for this report!)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flash Report! Please Welcome C.E.O. (Cum Executive Slut)

Doc here... On my drive back to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college) tonight from The Park near the giant superhighway, my mind was wandering.  I wondered how I could possibly give you, the good readers of The Journal, something even hotter, better, and more resonant than Bob in Biloxi's walk-off grand slam report from early today (thanks Prof 7x6 for the analogy!).

Well, my answer came in the form of a report hitting The Good Doctor's in box at 9pm tonight. What I read (as I was sipping my cocktail) what may be one of the best reports to come across my desk in a long time.

This report's author, C.E.O., is a senior level female executive with a secret.  By day, she commands the attention of her staff, and serves her well known international company at a high level. However, outside the board room, and away from her PowerPoints, her executive summaries, and her Outlook calendar, lies her deep dark secret personna: That of a cum executive slut, who now ventures into this thing of ours.

All of the photos in this awesome Flash Report are of the real C.E.O. . Need proof?  Well, you just might spy with your little eye the mug of a middle aged Sicilian Dr. in one of the photos.  (Note: Click on the pics to ENLARGE them. You know you want to!)

Without further delay, I am proud to present to you the newest regular reporter here at The Journal, the lovely C.E.O. :


Greetings to the Good Doctor and all his loyal readers.   I’ve been a long time reader but this is my first post about my first experience, which occurred a few months ago, but definitely won’t be my last.  ;)   I need to start by telling you a little about myself, as it is important to understand as you read about my experiences with this thing of ours.

C.E.O. Doing Some Research
I am a Senior Executive in a very well known corporation which requires a lot of my time, focus, and energy during my normal day.  I lead a large team of people, and am required to be in charge all day long… constantly making decisions and telling people what to do.  So being in charge during my off hours is not my thing.  My favorite night out is when my husband tells me to put on something sexy, pack an overnight bag, and get in the car! And because I’m a good little Cum Executive Officer (CEO), I do what I’m told!

We were driving for quite a while having a great time listening to music and talking.  Because my husband knows me well, and is a great planner of naughty times for us, he has packed my favorite bottle of wine for our road trip.  He wanted to make sure that my morals were a little on the loose side given that he plans to push my limits a little at our end destination.

After several hours of driving, we ended up in front of Adult Pleasures in Toledo (which BTW is not couples friendly anymore as we found outlast weekend).  Since I have been reading the Good Doctor’s updates, I knew we were at the place where the sexy Nancy frequently visits.  My mind was immediately nervous, and a little scared! But my wet pussy apparently was very excited about our naughty little road trip!

My husband told me that now is the time to change into my sexy skirt that I packed.  Since I’m a good little CEO, I did as I was told!  I hopped out of the car, and walked into the store clinging to my husband’s arm due to the fear of the unknown.   But I was sure people could see the wetness dripping down my leg, and they would know how turned on I was.  Something about losing control really gets me juiced up!

We looked around the ABS for a little while, mainly giving me some time to build up my courage. Again, my hubby said it was time, and guided me to the back where the booths are.  The good little CEO did as she was told!  We quickly walked through small crowd of men loitering outside of the booths (which I did not expect)and finally found an open booth.  Once inside I felt a small sense of relief, but also a new added sense of pressure.  

I don’t think it took more than a minute and the door to the next booth closed and we heard the video start next door.  Innocent curiosity lead me to look through the hole, where I saw a man stroking his cock already.  This was so “dirty” and seedy, but I got wetter and wetter as I realized I was not only inside a glory hole booth, but Iwas watching a stranger stroke his cock. My husband instructed me to run my finger around the hole, and this CEO does as she’s told. 

Of course, the fantastic hard cock with a wonderful Prince Albert piercing was almost immediately through the hole waiting for me to suck it. It was so naughty seeing that stranger’s hard cock that it made my pussy practically drip.  I quickly slipped my lips and tongue around this wonderful cock presented to me, and began sucking on it like it was my job.  I wanted all of it… as much as I could take, and kept practically gagging by putting it so far into my mouth feeling that piercing hit the back of my throat.  I must have been doing a good job since I started feeling his cock swell in my mouth indicating he was about to feed me my delicious reward.  He unloaded his salty, gooey load into my mouth, and some on my chin, and some on my tits!  I was so excited and turned on, I could have just cum right there.  But instead, I thanked my anonymous donor like a good CEO, straightened myself up, and waited for my next visitor next door!

I sucked two more fantastic cocks and was given some great loads of cum… especially my Hispanic friend in the blue & white striped shirt!  His load all over my tits deserved a golf clap!  After three fantastic, erotic, naughty, out-of-control encounters, I needed to have my pussy fucked hard!  But sorry fellas,that is reserved for my husband… at least until the CEO is told to fuck a cock through a hole!  And I always do as I’m told!

I wonder what kind of trouble I can find during my next business trip.  Maybe I will try out one of the other wonderful theaters on the Good Doctor’s list.

The CEO – “reluctantly going back to her day job”

CEO’s Policy Update….. When you visit a GH, please make sure to trim up and  wash up (even in between booth visits – I came for cock and cum, not someone else’s saliva)!  


Doc here again... Wow.  What a start to the week here at The Journal!  I for one will be lighting candles, saying my prayers, and eating my vitamins, in hope that the next C.E.O. Flash Report hits my in box soon. And oh, more photos please!

A huge thank you to C.E.O. for bravely stepping out of the shadows and right into this thing of ours. An incredibly hot woman has joined our ranks... Welcome aboard!

Comments are open for this dynamite report.


Monday, April 23, 2012

In Memoriam: The Candlelight Theater, Largo, FL

Doc here with a Quick Note... I received an e-mail from reader RB who sadly converyed the following information about the closing of an adult theater in Florida:


"FYI - Candlelight Theater in Largo, FL is closed.  Went yesterday and they're gone.  Too bad.  Place was my favorite jack shack - low key, never crowded, decent couples action."

The Candlelight Adult Theater


To get an idea of what The Candlelight Theater was all about, check out this Flash Report from senior Journal scribe JaxBchBum from one year ago HERE.

Add your comments about The Candlelight Theater in the comments section below.  I will take the best of them and give them their own follow-up report.

The Candlelight Theater... We hardly knew ye.


Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Strikes Back (and Forth) for 4/21/12 (with 16 Pics!)

Doc here with a whopper of a Flash Report from our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.  Last week, he waived off a trip to Biloxi (reasons below), in order to get ready for this weekend.

Well played my friend. Well played.

Bob also supplied 5 pics from Saturday night to illustrate his report!  That's what makes Bob in Biloxi a rock star here at The Journal... Consistent reports, lots of detail, and now a bunch of pics of the event (click on the pics to enlarge them).  A legitimate triple threat report.

Sit back and enjoy Bob's most excellent Saturday night...


Hey Doc,

Last night saw some incredible events take place on our beautiful Gulf Coast. Sorry for not filing a report last weekend, since it was Black Spring Break and nothing moved on the Coast - A total waste of gas and time for me.

Mid-week I got a text from our resident red headed goddess’s husband advising me they were stepping out on Saturday. As you may remember, this shy and timid acting lady has unbelievable talents when it comes to "this thing of ours". Once the door closes to the booth she is occupying, she becomes a full fledged sexual dynamo capable of bringing mere moral men to their knees. She leaves them grasping for breath and wishing they had more hours experiencing her incredible skills.

Scout Running Interference
I asked him to text me when they got close so myself and some of the scouts could procure a set of booths for playtime. At our ABS (and probably most of them across the country), we have a lot of confused folks and downright nasty guys that seem to want to either block a couple (the woman) from having fun. Or they simply don’t care who they get to suck or fuck them or vice versa. Some of these, as I’ve reported on in the past, are carrying some of the more undesirable social illnesses.

Most everyone knows who these people are and they tend to either avoid them all together or simply reject them on the spot. But for some of the unknowing new patrons this can be a pretty dangerous proposition if proper protection methods aren’t adhered too.

That said, months of exchanging emails along with assurances that both parties are squeaky clean and free of any social ills, the red headed goddess and I have been having glory hole relations the natural way. She and only one other are in a very exclusive group as both are very clean and disease free.

Bob's Reward
When I got a text that they were close, one of the scouts volunteered to occupy a booth next to me so that some of the regular cock blockers wouldn’t set up residence and effectively blocking the couple(first pic, scout running interference).

The plan was that they (the couple) would proceed to booth 3 (I was in 4) and the scout would vacate 3 upon them knocking on the door. It was a great plan and it worked. One of the confused/nasty guys was on the outside talking extremely loud, and I almost yelled over the wall for him to tone that shit down, but didn’t. Still kicking myself this morning for not doing that... Some people have no class, no manners and no sense, and he fits that bill perfectly.

Now onto the incredible part. Our red-headed goddess was dressed in a very conservative aqua green dress and high heels (like a dinner date), and as she entered her booth she promptly shed that nice garment and hung it on one of the newly installed coat hooks yours truly put up just for that purpose.

Once she was nude and free she began paying attention to her husband who was seated. Slowly I reached through the hole and began caressing her beautiful ass, and I was rewarded by her backing completely up to our now sizable opening in the wall (Pic 2).

Now I began to lick and caress her lovely treasure, stopping only to stroke her with my fingers very gently. Our goddess is completely shaved smooth with a small tuft of her sunshine colored hair above her clit, a very pretty sight! I love it when the more you stroke and lick a woman the wetter and hotter she gets, and in this regard our red-headed goddess excels!! She is not only extremely wet, she’s as tight as a vice!

After a few minutes of this (I wish it were a few hours) I couldn’t stand it any longer and fed my cock through the hole, as is her way, she gently took my member and started working her magic, her wet hot mouth feels like heaven should be, she takes her time and seems to enjoy pleasing a cock, she’s an expert at that too!

After a few minutes of pleasing Bob’s buddy, she proceeded to impale herself on my shaft. She had a momentary problem both aligning herself and forcing my shaft into her honey cavern (she’s a very tight fit), and she began to slowly take it all inside. The other thing I love about these new glory holes is I got to feel some of her lovely ass against me as she pushed back to the wall. Shortly we got into a rhythm both of us taking turns at moving - she would stop for a second and let me pump her, then I would stop and let her slam that beautiful ass against me.
I don’t think it lasted long enough for either of us, but it was heaven while it lasted. When I finally came deep inside her, my knees went to shit, my legs were shaking like it was 40 below outside, my spine seemed to have a mind of its own and all the fluid that keeps a human being alive she now processed. (see pics)

It was now time to document the event and she’s a lovely subject anyway, so she allowed this reporter to snap some proof of our engagement, (again see pics). They did not stay long afterward, as I warned them of the confused folk/nasty guys. We need to work out a system of who’s who for “this thing of ours” he suggested a card system, and that may have some merit. I think that may turn into a work in progress, as I would hate to see such a lovely woman come down with an aliment of sorts.

And then the plot thickens...

Later on that night, three lovely ladies (no more than 30 years old, probably in their mid-twenties?) came in rubber dick shopping at the ABS. As usual when slightly intoxicated women get together, there is a lot of giggling and laughing. One woman who I suspect has been inside one of these establishments before in a different capacity was urging the group to go into the arcade area. They finally did and as luck would have it this reporter was able to secure the booth next to this group.

Of course there was more giggling and laughing coming from their side once inside and the door locked. A few seconds later an female eyeball appeared at the hole, then another, then one more, then one reappeared and stayed. What the hell I thought, out came “Stanley” and through the hole he dove.

That was rewarded first by screams and laughter, followed by dares! Sure enough, a hand was felt griping the poor boy, followed by stroking, followed by another dare. I kept hearing “suck it, Tara”.  So I guess it was “Tara” that was sucking my cock very noisily as flashes from cell phones when off, and the chanting began, “suck it slut”! I love women! 

Tara sure must have enjoyed the red-headed goddesses scent on my cock, because I could feel and hear her moaning as she slurped on my cock. This was NOT the first time “Tara” has sucked cock, after several more determined minutes she received the last bit of Bob’s baby batter. She must have showed the results to her group because more laughter and applause erupted, followed by “I can’t believe you just swallowed that guys load”. 

I think “Tara” will have slightly curly hair in the morning !! It’s said that is the result of from ingesting male semen ?? I have no clue if that’s true or not. They were out the door and in their car before I had time to pull up my pants and say “thank you Tara, you were great!!!"

One other couple showed at the theater, she was young and dressed to play, but didn’t. Later they came to the ABS and bought a few items and left. She appeared to be slightly intoxicated, so I don’t know if that was a warm up for future visits or a one time deal.

That’s the whole story from our beautiful Gulf Coast doc. An amazing weekend thanks to our red-headed goddess and a few drunk women. Beats TV any night of the week.

Breaking News!  More pics from the other side of the gloryhole (and a Bob in Biloxi cameo!):


Doc here again... Some nights, it all falls into place for you at an adult theater.  A solid plan, good teamwork, and 3 drunk young woman.  It doesn't get much better than this, does it?

Thanks again to B in B for his yeoman's work this past weekend. 

As you were...


Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Polls! New Questions!

Doc here with 2 brand new polls for you, the good readers of The Journal, to participate in.  The polls are self-explanatory, in that all I'm asking you is your age range, and your sex (and no, "Yes, please" is not an option for the sex poll). 

I am trying to get a fix on who the readers of The Journal represent. Armed with that info I can make The Journal a better place for you to visit and satisfy your thrist for this thing of ours.

Please participate if possible... It is completely anonymous, and to the best of my knowledge, sugar free.

Thanks again from the staff here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flash Report! Brent in Portland "Smilestones"

Doc here with a fantastic report from my good friend and colleague, Brent in Portland.  Brent is ther #1 rated adult theater report according to you, the good readers of The Journal.

This report is a great reason why Brent is #1.  So sit back, put on your smoking jacket, crack open a Clamato, and enjoy the latest from Portlandia.


It's been a never ending story at The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR recently, with pleasant surprises at every turn of the page.

What was your favorite, or most interesting scene at The Paris this past weekend? Was it the beautiful woman who looks a lot  like Rosie Perez , Rachael Ray or Natalie Wood ? She was celebrating her birthday at the theater, Saturday, by fucking and sucking a group of lucky men on The Exam Table. She was so loud when she climaxed, I wasn't sure if she was in pain or ecstasy. She accepted all her lovers with class and passion. When The Big Chef finger fucked her she almost levitated off the exam table. Her sexual energy was like rocket fuel. Later on her husband fucked her in the couples section while a beautiful couple sat nearby. The man reached up and played with Rosie's breasts while she and her husband were going at it.. It was great to see them again.

Was it the small, oddly shaped  woman who played in The Annex alongside Rosie? What did you think of her daring sexual escapades? The Paris was a very democratic place this weekend.
How about the thin lady with the curly brown hair and glasses who was naked on The Arena table, early Friday evening? The boys called her "Baby Doll". She wore a short plaid skirt and top. She came in with her talkative Jimmy Buffet pirate type  husband and she took on anybody and every body. She sucked and fucked and they filled her up. Then she stood outside in front of The Paris and the side walk go wet.

Did you enjoy some of the other, energetic, sexually insatiable, women that came to The Paris and played with the members' members? There was Plaid Shirt Lady who needs a new name. How about "Short Haired Lady Who Fucks and Sucks Guys By The Chain Where They Aren't Supposed To Stand, Lady?" She was there, this weekend, pleasantly fucking and sucking the night away. "CB" was also there, her athletic body arched, taking cocks into her mouth and pussy. The first time she came in, there weren't  many volunteers, but when she came back later, she drew a much larger crowd.

And did you enjoy the raw energy of Bend Over Girl, aka Silver Girl, with her long beautiful hair
and sturdy legs, getting fucked on The Arena Table? I've never seen that lady get tired of fucking. Then there was B or Condom In Mouth Lady. She and her man came to The Paris this weekend and she also fucked and sucked a whole train load of happy fellows. If a guy had enough stamina and/or dick hardening drugs he could have fucked or gotten sucked by at least 9 different women at The Paris, this weekend and I might be leaving some out.

How about some of the beautiful ladies who watched the action but did not participate? There was a blond with big firm breasts who cuddled with her man. There was a threesome who watched the action in the all male theater. There was a tall, cover girl with long brown hair who watched Rosie getting fucked on the exam table and then watched a dancer-thin young girl with body tattoos, fucking and sucking guys at the front of the theater while her big, long haired boy friend, encouraged and protected her. She was a crowd favorite. She was  the youngest and most scantily dressed of all the girls that played. I'm not sure how many players she fucked and sucked but there was seldom a moment that she didn't have a dick in her mouth and one in her tight wet pussy.

Remember the Diane Keaton look a like who was there around 3am on Sunday? She and her man weren't really dressed to play (jeans etc) but, after watching the tiny woman in The Annex getting fucked and fingered by some of the boys of The Paris, she got so turned on, she took off all her clothes.Her old man ate and fingered her pussy. Then they invited a  guy into The Oasis to join them. By that time they were the only couple there so it was okay. I didn't see much of the action because I was busy looking for my car key so I could go home. I hope it turns up. My dad always told me that losing your keys is an indication that you subconsciously wish to avoid responsibility. I think it fell out of my pocket when I was pulling out my cell phone on my way out to the lobby to read a text message. So I was being responsible. I just wasn't being careful.

Were you amazed at the incredibly erotic 6 way, Friday? It was Gabby The Pirate and Baby Doll, a newbie couple,  the lady looked like a beautiful young Linda Ronstadt and the man looked like one of the singers in Los Lobos, as they were joined by the beautiful lady with the long strawberry blond hair and her man. They are experienced theater players and they know how to get the action started. I doubt if Linda and her man would have played Friday, if not for them.

Baby Doll got her wet pussy eaten and returned the favor to Strawberry Blond. Linda sucked off SB's man. Then Baby Doll's man, the talkative pirate got off all over Strawberry's soft smooth skin. He was happy, Strawberry was shining and sticky and a well fucked Baby Doll was ready to go home. So they gathered up their stuff, found their driver, exchanged numbers etc and said good bye to the crowd. Did you enjoy their visit and their extreme brand of theater sex?

Did your jaw drop and your  dick get hard when Strawberry Blond and Linda  came down to The Arena Table?  SB was naked , getting fucked by her man while guys stood around her. She would graciously take a cock into her mouth and suck until the guy busted a load. Then she would dribble the come onto her fabulous breasts and rub it in. She loved it when guys shot their loads directly on her.

Meanwhile, Linda had her top off and guys were playing with her magnificent maracas , sucking them and pinching them. They were also feeling between her legs. She picked a guy from the crowd and lay down on the arena table opposite Strawberry Blond who was busy on the other end. Linda's pants were off , her tits were out she had a penis in each hand and a stranger was eating her pussy and making her come like Christmas. Not bad for a beautiful MILF, experiencing The Paris and adult theater sex for the first time. Later she sucked fucked a few guys on The Arena Bed.

I didn't  see much of that particular action because I was busy watching Rosie aka Rachael Ray playing in The Oasis. She has such magnificent legs that taper up to such a shapely and super fuckable ass. Friday she got naked and fucked her husband in The Oasis. She also sucked off at least two gentleman who were standing by the rail. They had delicately and expertly finger fucked her earlier and she was showing them her appreciation. Her amazing visit Friday was a prelude to her amazing visit Saturday.

What did you think of the action at The Paris this past weekend? If you weren't there does reading about all the great adult theater sex that went on in there make you want to visit the place and experience it for yourself?


Doc here again... After a one week abberation, Portlandia is back on top with the #1 position in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Power Rankings. Two great theaters, very different from each other, and some great looking couples who visit both of them.  That's Portland, and that's why it's the #1 destination for this thing of ours.

Thanks again to Brent, the poet laureate of our little slice of society.


Flash Report! Professor 7x6 Visits Tulsa's Mid-Town Adult Theater

Doc here with another terrific report from the educated fingertips of Professor 7x6. The Good Professor has visited Tulsa's Mid-Town Adult Theater, and Tulsa-timed his report to The Good Doctor.

Here we go!


Greetings, Doc...

In this particular field of journalism, no news is not good news. But in case any readers get stuck in fly-over country and wind up in Tulsa, I can offer a quickie scouting report on the only game in town.

I last visited the Tulsa scene about a decade ago, and it was a surreal experience.  The VHS tapes were all soft core porn and the magazines were  no stronger than Playboy.  Them Okies have got them some morals, when they aren't fighting their game birds (I didn't use the term cockfighting in this forum because of the potential confusion) or gambling in Indian casinos.  I was unaware of theater sex prospects as the golden age missed us in the Bible belt completely.

Mid-Town Adult Theater
Tulsa, OK
The Mid-Town Theater  (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) is in a business district with wide, safe streets.  There are FIVE theater areas inside, all with separate admission fees of $8.  The locals seem to know to spend the first octobuck in Theater 3.  They have a 30 dollar all theater pass, but the helpful clerk on Monday night said he sells all-theater passes for 21 bucks, which is high, but fair enough.

I just had time for a quick Monday evening cameo appearance.  Each theater area has 3 different viewing rooms, all very clean-ish, good seats, decent monitors.  Theater 1 has a single large screen and seems to be the one for newbie couples and a conventional dirty movie experience.  It might be fun on weekends if any Okies are on board with our thing.

I plunged into Theater 3, and the center room had about 4-5 guys and was showing some lesbo movies.  I figured on the usual sausage fest but was happy to see a couple of dicks out stroking.  It's a real buzz kill when everybody has to be paranoid of every new entrant because of possible LE activity.

Lo and behold the left theater had a young Hispanic couple and only one gent sitting in the row ahead of them.  He wasn't the least bit engaged and I wondered if they had asked the penis galleries to give them space. 

She was against the wall and leaning against him like she might lean in and start sucking his cock.  She was a small BBW, maybe mid-20's, and a low cut tee shirt with a nice cleavage shot of massive mams.  He had a nice cock out stroking it, but it didn't seem like I'd interrupted any action yet. 

My gaydar detected a potential bi-MMF situation, which I am good with and I got my tool out and worked up for their consideration. There was an empty seat next to him and I asked/gestured if I could sit there and he waved me off but it was a maybe later body language, not a get the fuck out of here vibe.

I kept showing my boner for them (it did not seem to offend, and to mildly interest them), and changed walls after a few minutes.  He had been whispering to her off and on, and obviously wanted some participation from her, and potentially an audience member (pick me, pick me!).  After a bit, she abruptly got up, spit on the floor (and it wasn't fresh man-juice), and walked out of the theater.  He stayed behind a few seconds, did the math, and got up and caught up with her in the hallway.  Some chattering was to be heard, and they vanished.

I suspect it was the first step in the initiation process, and hopefully they will be back.  By and large, it is a good venue and if the Oklahoma Gestapo can stay out of the way we might get a redneck Okie scene going down in T-town.

My Phoenix/Scottsdale report will be mid-May and I might even have a Wichita cameo before then. 

Thanks for the good work, Doctor.



Doc here again... A big thank you goes out once again to Professor 7x6 for another detailed filled report from this thing of ours.  I have driven by this theater/ABS, and the place is HUGE.  If you find yourself in OK, then a trip to Oklahoma's only adult theater is in order.

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports!  Just send me your report at  I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  The Professor did it... Why can't you?


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flash Report! Brent's "Something About Mary" Report from Portlandia

Doc here with a quick report from our good friend and poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland.

This report came out late Sunday evening, 4/15, from The Paris Theatre in downtown Portlandia.  It was a crazy weekend for adult theater sex in The Rose City, and this was a fitting finale to the weekend.

So sit back, pop open a Yoohoo, and enjoy Brent at the top of his game.


They were on a first date. She was a tall dark haired beauty with a great body. She was wearing a short black dress with heels. They made out for a while. She showed a lot of leg. She got on her knees and she sucked his cock. He made sure we could all see her face while she was sucking him. When he came it flew into her face and her hair.

Afterwards she said "At least now you can buy me a drink or one of these gentlemen will." I imagined them sitting in a bar with a glop of his jizz in her hair.

She said it was her best first date ever. I expect we'll all get wedding invitations.


Flash! Gloryhole Nancy's Call For Cocks (and 5 New Pics!)

Doc here... I know you enjoyed last night's teaser report and pics from the very naughty Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy, T).  Pageviews were through the roof, even though the report went up at 10pm CDT.

Ready for more?

Make sure you read the request from Gloryhole Nancy, and please follow it to the T.  If you can follow directions, and are in the right place at the right time, you just might have the lovely Nancy on the business end of your weeny.

Never say that The Good Doctor doesn't have your best interests at heart... Here is Nancy and her guy T with their "Call for Cocks".


Hi again Doc,

Nancy is looking for big cocks to suck and fuck, and we'd like to get the message out via your blog.

We like to find guys in Toledo, but Detroit seems to work better for us.  Thanks for the help! Nancy will not play with a cock smaller than 7", and usually plays with 8" plus only.  Please remind "applicants" to send a cock pic that shows it being measured by an actual ruler, stats, location, and when they are available.  The better the picture, the better your chance, as all she cares about is how big the cock is.  Those who are shaved completely smooth have a better chance too. Sorry if she sounds picky but she is a gorgeous babe offering you the time of your life, so your damned right she has the right to be picky lol!  She also likes to back her pussy up to the hole, so applicants better be able to fuck her pussy right!

  1. Be in the Detroit area
  2. Find a ruler, and take pic with your hard cock next to the ruler
  3. E-mail the pic(s) to Gloryhole Nancy at
  4. Cross your fingers
If you pass this screening, here is a taste of what you'll get in return (click on the pics to ENLARGE them):

Enjoy everyone, and remember to reach out to Gloryhole Nancy!