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Couple's Flash Report: Erin Go Braugh's Adventure at the Barnett Superstore Theater in San Diego (w/HOT Pics!)

Doc here with a report I have been looking forward to for months...Erin Go Braugh's San Diego Adventure!  The report is self-explanatory, so instead of trying to lay the framework of the story, I will let EGB take it from here... And yes, the pics contained within the report are of EGB's very hot wife, right before they left for the theater! (click on the pics to ENLARGE)

Fasten your seatbelts...This is going to be good!



Erin Go Braugh here with a VERY overdue report from Southern California.

Last time I wrote a friend and I had gone down to scope out the Jolar Cinema, and we we going to haul our old ladies down there in late February, early March. Well, as these things seem to happen, too much work lead to too little play. Finally, last week I said enough was enough, and booked a room in Old Town San Diego, and we all decided to go have some fun.

Well, at the last minute, our friends canceled, but the wife and I would not be deterred. We left for our hour and a half drive, and got to our room around seven o'clock PM. I went to the liquor store to get us some adult refreshments while my wife showered and dolled up. When I came back in and saw how she was dressed, my dick nearly jumped out of my fatigue pants. She had done her make up dark and deliciously slutty with her blond hair just pulled back behind her ears. She was wearing a red lace see through top with no bra, a black skirt that just barely covered her ass, and knee high black hooker boots. She had a black shawl to cover up with until we got into the theater itself.

We had a couple of drinks to steady her nerves as she's never done this level of play before. We decided to go to Barnett Adult Superstore instead of the Jolar based upon the recent review in the journal of the Jolar containing "every dick in San Diego on couples nights". Luckily, Barnett was less than a mile from our room, and we got there about a quarter of 9. We browsed around the store and looked at all the wares and toys for about 15 minutes, drawing plenty of looks from guys even with the shawl closed.

We went to the counter and asked for tickets, and the girl recommended we go scope out the theater first, so we walked into the first door right in front of a very friendly light skinned black fellow who was kind enough to tell is there were two rooms, both showing gay and straight fair before we made it around the corner in the hallway. We walked into both theaters and saw what was expected. Like minded pervs stroking their fucksticks. We walked back out and told a very surprised looking clerk that yes, we would like tickets. We paid our twenty dollars (FYI sign at the register says Friday nights are free for couples. Didn't see times posted.), and went back into the theater. The far theater was empty save for one guy in the back. We took the far wall seats in the second row with her at the wall.

Now, we had tried to cover all ground rules before we got there, and I told her the guys would get close, but I wouldn't back them off unless they touched and she didn't want them to. She was to tell me if she wanted any specific guy to touch, and to not let them if she didn't.

We watched the movie for all of about 30 seconds before she was rubbing my ever hardening cock through my pants, and I had her shawl open. The first theater was fairly full when we had come in, but in less than 5 minutes, they were all in the second with us. She took my cock out and was stroking me while I took her tits out, and started to rub her clit through her see thru thong. Two guys took the seats next to us, about 4 guys took the seats behind us standing, and the black fellow from earlier stood against the wall by the door. I asked her if I could take her seat so she could suck my cock, and she immediately obliged.

As soon as she started a very wet, loud blowjob, one guy behind us lost his load and left. The black fellow took his place right behind us, and the two guys next to us shifted over and another guy took the end chair in our row. The guy right next to us seriously had the biggest cock we'd ever seen. He had nine inches of uncut monster 2/3 the diameter of my wrist, and my wife watched him stroking while she sucked my cock with enthusiasm. The black fellow behind me leaned into me and told me my girlfriend was gorgeous. I said it's my wife, but thank you. After about two more minutes, she was giving me the "fuck me" look, and I had her stand and turn around. I lifted her skirt over her ass, and she yanked her thong to the side while she knelt and guided my raging hard on into her soaking box. The black fellow loudly said "Jesus Christ, gorgeous ass!", and my wife was delighted, and went to work riding me with gusto.

 Black fellow leaned in again and asked if we played. I said only soft, and this is her first time in an adult theater. He leaned in again about 30 seconds later and asked if he could touch, and I said she hadn't given permission for that tonite, and he was totally cool about it. From there he immediately went to stand guard at the door because we kept slowing down when newcomers came in, and he seemed to figure that if he couldn't touch, he may as well let us get to some serious fucking uninterrupted, which we did.

For the next 15 minutes she rode my pole while I jackhammered into her so hard at times that her boots were slapping loudly against the floor. I had her leaned back to me so I could play with her tits, and I was so worked up, after 30 or so total minutes in the theater, I had to cum. I told her, and she jumped off and got on her knees. All 15 or so guys in the theater were leaned in so close when I started to jerk my cock above her tits I was worried I was gonna spray them. I busted my nut, and had cum running all over both tits. I rubbed my cock head against her nipples and then packed in back in. I sat down and grabbed tissues and cleaned her up while the guys still beat their meat furiously. I asked if she wanted some air because we were both gasping, and all the bodies and activity had made the place 15 degrees hotter at least. The black fellow that stood guard for us said that was an amazing show, thanked us, and once again told my wife how beautiful she is. We walked out into the parking lot and smoked a couple cigarettes and watched couple leaving that didn't look like they'd had near as much fun in the store as we just had in the theater.

 Neither of us had eaten since lunch and it was almost 10pm by this time, so we decided to go get food and play more at the hotel. We fucked twice more and my wife came so hard she squirted (a first!) while we did double vaginal with me and a vibrator. We felt kinda bad we didn't go back in last night, but we'll certainly be back for more sooner than later.

Thanks to all the guys that made my wife wild by jerking your cocks to us fucking, and thank you for respecting our boundaries, ensuring she was comfortable, and wanting to come back and maybe take it further next time. Also, a thanks from the wife and I to the black fellow for the same, and for the compliments and guarding. Your prescreening of patrons really helped us just cut loose.

Well Doc, that was our night at the Barnett Adult Superstore. Sorry it took so long! Hopefully we'll be able to sneak off a lot sooner next time!

Erin Go Braugh


Doc here...Now THAT is a great Couple's Flash Report, thanks to EGB. Thanks for the HOT pics of your sexy wife that you are willing to share with the tens of thousands of readers that visit The Journal on a monthly basis. We are looking forward to your next report, my friend!

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Thanks again!


Flash Report: Tom Austin's Early Father's Day Present @ The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with an excellent report from Senior Reporter Tom Austin.  Tom has ventured back to San Diego, in search of more hijinks in this thing of ours.  San Diego offers many adult theater options, and in this case Tom has chosen the Jolar Cinema (one of The Good Doctor's favorites) has his stomping ground (side note: Tom was also nice enough to click a new photo of The Jolar Cinema for The Journal.  Your check is in the mail, sir.)

Here is Tom's 5-Star report...


There are five unique and enjoyable places to enjoy this thing of ours in San Diego. The vibe from patrons in all of these places is laid back, management’s attitude is cool, and almost every variety of activity can be found during the week as well as weekends. I sometimes read with envy the theater scene in Portland or Chicago, but none can top the experiences that I continue to enjoy in San Diego.

My favorite haunt has been and continues to be The Jolar Cinema, located on 6321 University Avenue (just northeast of downtown).  It is a combination of twin adult theaters, a well-stocked adult toy and video store, private dances are available with cute and friendly ladies, and there are plenty of private booths. The clientele is as racially and generationally diverse as the neighborhood. Bi, gay, and straight patrons play well in a common place and the porn is usually fresh and hot. If they just had pizza delivery, I might never leave!

Couples are admitted free on Wednesday and Saturday nights, but last Monday night – usually the slowest night of the week anywhere people play at this thing of ours – I enjoyed a couples trifecta at The Jolar.

When I walked into the first theater, I saw a familiar couple on the back row (of three large lounge chairs) – a couple that I have been intimate with once before. Both are in their late 20’s or young 30’s, and neither have ever spoken a word of English with me. Señora E and I communicate usually with gestures and motions, and it has always served both of our purposes. Her male partner did not participate in our scene previously as was the case again.

E is a well-packaged señora with full hips, curves in all the right places, and a mischievous smile. I joined them by sitting in the open, just to her right, perfect for one of right-handed HJ’s. If there’s one thing I learned at the Jolar is that the ladies want a sure thing. They do not want to help you get it up or tease you into an erection. If they really want to play, you should whip it out, show it off, and keep it hard. I don’t think size makes much difference as long as you have it and keep it up. This action is for them and their partners, big boy, and you are just along for the ride.

I quickly pulled down my shorts and immediately slowed my erection. E responded, just as I remembered from before, by whispering with her man in Spanish and then turning to me and gently holding my erection. I leaned into her and began to kiss her soft neck and shoulder and ear lobe – she really likes being kissed and held. She leaned even more in my direction and expertly worked my cock. After about ten minutes of this mutual action, she put her lips next to my ear and asked a one-word question that is understood in every language.


Another fun fact about The Jolar – they sell condoms in 3-packs up-front for $5 - a great investment. I took out the package, and was going to place the latex raincoat in its proper position, but she immediately took it from me and took charge of the procedure herself. I surmised that she might have done this once or twice before. She was definitely in charge.

She immediately stood, moved over and sat in my lap, opening her blouse to my mouth, lips, and tongue, and planted herself firmly like a real vaquera. Two became one and she began a rocking motion that would take her where she wanted to go. She arrived at her destination before I did but placing both my hands on her behind, she showed me how to work as we both enjoyed my finish. This was all done in less than 20 minutes after I had entered. But it was after midnight, and they both quietly exited after a few minutes of gentle ministrations to complete our coupling.

I needed a break. I stepped out front to buy a soft drink and catch some fresh air, when couple #2 walked in. They were a mixed couple –an African-American guy and red-headed, white cougar (she was probably 40). She was showing lots of skin. So being the pervert that I am, I followed back into the theater.

They sat in only a double-chair, which usually sends a signal that no guests are welcome. She soon had his cock out of his jeans and in her hand, while he seemed to be reading text messages or emails on his phone. One cool dude. I leaned forward in my chair trying to get their attention, but the stone-cold stares that they returned in my direction told me immediately that I wasn’t their type.

About 20 minutes later two young guys entered and sat nearby. Then the couple moved to the back row of three chairs, leaving one chair open to her left. Both guys eventually took their turn, sitting next to her, pulling out their erections and allowing her to bring them to orgasm. Thank goodness there are Kleenex dispensers throughout the theater. There was not a lot of intimacy involved, but I think both parties got what they came for – pun intended.  And soon, they both exited stage left. 

Then after about another 30 minutes, a third couple entered. They were both young and fun, talking openly, giggling, and sending lots of confusing signals as to why they were there. She sat next to her guy (both in a double chair) and stated giving him a HJ while snuggling close to him. They looked like a young Navy couple – both in their 20’s. She was a small BBW with a cute face and full lips. Both wore jeans and T-shirts. He had a high and tight haircut and was allowing her to do all the work.

I decided to give them a decision to make, and moved to the back row,lowering my shorts again and playing with my fresh erection. She looked back at me about ten times before deciding to join me. He remained in the row in front of us. Then in one sentence she completely rocked my night and my world.

“Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl."

I never saw that coming. Stuttering, I asked, “Uh, what?”

“Daddy, I’ve been a very, very bad girl. And your thing looks really angry. Am I in trouble? Can I make it feel better?”

I cleared my throat, thinking as fast as I could. “You know what to do, Baby Girl. Make Daddy happy.” And once again, the universal question was asked:

“Does Daddy have a condom?”

I still had two from the night before. She tore open the package, placed the condom on her lips and proceeded to apply it to my erection with poise, playfulness, and pride. Then her lips softly settled over my cock. Eventually down to my pubes. She gently lifted my balls with one hand and played with my left nipple with her other hand. She didn’t really want me touching her, so I was simply intent to let her have her way with my body. She was patient, never quiet, and totally into it.

And about ten minutes later I reward her with my forgiveness. Never have I seen such a smile in any adult setting as when she lifted her head and looked directly at me.

“Good night, Daddy.”

She and her guy then stood and walked into the adjacent theater which usually shows gay/bi/TV movies. I didn’t follow and don’t expect to see them again. I simply remained seated, being content to have enjoyed an early Father’s Day present from my baby girl. 



Doc here again... Thanks again to Tom for an outstanding report, and congratulations on a great cashout of his trifecta.  "E", Tom's first girl in the trifecta, is one of my all time favorite adult theater women.  I have written about her in the past, and she is special.  The Jolar fits her style and vibe perfectly.  I am just glad Tom closed the deal inside versus the "whatthefuckwasithinking" Good Doctor that preferred curbside service (full story HERE).

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FREE ADMISSION Specials at 15th Ave. Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL THIS WEEK!

Doc here... One of my favorite adult theater/ABS locations would be 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater, 2125 N. 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL. Starting Sunday June 19th, they are running a week long promotion of FREE admission for M/F Couples, T-Girls, and Single Women (regular admission for single guys). This ends at the close of business Saturday 6/25.

Here are the details, courtesy of 15th Ave:

Our week long special begins today and continues through Saturday June 26.
Couples(boy/girl),T-girls and single females are admitted free of charge 24/7!
Try to take advantage of this offer while it last!......


Doc here again...Take advantage of this week long special!  Should be a GREAT week at 15th Avenue!


Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Chimes in on Saturday Night on the Gulf Coast

Doc here...Our good friend Bob in Biloxi has reported in (like clockwork I might add!) on Saturday night on the gulf coast. He is a consistent as the day is long, that Bob. 

Here is this week's report from Bob:


Morning Doc,

 Last night’s trip to the Beautiful Gulf Coast was better than the last. Nice cooling breeze off the water, (for a change), there were couples out, but not in groves. Go figure on Father’s Day weekend?

Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
At the Gulf Coast Theater, 4 couples showed. One was our German couple, I understand they played left and came again.  Second was a couple that shows up looking for another couple, they are semi-regular’s. Another couple came in and after seeing the “Vulture Club” lined up against the wall, walked straight out the back door. The last couple was a BBW, she was kind of cute, her man played with her pussy for awhile getting her off, but the as I walked in the “Vulture Club” was again lined up against the wall simply staring at them. As I walked by the “Club Members” I laughed and called them idiots. Awhile later one of the members came up to me outside and asked why I called him an idiot, so I told him. I asked him if standing against the wall staring at a couple ever worked out for him. I guess you can guess his reply was no. So I asked him why in the fuck they do it then. I got no answer. So I replied, see you’re an idiot.
I was reading “Brent’s” story this morning about that peanut gallery bum rushing the rail at the Oasis, and just shook my head. Idiots abound nationwide, it’s systemic stupidity. Enough of my rant, you cannot even attempt to control a situation like this thing of ours, but it would seem like the offenders would “get it” after several failed attempts. The definition of insane is the act of doing something over and over the same way yet yielding the same results.

Bob in Biloxi
Meanwhile down at the ABS, a couple came in and was servicing the crowd there. One guy I’ll call “Stuttering Jimmy” will get next to a couple and try and make love to the woman, he talks through the hole insistently until, yep, you guessed it, they move to another booth. He was complaining he hadn’t “got off” yet and they just left him in the adjoining booth. More systemic stupidity?, I think so. The good thing is he doesn’t show up that often. But when he does, he does a great job of cock-blocking anyone else with his antics. I left at 11:30pm because by this time the ABS turns into a gay social club.

I don’t mind nights like this, because it usually discourages the repeat offenders, since they are not getting what they want, sometimes they will just fade away for a few weeks and not be seen. I finally talked the owner of the ABS into a modification of the glory holes, but yours truly has to help him. A report on that progress as it occurs is forthcoming.

In the meantime, there’s not shit on TV Saturday nights, and a not so good nite on the coast is better than sitting at home in front of the boob tube.


Doc here again...Looks like it was that kind of weekend all around.  Lots of couples in Portland, Chicago, Gary, amongst others.  Hopefully not all were bum rushed by the various Penis Galleries.

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