Monday, June 20, 2011

Flash Report: Tom Austin's Early Father's Day Present @ The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with an excellent report from Senior Reporter Tom Austin.  Tom has ventured back to San Diego, in search of more hijinks in this thing of ours.  San Diego offers many adult theater options, and in this case Tom has chosen the Jolar Cinema (one of The Good Doctor's favorites) has his stomping ground (side note: Tom was also nice enough to click a new photo of The Jolar Cinema for The Journal.  Your check is in the mail, sir.)

Here is Tom's 5-Star report...


There are five unique and enjoyable places to enjoy this thing of ours in San Diego. The vibe from patrons in all of these places is laid back, management’s attitude is cool, and almost every variety of activity can be found during the week as well as weekends. I sometimes read with envy the theater scene in Portland or Chicago, but none can top the experiences that I continue to enjoy in San Diego.

My favorite haunt has been and continues to be The Jolar Cinema, located on 6321 University Avenue (just northeast of downtown).  It is a combination of twin adult theaters, a well-stocked adult toy and video store, private dances are available with cute and friendly ladies, and there are plenty of private booths. The clientele is as racially and generationally diverse as the neighborhood. Bi, gay, and straight patrons play well in a common place and the porn is usually fresh and hot. If they just had pizza delivery, I might never leave!

Couples are admitted free on Wednesday and Saturday nights, but last Monday night – usually the slowest night of the week anywhere people play at this thing of ours – I enjoyed a couples trifecta at The Jolar.

When I walked into the first theater, I saw a familiar couple on the back row (of three large lounge chairs) – a couple that I have been intimate with once before. Both are in their late 20’s or young 30’s, and neither have ever spoken a word of English with me. Señora E and I communicate usually with gestures and motions, and it has always served both of our purposes. Her male partner did not participate in our scene previously as was the case again.

E is a well-packaged señora with full hips, curves in all the right places, and a mischievous smile. I joined them by sitting in the open, just to her right, perfect for one of right-handed HJ’s. If there’s one thing I learned at the Jolar is that the ladies want a sure thing. They do not want to help you get it up or tease you into an erection. If they really want to play, you should whip it out, show it off, and keep it hard. I don’t think size makes much difference as long as you have it and keep it up. This action is for them and their partners, big boy, and you are just along for the ride.

I quickly pulled down my shorts and immediately slowed my erection. E responded, just as I remembered from before, by whispering with her man in Spanish and then turning to me and gently holding my erection. I leaned into her and began to kiss her soft neck and shoulder and ear lobe – she really likes being kissed and held. She leaned even more in my direction and expertly worked my cock. After about ten minutes of this mutual action, she put her lips next to my ear and asked a one-word question that is understood in every language.


Another fun fact about The Jolar – they sell condoms in 3-packs up-front for $5 - a great investment. I took out the package, and was going to place the latex raincoat in its proper position, but she immediately took it from me and took charge of the procedure herself. I surmised that she might have done this once or twice before. She was definitely in charge.

She immediately stood, moved over and sat in my lap, opening her blouse to my mouth, lips, and tongue, and planted herself firmly like a real vaquera. Two became one and she began a rocking motion that would take her where she wanted to go. She arrived at her destination before I did but placing both my hands on her behind, she showed me how to work as we both enjoyed my finish. This was all done in less than 20 minutes after I had entered. But it was after midnight, and they both quietly exited after a few minutes of gentle ministrations to complete our coupling.

I needed a break. I stepped out front to buy a soft drink and catch some fresh air, when couple #2 walked in. They were a mixed couple –an African-American guy and red-headed, white cougar (she was probably 40). She was showing lots of skin. So being the pervert that I am, I followed back into the theater.

They sat in only a double-chair, which usually sends a signal that no guests are welcome. She soon had his cock out of his jeans and in her hand, while he seemed to be reading text messages or emails on his phone. One cool dude. I leaned forward in my chair trying to get their attention, but the stone-cold stares that they returned in my direction told me immediately that I wasn’t their type.

About 20 minutes later two young guys entered and sat nearby. Then the couple moved to the back row of three chairs, leaving one chair open to her left. Both guys eventually took their turn, sitting next to her, pulling out their erections and allowing her to bring them to orgasm. Thank goodness there are Kleenex dispensers throughout the theater. There was not a lot of intimacy involved, but I think both parties got what they came for – pun intended.  And soon, they both exited stage left. 

Then after about another 30 minutes, a third couple entered. They were both young and fun, talking openly, giggling, and sending lots of confusing signals as to why they were there. She sat next to her guy (both in a double chair) and stated giving him a HJ while snuggling close to him. They looked like a young Navy couple – both in their 20’s. She was a small BBW with a cute face and full lips. Both wore jeans and T-shirts. He had a high and tight haircut and was allowing her to do all the work.

I decided to give them a decision to make, and moved to the back row,lowering my shorts again and playing with my fresh erection. She looked back at me about ten times before deciding to join me. He remained in the row in front of us. Then in one sentence she completely rocked my night and my world.

“Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl."

I never saw that coming. Stuttering, I asked, “Uh, what?”

“Daddy, I’ve been a very, very bad girl. And your thing looks really angry. Am I in trouble? Can I make it feel better?”

I cleared my throat, thinking as fast as I could. “You know what to do, Baby Girl. Make Daddy happy.” And once again, the universal question was asked:

“Does Daddy have a condom?”

I still had two from the night before. She tore open the package, placed the condom on her lips and proceeded to apply it to my erection with poise, playfulness, and pride. Then her lips softly settled over my cock. Eventually down to my pubes. She gently lifted my balls with one hand and played with my left nipple with her other hand. She didn’t really want me touching her, so I was simply intent to let her have her way with my body. She was patient, never quiet, and totally into it.

And about ten minutes later I reward her with my forgiveness. Never have I seen such a smile in any adult setting as when she lifted her head and looked directly at me.

“Good night, Daddy.”

She and her guy then stood and walked into the adjacent theater which usually shows gay/bi/TV movies. I didn’t follow and don’t expect to see them again. I simply remained seated, being content to have enjoyed an early Father’s Day present from my baby girl. 



Doc here again... Thanks again to Tom for an outstanding report, and congratulations on a great cashout of his trifecta.  "E", Tom's first girl in the trifecta, is one of my all time favorite adult theater women.  I have written about her in the past, and she is special.  The Jolar fits her style and vibe perfectly.  I am just glad Tom closed the deal inside versus the "whatthefuckwasithinking" Good Doctor that preferred curbside service (full story HERE).

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