Monday, June 20, 2011

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Chimes in on Saturday Night on the Gulf Coast

Doc here...Our good friend Bob in Biloxi has reported in (like clockwork I might add!) on Saturday night on the gulf coast. He is a consistent as the day is long, that Bob. 

Here is this week's report from Bob:


Morning Doc,

 Last night’s trip to the Beautiful Gulf Coast was better than the last. Nice cooling breeze off the water, (for a change), there were couples out, but not in groves. Go figure on Father’s Day weekend?

Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
At the Gulf Coast Theater, 4 couples showed. One was our German couple, I understand they played left and came again.  Second was a couple that shows up looking for another couple, they are semi-regular’s. Another couple came in and after seeing the “Vulture Club” lined up against the wall, walked straight out the back door. The last couple was a BBW, she was kind of cute, her man played with her pussy for awhile getting her off, but the as I walked in the “Vulture Club” was again lined up against the wall simply staring at them. As I walked by the “Club Members” I laughed and called them idiots. Awhile later one of the members came up to me outside and asked why I called him an idiot, so I told him. I asked him if standing against the wall staring at a couple ever worked out for him. I guess you can guess his reply was no. So I asked him why in the fuck they do it then. I got no answer. So I replied, see you’re an idiot.
I was reading “Brent’s” story this morning about that peanut gallery bum rushing the rail at the Oasis, and just shook my head. Idiots abound nationwide, it’s systemic stupidity. Enough of my rant, you cannot even attempt to control a situation like this thing of ours, but it would seem like the offenders would “get it” after several failed attempts. The definition of insane is the act of doing something over and over the same way yet yielding the same results.

Bob in Biloxi
Meanwhile down at the ABS, a couple came in and was servicing the crowd there. One guy I’ll call “Stuttering Jimmy” will get next to a couple and try and make love to the woman, he talks through the hole insistently until, yep, you guessed it, they move to another booth. He was complaining he hadn’t “got off” yet and they just left him in the adjoining booth. More systemic stupidity?, I think so. The good thing is he doesn’t show up that often. But when he does, he does a great job of cock-blocking anyone else with his antics. I left at 11:30pm because by this time the ABS turns into a gay social club.

I don’t mind nights like this, because it usually discourages the repeat offenders, since they are not getting what they want, sometimes they will just fade away for a few weeks and not be seen. I finally talked the owner of the ABS into a modification of the glory holes, but yours truly has to help him. A report on that progress as it occurs is forthcoming.

In the meantime, there’s not shit on TV Saturday nights, and a not so good nite on the coast is better than sitting at home in front of the boob tube.


Doc here again...Looks like it was that kind of weekend all around.  Lots of couples in Portland, Chicago, Gary, amongst others.  Hopefully not all were bum rushed by the various Penis Galleries.

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