Thursday, August 10, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Ginger Squirts at Doc's Secret Room 2125: Lizardo Luau Party on 7/21/17 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say was the inspiration behind the resort waiter character, with a whopper of a Couple's Flash Report from my good friend Ginger Squirts, along with her Master Thom

Ginger and Master Thom attended my Secret Room 2125: Lizardo Luau Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room on 7/21/17 in Chicago, and have filed the following report. And kids, this report has it all, and provides several excellent reasons for attending one of The Good Doctor's Secret Room 2125 events in Chicago!

Take it away, Ginger Squirts!


Dear Doc,

With a storm front rolling in from the Southwest, it appeared as if our plans were about to be cancelled. Using the toll road, the sky was an ominous shade of purple, with flashes of lightening extending across the skyline. (Hum, purple… what a coincidence. I was dressed all in purple - a very good sign indeed!) 

I could see a shaft of rain in the distance, yet we were still on dry ground. (I was craving a shaft at that moment, as my thoughts began to stream my pussy.) Master Thom kept saying to me, “Don’t be disappointed, Ginger, if we only get so far, and have to turn around before we get to the party.” (I was praying we were going ‘all the way’!) There were tornado warnings all around us, yet, nothing directly in our path. 

Once we made it to downtown Chicago, one big splash of rain dropped on our windshield which confirmed that we were not going to avoid the storm completely. (I can also make one big splash on the inside of the windshield if I wanted to as well!) I tweeted out that we were being delayed by the travel conditions, but that we were still on our way to the Secret Room 2125: Lizardo Luau Party at 15th Avenue Theater.
Once in the parking lot, we found a place to park the car. I asked Master for a moment as I texted out to ‘Bruce and Trixie’ that we had arrived. Bruce and Trixie had traveled 8 hours to attend the Luau Party. The weekend held a special goal for them. The first goal was to celebrate Bruce’s 50th birthday, and the second was for Trixie to do 50 men in celebration of his birthday!