Thursday, August 10, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Ginger Squirts at Doc's Secret Room 2125: Lizardo Luau Party on 7/21/17 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say was the inspiration behind the resort waiter character, with a whopper of a Couple's Flash Report from my good friend Ginger Squirts, along with her Master Thom

Ginger and Master Thom attended my Secret Room 2125: Lizardo Luau Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room on 7/21/17 in Chicago, and have filed the following report. And kids, this report has it all, and provides several excellent reasons for attending one of The Good Doctor's Secret Room 2125 events in Chicago!

Take it away, Ginger Squirts!


Dear Doc,

With a storm front rolling in from the Southwest, it appeared as if our plans were about to be cancelled. Using the toll road, the sky was an ominous shade of purple, with flashes of lightening extending across the skyline. (Hum, purple… what a coincidence. I was dressed all in purple - a very good sign indeed!) 

I could see a shaft of rain in the distance, yet we were still on dry ground. (I was craving a shaft at that moment, as my thoughts began to stream my pussy.) Master Thom kept saying to me, “Don’t be disappointed, Ginger, if we only get so far, and have to turn around before we get to the party.” (I was praying we were going ‘all the way’!) There were tornado warnings all around us, yet, nothing directly in our path. 

Once we made it to downtown Chicago, one big splash of rain dropped on our windshield which confirmed that we were not going to avoid the storm completely. (I can also make one big splash on the inside of the windshield if I wanted to as well!) I tweeted out that we were being delayed by the travel conditions, but that we were still on our way to the Secret Room 2125: Lizardo Luau Party at 15th Avenue Theater.
Once in the parking lot, we found a place to park the car. I asked Master for a moment as I texted out to ‘Bruce and Trixie’ that we had arrived. Bruce and Trixie had traveled 8 hours to attend the Luau Party. The weekend held a special goal for them. The first goal was to celebrate Bruce’s 50th birthday, and the second was for Trixie to do 50 men in celebration of his birthday!

I stepped out of the car, adjusted my sarong and crotchless underwear, and took my Master’s hand. It was lightly raining, so we didn’t hesitate to head for the back door entrance. (note, I’m not a back door entrance kind of girl if you know what I mean, but Master insists I need to give it a try!)

As Master opened the door for me, I heard a voice inside say, “They are waiting for Ginger.” I looked straight ahead, recognized Bruce and Trixie, dropped my bags and threw my arms around them. As Master paid the admission fee to the party, I kissed Bruce and Trixie, handed Bruce his birthday gift, which was appropriately themed, a bottle of Coconut Captain Morgan Rum. Doc greeted me with his Hollywood smile and placed the wrist band around my right wrist. Then I was handed a swag bag, something I always look forward to receiving. I was surprised there were any left at that time of the night. Apparently, I might have been one of the last couples to arrive to receive a swag bag. 

As we walked around the corner and into the party room, I was greeted with smiles and nods appearing to say, “Ginger had arrived!” I had tweeted out earlier that week my shoes and a peek at the purple outfit I was going to wear. (Doc, Grape Gatorade should have been my choice of beverage for the night ;) I’m pretty sure that no one had a question whether or not I was ‘Ginger the Squirter’ or an impostor! I smiled brightly at everyone and Bruce and Trixie lead Master Thom and me to their table. The party room was decorated so colorfully!
I excused myself to use the bathroom, where I met the most interesting “hir" in the ladies bathroom. I heard “him” clearing his throat, but it was deep, like a man’s voice, so I thought to myself, “Oh my, we have a man in the bathroom!” When I turned the corner, indeed, a man dressed as a beautiful woman, wearing a striking red dress, a long black wig, with a killer smile said to me, “I can’t do anything with my hair. It’s raining outside, and I was hoping that I would not lose the curl in it.” I replied, “Yes, I was worried about the same thing with my wig!” An instant connection! Then “hir” said to me, “Do you like to dance at these parties?” And I replied, “I usually do all my dancing up on stage during the contests.” 

I was taking in the moment and felt like I wanted to embrace “hir” but I didn’t want to seem pushy. After all, we were having a relaxed, friendly conversation. “Hir” said to me, “You are beautiful, You look fantastic. Very well put together.” My response was, “You look amazing in that red dress. I hope we get an opportunity to dance together up on stage.” Then “hir” opened the door for me, as any perfectly polite gentleman (or in this case gentle(woman) would do) and we walked out of the bathroom together, with big smiles on our faces! I was so excited to share with my friends back at our table the magical moment I just had in the women’s bathroom!

I walked past the two little private rooms, and I knew that one of those two rooms would never be the same that night after I finished spraying all over those unsuspecting walls. My fantasy #2 was to be put on display in one of those rooms.
The Real Ginger Squirts
Back at the table, and sharing my experience in the bathroom with my table guests, Master Thom pulled down one side of my coin-beaded purple sheer top to expose my left tit. I bashfully smiled and then my Master pulled down the right side exposing both my tits. My long, red hair and purple lei covered up most of my beautiful handful of heaving mounds. I could feel my breathing increasing and my Master assured me that it was okay, and that I was ‘covered up just enough to tease’ yet still very sexy.

It was now time to play. I invited Bruce and Trixie to join us in the private room and they eagerly agreed. First, Trixie wanted to see what was behind the ‘secret room divider’ so we all made a quick stop and peeked in. There were people already on the tables starting to heat up the atmosphere in the room. Trixie wanted to stay a bit, so Bruce stayed a long side of her. I turned and headed towards the private room where Fantasy #2 was about to be put in play.

Master Tom instructed me to get on the table and kneel with my face towards the back wall. Then Master lifted my sarong and asked the men who were eager to see who would be first, if they thought I had a luscious ass. The men agreed, and that pleased my Master so he smacked me a couple of times hard across my ass. Grabbing my arm to support me, Master told me to turn around and scoot to the edge of the table and take the first cock into my mouth and suck him good; show him how much I appreciated him being the first man in my room. 

I quickly dove my face down towards his cock, which was already out of his pants and in his hands. I felt him place a hand on the back of my head, and the other on the side of my face, and I took the entire shaft deep down into my throat. There were words of disbelief from the other men now pushing their way deeper into the room and closer to me. Master made sure that no one touched me until he said so. Some of the other men had their cocks out, stroking them, getting ready for the opportunity to have my lips wrapped tightly around their cock. 

I kept focused on the first gentleman that I was so lucky to have as my first of the night. He was thick, and he filled my mouth completely. I loved the sound he made when I pulled back on him, teased the tip of his cock with my tongue, then swiftly deep throated him again, over and over. Master said, “Enough, Ginger. Let’s move on to someone else. They are all waiting patiently for you!” 
The Real Ginger Squirts

As I turned to my left, I looked up, and a handsome gentleman was sitting next to me just smiling. I said, “Hello!” and he said “Hello” and I leaned over into his lap and began to give him an intense blow job. His name was Jordan, and his cock was very impressive. As I leaned into him, I felt a cock push against the opening of my slick pussy. I briefly turned around and looked at Master Thom, and he nodded to me that it was time I started to share my pussy with the guys there. 

One of the guys positioned himself in back of me, and as I was going down deep on Jordan, I felt a hard thrust that pushed me a bit forward, and I felt my cunt create a tight grip on the gentleman behind me. He said, “Ginger, you are so very tight. I can’t believe it. Are you trying to push me out?” I raised my head just long enough to answer, “No, that’s just me being too damn tight for most guys. I’m not pushing you out!” And he exclaimed, “Damn!” and he started to thrust even harder into me. 

I felt like I was going to scream from the orgasm that was building up inside my sweet cunt, so I took my mouth off Jordan and let out a load moan, and then I swiftly returned my lips around Jordan’s cock and continued to worship his amazing cock. I felt the gentleman grab my hips and he gave one last big thrust then stepped back. Then the second gentleman took his place between my thighs, and entered me with a long, hard stroke. It felt so good, and he was so big. 

Master told me to get on my back, and as I did, I thought that I might lose contact with Jordan’s cock. On my back, I turned my head, and Jordan helped position me onto him so that I could finish him off. As I sucked and licked Jordan, my pussy was being slammed over and over by the mysterious man between my legs. I’m not sure if when I flipped over to my back, if a third gentleman stepped up or if it was the same one as before, but regardless, my body was ready to climax as it was getting fatigued from all the attention it had gotten. 

Master placed his hand around my neck and pulled my hair and I sucked Jordan dry, and as my pussy released a ball of explosive waves of release that had been building up all night. As I came, I squirted on the men who received my liquid blessing on him as far away as those standing slightly outside of the door frame. Master Thom sat me up and reminded me of my manners. I thanked all the men who spent time with me and promised them another great party in the future.

After the room cleared and we returned to our table, we sat a few minutes taking in the activity in the room. Master then decided he wanted to lay me up on stage and make me squirt one last time. We walked towards the stage and I Master instructed me to lay on the edge of the stage on my back. I did as I was told, and a few guys came right up next to me to get a firsthand look at what Master was about to do to me. 

Master Thom took out my favorite vibrator wand and turned it on. The sound was not very loud, yet loud enough to turn the heads of a few more people and they came to the stage as well. Master place a few globs of lube on the head of the vibrator, then placed it on the head of my clitoris. Waves shot thru my body as I began to grind against it. Right about that moment, Jordan appeared besides me on the stage. A big smile broke out on my face because I knew that he was about to be treated to a show of my squirting abilities up close and personal. 
Le Wand - Ginger's Favorite
As Master allowed the wand to travel down my slick lips, he stopped and let it roam around the inside of my pussy hole. I could feel my body trying to grip the massive head of the wand and try to suck it deep into me. My lips were throbbing, my pussy burning, and I could feel my g-spot engorging and getting to blow a load of spray all over the unsuspecting, curious men who dared come very close and stand nearly in between my legs, right in the path of my drenching cum release. 

Jordan placed a hand around my neck, which helped me to refocus and go to my special place inside my head where all the dirty, nasty, sexy fantasies reside. He placed a bit of pressure on my throat, and I felt my body starting to respond to his touch. Master placed the wand back over the top of my clit, which was begging to be slapped and twisted painfully, and then he slid his fingers into me, and stroked my g-spot. Within a few second, Master’s hand began to fill with my cum juices. 

He announced to the men that they were about to be soaked, and then he released his hand and I released my powerful spray all over the spectators. Master began slapping my pussy hard and I sprayed even longer. The response of my spraying orgasm sent some of the men exclaiming, “Wow, that was amazing…fantastic. Never seen anything like that before! Thanks Ginger!” And my Master quickly chimed in, “What do you say to your audience, Ginger?” And I replied, “Thank you, gentlemen.”

Master raised me up onto my knees, and took out his whip, and gave a few swift lashes across my backside, and then ordered me to get up, get dressed, that it was time to depart. As I was returning to our table to get dressed, I stopped right in front of Jordan and kissed him long and sensually. We quickly agreed we’d meet again, and with that, we walked away. 

We made a brief stop in the “secret room” and found Bruce and Trixie in the midst of their gang bang. My mind racing with pure desire, I tore off my cloths, jumped on the table in front of Trixie, and with Bruce on my right side, I offered my pussy to his trained hand, and he forced a last g-spot orgasm out of me. His hand was around my neck, and my nipples were rock hard. I leaned forward and kissed Trixie and thanked her for being allowed to be used by her Dom, and I jumped off the table. I thanked Bruce, profusely for draining the last ounce of fluid I had left inside of me, and we promised to stay in contact with each other.

As Master Thom and I headed for the exit door, I waved and thanked those who were watching me, and promised to return to another party of Doc’s in the near future for more naughty adventures. I’m already dreaming of what my Fantasy #3 might entail. Perhaps it will be with all those reading this blog. I hope we have a chance to create one together soon! 

I hope you enjoyed Ginger’s Fantasy #2 of being put on display at the Secret Room 2125: Lizardo Luau Party.


Ginger and Master Thom


Doc here again... Wow, I'll give you a moment to towel off and get some hydration after that report.

We good?  Good. Many, many thanks to my good friend Ginger Squirts & Master Thom for sharing their Secret Room 2125 adventure with us! It was a great night despite the bad weather, and it further proved that Ginger Squirts is the real force of nature that night in this thing of ours!  

Keep the cards and letters coming, Ginger!