Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blast From The Past: "The White Limousine" by Brent in Portland

Doc here with a classic Blast From The Past by the poet laureate of "this thing of our's", Brent in Portland.
Brent at home, circa 2010
This little post is about The Pussycat and The Studio Theaters in Buena Park, California, back in the early 1990s . I would drive down from Visalia listening to "Welcome To The Boomtown" and would feel a rush of adrenaline as I drove over The Grapevine down I-5 through Los Angeles traffic to The Beach Blvd exit.
I'd head first to The Studio where Howard Stern would be playing on the TV in the lobby and the amount of action inside the theater was directly proportional to the number of people hanging out by the concession stand. I'd go into the super clean bathroom (crushed ice in the urinal),clean up a little and then open the doors  to the theater. A sexy prerecorded female voice would welcome me inside the auditorium, where two movies played simultaneously on three screens. The place was always crowded, especially on weekends. There was no couples section so the couples were scattered around the theater Sometimes it was easy to find out where the action was by the crowd clustered around. I don't remember there ever being as much actual fucking and sucking as there is at The Paris- a lot of that would take place in cars in the parking lot behind the building (a form of dogging) or at one of the nearby motels, but I remember there was always something going on.
Down the street was The Pussycat Theater. It was older and more run down than The Studio. I remember one night watching a very pretty blond with frizzy hair,and a sexy body fuck and suck about 6 guys right in the middle of the theater. She was very high and very horny and she exuded that high and horny energy that is so endearing. She really didn't care who fucked her or whose dick she sucked and she took no precautions, whatsoever. I still remember how pretty she was. In my minds eye, she was wearing a frilly white dress and had a red ribbon in her hair. Actually she wore a jean skirt and top, both of which she unbuttoned when she sat down. Within ten minutes the guys were on her like saliva on a cigarette.

Another time a man pulled up to The Pussycat in a white limousine. He brought a lady into the theater where they played for a while and met another couple. The four of them played in the theater and the action was just getting good, when, suddenly, they decided to move the party to the Cadillac. I'm not sure how it came to pass (I think I begged) but I, along with a few other guys from the theater, ended up back in the limo watching the couple that had been in the theater fuck and suck each other while animal porn played on the VCR. The man who owned the limo asked this pretty model- like black girl (where did she come from?) if she wanted to suck my dick. I don't recall if she was his girl friend or what- but she bent over and started sucking my Johnson. As soon as I got off they drove me back to my car. I really didn't want to leave the party but it was obvious, by the open door and the foot kicking my ass, that they wanted me to leave. Oh, well. That was one hell of a consolation prize. I got into my car and started to drive, imagining the orgy that was going on inside that white limousine
As always, no one spins a yarn like Brent.  Thanks once again for the contribution.
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