Monday, May 24, 2010

Flash Report: Saturday Night by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with a report of this past Saturday's fun in Biloxi, MS from prolific field reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  It sounds like Bob had a great weekend!

Take it away, Bob!
Hey Doc, Bob Here,
Another chance to slide down to the coast before the oil takes over, and man I’m I glad I did, been kind of slow at the theater. (Must be the heat) Right down the street however, is the only ABS in town, and that place has seen an increase in couple activity. Those too shy to brave the theater setting find the control afforded by using the glory-holes exciting. Last night a few couples came in, one very sexy lady I’ve seen three times. She was dressed for play, short skirt, button blouse, high heels, and a smile. The weird thing about this place is its mostly gay movies, since their customer’s sway that direction as well.

But they do have a couple of booths that show straight videos. Anyway this one couple spent about 20mins trying to find a straight movie and each time a gay guy would take up residence in the adjoining booth??? WTF, he didn’t do anything, neither did they, so I fail to understand the waste of time? Eventually my patience paid off and was able to secure a booth next to them. She gives a wonderful blow job, very talented. Soon she pulled off my cock, a signal for me to pull out. As I bent down to see what was going on, her husband asked if I would mind joining them in their booth. Duh, not at all, I was able to play, suck on her more the ample tits, stroke her lovely shaved pussy that was soaked, until she bent over and said take me. I held up my end of the bargain and we fucked until we both came. She’s a real sexy lady, about 5’1’’ and I’m 6ft so she had to keep her legs almost together while I took the snap!

That’s all from Saturday Nite on the coast, see ya next time!!!
As always, an awesome report from Bob in Biloxi.  I like his writing style, and always enjoy his e-mails hitting The Good Doctor's mailbox.
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Monday Night at The Movies: The Pilgrim Theater and The Combat Zone

Doc here with this week's short feature: "The Pilgrim Theater and The Combat Zone".  This is a nice little companion video to the one a few weeks back about the history of The Combat Zone in Boston.

So sit back, order a #3 combo with Dr. Pepper, and enjoy the show: