Monday, November 14, 2011

Flash Report! Deja Vu Theatre in Ontario, CA by Dark Knight

Doc here with another new reporter here at The Journal, Dark Knight.  No, this isn't the caped crusader.  He is a veteran of this thing of ours, and his home turf is SoCal.

His first report is focused on Deja Vu's Ontario location (address and profile located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).  I have heard various news about this place (in particular from Old Marine Corps Guy), but this is the first detailed report hitting the news desk here @ The Journal.

Without further delay, here is Dark Knight and his report debut...


Hi Doc,

I am a follower of your blog and a player in this thing of ours since the mid-80's. As you know, most of the good theatres and ABSs in Buena Park and Los Angeles are no longer, but I've been occasionally visiting the Deja Vu Theatre and ABS in Ontario, California.

It's close to where I live, and its starting to get a few regular couples on weekends. I happened to stop by this past Saturday evening, paid my $10, and buzzed in.  There was a couple playing on the large couch, and she was a brunette Sarah Palin look-a-like with and older Dustin Hoffman-looking partner.

She had on a red mesh see-thru top, displaying nice D cups! Her partner was playing with and showing them off while she stroked him thru the leg of his shorts. After a while, they went out to the arcade and headed to booth #1 (with the glory hole). I headed there as well and was lucky to land booth #2.

I looked and she was sucking away on her man. She saw me and smiled, so I unzipped and placed my dark meat through the hole and she started to show her great skills. Then she proceeded to roll a condom on and I slipped it in her tight slot. I lasted maybe 4 minutes and blew my load. I thanked her, let the next guy in, and left happy.

Hope this is good enough to post Doc... If not, its info of a growing safe fun spot for couples in the Inland Empire of California.

Dark Knight


Doc here again... Yes, Dark Knight, your report was not only good enough, but very informative and descriptive (just what we want).  Nicely done, sir. We are looking forward to your next report from the Inland Empire.

The Good Doctor needs your adult theater reports in a bad way!  Just send your reports (just like Dark Knight did) to Dick Grayson The Good Doctor at I will happily edit and format your reports, and you get the byline and the glory.

Be large.  Be a reporter at the Journal of Adult Theaters.  Submit two reports, and you get your own custom logo.  Submit five, and we will teach you the secret handshake.


Brent's Theater Tails: A Monday Night Quick Hitter @ The Paris on 11/7/11

Doc here with the poet laureate of this thing of ours, Brent in Portland. This is a quick hitting, detail-filled report from the Paris Theatre in downtown Portland, OR.

So here is Brent and his report...


I was there for the 10:56 flag. At first it was just the couple and me. She was a pretty woman with wild crimson hair - a young Katharine Hepburn or Kirstin Dunst. They weren't dressed to play, but they had the place to themselves. I kept in my seat, eyes forward, heart pounding in anticipation. It was a familiar feeling. A new couple was in the theater and I was the only one who could blow it. So I kept vewee vewee quiet like I was hunting Wabbits.

Then another regular came in and stood by the stairs. By this time the couple was making out and she was stroking her partner's cock.  Now she was giving him a blow job and the show was on. It turned out that she got off on showing off.

She had soft fair skin, a great looking pussy and a great ass. I believe she also had a great pair of tits but that's just an educated guess because she never took her top off.  She rode him , forward and she rode him backwards, grinding her pussy into his dick, shaking her head like Janis Joplin. She sucked his dick a number of times, jumping off , gobble gobble, then jumping back on. When he was about to shoot his load into her pussy she jumped off again and wrapped her lips around his spurting prick. The dirty twist at the end was an open mouthed kiss between them.

His dick was still hard. How was that possible? She was still horny.  I bet she's horny right now. They played for another 20 minutes or so.. He was fingering her ass and at the same time she was fingering and stroking her wet pussy. She put her hand between her legs and pressed them tightly together. That seemed to do the trick. She was lying sideways on the bench and he had his hand on her ass and a couple of fingers working in and out of her. It was pretty exciting to watch.

It would have been even more exciting if they had invited participation, but all in all it was a good first time visit and worth the trip.

Thanks Paris.


Thanks again to Brent for this quick-hitting report from The Paris Theatre.  There is no one who does it better (cue James Bond music) than Brent, whether it's a short report, or a detailed novella on the fun and frolic inside the adult theaters of Portland, OR.  It's a privilege to repost his reports here at The Journal.

Speaking of reports, your old resort waiter looking editor needs more reports from the adult theaters across the USA, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.  Just e-mail Ban Ki-moon The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, drop in a photo or two, and you get the byline and the glory.

Take a dive into the deep end at the Journal.  The water is just fine.


Flash Report! Bob In Biloxi is Back on The Gulf Coast & Inside the Adult Theater

Doc here with our good friend, Bob in Biloxi, and his weekly report.  Yes, Bob is back home on the beautiful Gulf Coast, and also back to his usual haunts after his week in Portland.

What was his homecoming like? A parade? A walk down the red carpet?

Let Bob tell you himself...


Hi Doc,

Well I’ve returned to our beautiful Gulf Coast this Saturday night, and things stayed pretty much as they were before the vacation.

Bob in Biloxi
Seven couples in our little Gulf Coast Adult Theater last night, with 3 playing and the others enjoying the movie and/or the sights. I missed the first couple by a few hours. One of the regulars said she was an ex-porn star who got off sucking cock. He described her: she was a small blonde with enhanced tits and was very vocal (guess you’d have to be if you were a porn star?) who didn’t mind stripping off and getting dirty.

The second couple was an older couple that seemed to be making a run on the place. I witnessed 6 guys she took care of, including a couple that returned for seconds. But I did not get involved. Does that tell you anything?

The third couple was definitely a “cougar” with younger prey. She put on quite a show enjoying her young meat. She was a heavy BBW blonde dressed in Capri black pants and button down blouse. (side note to ladies: she seemed very frustrated trying to undress with pants on, so please ladies, do yourself a favor, dress or skirt when entering an adult theater). I overheard her say “I’m wearing a skirt next time” (Bob’s mind was saying “no shit lady”). She made a production of giving her “boy” a noisy sloppy wet blow job on one of the front couches, then assuming the position (on her back) where her young sexual partner proceeded to pound her pussy like only a youngster can do. She seemed to like it, but soon she flipped him and mounted him cowgirl style to finish herself off.

After she got off she dropped to her knees and resumed blowing him, the theater closing warning light flicked, so I don’t know if he got to blow in her mouth or not.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS

There was another couple in the theater behind them watching, she was a red headed little Orphan Annie all grown up type, pretty hot. She and her man exited the theater and started talking to some of the regulars. I showed her my bumper sticker “Show your Tits”, and she flashed a magnificent set of tits to me. Thank you ma’am!  I hope they come back, as she looks like she’d be a lot of fun.

Down at the ABS, I also just missed a small BBW giving head at the holes, two of my buddies caught her act and said she had talent. There was also a tired worn out blonde fucking in the parking lot inside her truck. She did have somewhat of a nice body but seemed like she had a piss poor outlook on life for some reason. She could move her ass pretty well though!!

On a side note... The couple that was fucking in the theater (on the couch) had a guy come and sit to the side of them, the guy was five feet away from me and reeked of cologne. Guys, just dab that shit on, don’t take a bath in it. I heard her go “wooof, that is strong." I concur it made my eyes water too!

When you pass through the door of an adult theater I promise it will not take your common sense away. Get some before you enter.

Always next weekend Doc, besides there’s not a damn thing on TV Saturday nights!! Although, both LSU and Oregon won this weekend!!



Doc here again... Welcome back to the Gulf Coast Bob.  As I tell people, there is Portland, and then there is the rest of this thing of ours.  Thanks again for a great report!

Do you have an adult theater report?  Just e-mail Colonel Lingus The Good Doctor at  I will edit and format your report, and you will look golden.

Try it!


Couples Flash Report! DLS Provides A Quick Hitting Report on 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a quick hitting first time Couples Flash Report by DLS.  They made their first trip to the suburbs of Chicago and 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  What did they find?  Did they have fun?  Will they be back?

Your answers follow...


Hi Dr.,

Sorry you missed Saturday night (11/5).  It was our first trip to the 15th Ave bookstore and we had sooooooo much fun!  We played in the couple section of the theater - strictly performance this time.  I squirted all over the place and got a standing ovation.  I can't wait until next time - I am so going to play with one of those fat cocks that were being stoked around me.



Doc here again...Short, sweet, and to the point.  A successful first trip to an adult theater is a key element to this thing of ours.  DLS now cannot wait to go back, and take it up a notch... And hopefully they will report back to The Good Doctor with more good news from 15th Avenue.