Friday, September 30, 2011

Flash Report: Moaning Lisa Returns to 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with report #2 from our good friend and very naughty adult theater girl, Moaning Lisa. Lisa's adventures at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL are something to behold with the naked eye.  Her insatiable sexual appetite is very much on display when she visits 15th Avenue, and judging from this terrific report, she is an equal opportunity offender between the genders.

So sit back and enjoy Moaning Lisa's Flash Report....


Dear Doc,

I reassured you in my last report that it would not be long until “J” & I were back at 15th Avenue. Not one to disappoint you, we ventured over again a mere 4 days later (truth be known, I was still worked up from our last adventure…).

So, as much as the last report was about the men, this one is all about the ladies (and no, I don’t just mean tits!).   “J” and I took our seats in the couples section of the theater.  That night, there were about 10 single guys and another couple down in the front row.  A few minutes later, “T” arrived, flanked on either side by two young guys “B” and “A”.    They sat down in the row behind us.  “T” looked hot in a strapless denim dress that hugged her curves.

“B” and “A” immediately turned their attention to pleasuring “T”.  Her voluptuous tits were out of her dress in no time, with the guys alternating between sucking her hard cinnamon-colored nipples, and kissing her deeply.  She was moaning with her head thrown back, as she opened her legs.  She placed one leg on “B”s lap, and the other on “A”s lap, and I had a clear view of her gorgeous pussy.  As my heart beat faster, my mouth began to water.  I wanted to taste her so badly.

I obviously have a terrible poker face, because “A” suggested that I come down and sit between her legs. (Thank you, “A”…).  I situated myself on the ground in front of her chair.  Her pussy smelled intoxicating, and I gently slipped my tongue between her soft, swollen lips.  Her juices were sweet and I was enjoying every drop.  I flicked my tongue over her hard clit, eliciting a moan of pleasure as she pushed her cunt toward my eager mouth.

I licked my two middle fingers, and pushed them deeply into her sweet, tight snatch.  As I fucked her with my fingers, I continued to lick and suck her.  It wasn’t long until I felt her raising her hips off the chair, and her pussy clamping around my fingers as she came loudly.  After a few moments, she leaned forward, and kissed me passionately, promising to return the favor.  At that point, I hardly cared if the favor was ever returned.  (I know that I am “preaching to the choir” on this point…) but there is nothing like making a woman cum in your mouth…

I would have been totally elated if that was all that happened that evening…but the Goddess of the Adult Theater must have been smiling down on us that night, as she provided another opportunity to appreciate the soft, sensuous touch of a woman. J

After “T” and the boys left, the attractive couple that had been sitting in the front row moved to the couples section.  “S” was petite and tan, with blonde hair and a rockin’ body.  She was wearing all black: knee high boots, fishnet stockings, a REALLY short skirt and low-cut top.  Her man, “M”, reached into a bag near his feet, and produced a vibrator.  “S” parted her thighs and quickly took the toy inside her.

As “M” pistoned the vibrator in and out of her wet pussy, he was kissing her and fondling her left breast. I went and stood behind “S”, rubbing her shoulders, and whispering in her ear.  I began nibbling on her neck, and asked if I could touch her breast… She agreed, and as I slid my hand down her firm tit, I was pleasantly surprised to find a nipple ring.  I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked gently, playing with the ring with my tongue.  “S” came quickly, and surprisingly quietly (As my banner indicates, I am not known for being quiet).

I hope that the single men enjoyed both of the shows as much as I enjoyed performing them.  It was a very hot and very fun evening that I would love repeating anytime soon (all in the name of being a reporter for The Journal of course *wink*)

Moaning Lisa  


Doc here again... Thanks again to the dirty-minded Moaning Lisa for another hot report from the suburbs of Chicago.  if you are lucky enough to run into her during a visit to 15th Avenue, you will probably leave with a smile on your Da Vinci too.

Adult theater reports are still in high demand here at The Journal!  Just send your report to Tony Stark The Good Doctor at, and I will do the rest: edit, format, and drop in a few pics for good measure.  You get the byline and the glory.

Sounds reasonable, right?