Friday, March 19, 2010

Blast From The Past: 19 Year Old Schoolgirl Night at The Foster Theater! by Bill

Doc here with one of our regular features...Blast from the Past.  These are reports from the recent past (and sometimes distant past) that should be retold.  They could be a report from a special evening, or tales of adult theaters long passed.

Bill from the Foster/Summit Yahoo Group has a great report about a special evening at The Foster in Youngstown.  Take it away, Bill...
19 Year Old Schoolgirl Night

A few years back I arranged a party night at the Foster Theater in Youngstown, Ohio. We had 2 couples, 2 single gals and maybe 20 guys show plus the 10 or so regular no group guys.

After about an hour of chit chat the party got rolling in the upstairs lounge next to the ladies bathroom. As the two single gals sat on a love seat, one older cougar gal stood watching while her hubby and a few other guys played with her tight little body. On the couch in the center of the room a big titted gal was sucking cock and fucking. As I was enjoying her oral talents, I happened to glance over to my right. Standing there with her boyfriend was a hot nineteen year old gal dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. She was small, maybe 5ft with huge tits and a tight body, and she sort of had a deer in the headlights look as she watched. Her b/f started to strip her and soon she was naked....Right away 4 or 5 guys started playing with her body as she stroked their cocks. Within a few minutes, she layed down on the couch and in a sweet little voice....says WHO'S FIRST?!...She ended up fucking and sucking countless guys. In the meantime, a different young gal came into the theater and did a major facial partywith the guys in the theater! Quite the night for us pervs!
Wow Bill, what a story!  Sometimes in "this thing of our's", the planets allign and you get an evening like this one at The Foster in Youngstown.

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