Friday, September 20, 2013

House Call! Part 3: Long Shirts & Stilettos Party in Chicago on 8/31 - Afterparty Dogging with an Angel, A Redhead, and Moaning Lisa

Doc here, a man who some say can hypnotize girls with his gift of song, with Part 3 of the Long Shirts and Stilettos Party House Call Report.

In this final chapter, the party at this terrific adult theater/spa/party room on Chicago's far west side had wrapped up, but several party-goers were ready for more. The only catch was that we would need to change locations, and kick into "dogging mode".

After a quick huddle, we decided on a location and off we went. This was a small yet enthusiastic group: Charlie's Angel Farrah, Red from Racine, her guy M, Journal reporter CK on Call, Moaning Lisa, her hubby J, two guys whose names escape me, and of course The Good Doctor.

Red's Shag Van
(well, close enough)
Under cover of darkness we arrived at the location; Discreet, dark, and perfect. The focal point of all this monkey business was Red and M's Shag Van, a conversion van with plenty of space, shag carpeting, and I believe I saw a mirrored ball hanging from the roof. The middle seats were removed, doors on both sides provided a pass through, and the rear seats spacious. That was until you crammed 6 people in there, in various states of undress.

Red and M got to the location first, and as I pulled the Lizardo 3000 up next to them, I asked "Where was Red?"  I then heard a muffled response of "I'm here" from Red, and saw the cause of the muffled sound. It was CK on Call's cock buried in Red's mouth.

Things were escalating quickly.

Farrah and I Jumped into the Shag Van, and after trying to get my pants off gingerly, ended up just ripping them off. I found myself seated next to CK on Call, and Red was still sucking his cock with vigor.  Farrah had climbed over and was in front of me, with a mischievous smile on her face. Quicker thank you can say "Sharknado", she had my cock in her mouth, greedily sucking and licking every inch.

Somewhere in this time frame, I heard Moaning Lisa outside, and she was chatting up one of the younger bucks that also joined this group of perverted campers. I knew what that meant, and a few minutes later I heard and saw the result of the conversation. True to her name, Moaning Lisa was moaning loudly as she was being finger fucked by the younger guy. This was followed by the familiar splashing sound of her squirting on the ground as she was leaning back against The Lizardo 3000. Later on in the evening Moaning Lisa was bent over the grey metallic hood of the 3000, getting pounded by the same young guy. It looked like a car wash was in my immediate future after this sequence.

A look to my right saw that Red was now leaning into the van from outside, while she was being fucked from behind. This put her face right up against Farrah's body, as she was still giving one of her awesome soft wet BJs to your old friend in the white suit. A rumor of her groping and nibbling on Farrah have not been substantiated by this reporter.

 The Good Doctor was ready to return the sexual favors to Farrah, but getting her thigh high boots off along with her yoga pants was no easy task. At one point I was contorted into a position typically reserved for French contortionists or magician's assistants.

After getting unwound and nude, I tried my best to deflower Farrah as she was leaning back in the rear seat of the Shag Van. Bad angle. Strike one. I spun her around so I was face to great ass with her. Worse angle. Strike two. Down to my last strike, I put Farrah on the floor of the van, slid between her long sexy legs, and presto change this worked.

Charlie's Angel Farrah

There was joy in Mudville.

At this same time, all three girls were getting pounded...Farrah by The Good Doctor, Red by one of the young bucks, and Moaning Lisa by M. The sounds of these hot girls being drilled echoed through the wooded area, like some sort of perverted werewolf attack.

This frenzy of activity eventually cooled, as it was now pushing 3:30am. Farrah was tired, and your old friend in the white suit and aviators was getting woozy. I walked Farrah to her vehicle (she claims it is a prototype Lizardo 4000, but I beg to differ. The Lizardo line is manufactured in Bavaria, and her "4000" had "Assembled in Mexico" on it's door frame).

Checkmate, Farrah.

I bid Farrah farewell with a kiss and a grope, and headed back to the recovering group of naughty campers. Everyone was recovering, except for Red from Racine. A new gentleman joined the fray, and had his BBC stuffed into Red's mouth. It didn't take long for the new gentleman to unload all over Red's face...

There was stirring amongst the group...Again.

I took a seat on one of the open doors of the Shag Van, while Red was standing close by, talking with Moaning Lisa, J, and the assembled. Being the handsy bastard, The Good Doctor was now slowly rubbing Red's very nice bum...But my intentions were less than honorable. My fingers found their way between her smooth legs, and found her pussy dripping wet. I slid one finger inside her tight pussy, and used my thumb to rub her clit at the same time. I felt Red grind into me as I quickened my pace, finger fucking this naughty girl.

It wasn't long before I felt it... Nancy came and dripped her lady juice all over my hand and forearm.  One of favorite things on God's green Earth.

Nancy (without saying a word) started rubbing my cock through buttless chaps black dress pants. "Let's change positions" suggested Red, which was welcomed by The Good Doctor. Red sat on the edge of the van's door, undid my trousers, and eagerly grabbed my already hard cock. She plunged into it, sucking and licking intensely but at the same time, softly. Red pulled me out, rubbed my cock all over her pretty face, and then back into her mouth.  It wasn't long before I pulled out of her mouth, and jerked off all over her waiting mouth and face. This girl loves cum, and once again she reveled in it.

The clock was now pushing 4am... My once finely coiffed hair now looked like it was styled by The Unibomber. As a collective, we were all spent.  It was time to give this wooded area back to the owls, squirrels, and deer, and vacate post haste. Hugs and kisses good-bye were distributed, waiting for our next party and/or dogging rendezvous.

Walking up to The Lizardo 3000, I saw the hand prints of Moaning Lisa on my hood, and it was very hot. There was a latent image of seeing her bent over and getting pounded in my mind, and I'm glad The 3000 was up to the task.

Postscript: The next morning, before heading to car wash, I saw something on the hood of The 3000... It was a long blonde hair, still stuck to the surface. It somehow survived a 90+ minute drive back to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college).

Moaning Lisa's blonde hair was my last physical reminder of a night for the ages on Chicago's west side.