Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coming Attraction! Koral's Bukkake Event @ The Oregon Theater in Portland Tuesday 8/28 @ 6:30pm (w/PICS!)

Doc here, the Don Kirshner of adult theater event promotions...

This Tuesday at 6:30pm PDT, the very sexy and naughty Koral will be holding a photo and video bukkake event at Portland's Oregon Theater at 3530 SE Division Street.  This promises to be off the chain, kids. 

Here are the details straight from the lovely Koral, and a few photos to give you yet another reason to be part of the hardcore action at the grand old Oregon Theater.

Here is Team Koral with more details...


We are planning a gangbang/bukkake event on August 28th (Tuesday) at the Oregon Theater From 6:30pm until 9pm. We have talked with the management and have permission to film the action (for personal pleasure; it will not be distributed, but people may want to bring a mask). "Koral" would like as many men as possible to be there and give her a huge cum coating on the face, mouth and tits...while guys who have my permission are fucking her with protection.

She keeps inquiring to me about the amount of men that will be there, and how many loads should she expect. No worries folks, no number is too many. She's just curious. Maybe there should be a Yahoo Group poll on "how many loads will fly" and I can post the load count next week after reviewing the footage. I did read recently in Dr. Lizardo's Blog that Kitty had 40 loads land on her when she was the Bukkake Queen at a similar party at the Oregon Theater last year. Who thinks we can beat it?

Also, if any women/couples with woman are reading this, Koral would love your help with fluffing some guys and keeping them horny so they are ready to shoot when they get to the plate. If not, no worries, still come and enjoy the show.

And guys, be there! Tell a friend and be there. No excuses, be there. Do not masturbate, just be there. Eat a lot of fruit and be there. Be showered, wearing a smile, and be there. Show Koral why she loves Portland so much. Please don't miss it.

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Doc here again... Events like this do not happen often, so Portlandia, take advantage of  Koral's event on Tuesday 8/28.  So get to the Oregon Theater, and give her your best 21-gun salute (all over her).

And when you see Koral, tell her Doc sent you.