Friday, September 7, 2012

Flash Report! Bulls143 Reports On Cathy @ CTs Adult Theater 8/25/12 (w/NEW PIC!)

Doc here with first time poster, Bulls143. He was one of the lucky ones who got to experience both Cathy and Mia at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN last weekend.  Here is his report.


First time poster here. Great job Doc.

Saturday was great. Got to CT's around 7:45PM, and by the time Cathy and her female friend were ready it was around 8:25PM. There was around 25 guys waiting in line to get serviced.

I was one of the first and I was serviced very well from I think Cathy's friend Mia. I got a hand job and it didn't matter. because to be totally honest it was the best one I've got through a gloryhole. Very hot. I will post again when I hit 15th Ave in Melrose Park, because I live close to it.

Glad I found this site, and keep up the great work.


Cathy and Mia at CTs Adult Theater

Flash Report! Ray on Cinema One in Chattanooga

Doc here with a great Flash Report from senior reporter, Ray, and his recent trip to Cinema One in Chattanooga, TN.


Hey Doc,

I am on a little road trip and figured I would try to make things as productive as possible, so I am doing a little Adult Theater Recon.

Tonight was the Cinema One in Chattanooga, TN. First, some pertinent details. Admission is by membership only. It cost me $20 to get through a very simple membership process (which seems to be valid for a year) and get into the theater/booth area. Store hours are 10AM to Midnight. They are open until 3:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. Wednesday is free for couples.

There is a theater area directly behind the counter. The main theater has 10 rows of pews. Yup. Just like being back in grandma's church. Passing through the main theater leads you to the couple's theater, which runs down the right side of the main theater. No guys allowed in there, or around the doorway. However, management has very kindly installed a series of windows that runs just about the entire length of the couples theater. There are maybe 20-25 theater type seats in there, plus a padded bench in the back that could be very promising.

Cinema One, Chatanooga, TN
A second entryway off the sales floor brings you to the booth area. There are 16 booths or so. All very large. All with no doors. Gloryholes have been covered over, by the layout of the booths makes me think they probably aren't necessary. More to come on that later.

As I entered the front doors, I noticed a couple in the store area. She was wearing some very tiny black shorts (more like panties. Lots of cheek on display!) and black thigh highs. Meanwhile, her ample breasts were nicely on display in one of those sexy shelf bras. She was mature, blonde, short hair with those stylish black square frame glasses. She reminded me of a mature, and hot, Seka. They did not play while I was there, but she was nice to look at. I found out later that she and her husband are the owners.

While I was becoming a member, two couples moved from the theater area to the booths. Of course, I decided it might be wise to check out the booth area first thing! There were actually three couples back there. The first sight I was greeted with was a very good looking woman, from the rear, making out with her man in the entry area. She had great legs, set off by a tight black skirt and some 5 inch heels. Up top she wore a form fitting white blouse. It covered a bit too much for my taste, but she still looked amazing, and I loved the fact that they were as "handsy" with each other as they were, right out in a well-lit and very public place. The second couple was walking the circuit. She was blonde, braless and had a bouncy set of tits with great pokies trying to pop their way through her thin white top, which was held in place by a couple of valiant spaghetti straps. Eventually they settled into a booth and watched a movie. They did little else before they finally left.

In one of the far back booths a friendly bbw with a purple top that was doing little to hide her boobs was taking care of a couple of guys orally. They finished up a few minutes after I got back there and headed back to the theater.

As the night wore on, the owners left, as did the blonde with the spaghetti straps. The hot couple making out like teenagers came and took a seat in the main theater. She stretched those gorgeous legs across his lap so that he could take her shoes off and massage her feet. Eventually the massage worked north and he went to work on her pussy. Eventually, she laid back and spread her legs. He hit his knees and dug in. Since the audio for the movie is less than adequate, you could hear her whimpering softly as he worked her to a small orgasm before they left to finish back at home. The BBW left soon after.

I hung out for another hour or two and chatted with some of the regulars. I got there around 10:30, which was a little too late from what I was told. A couple of couples had played earlier in the evening. Around 12:30 another blonde came in. Tall and dressed in white. They seemed to be looking for someone else and left after 10 minutes or so. By 12:30 most of the guys had even left. There were only a few stragglers when I finally called it a night at 1:00.

From what the locals tell me, Wednesdays are normally pretty good. Weekends are hit or miss. There are a lot of regulars who have pretty consistent routines. Of course, as you often here, the place isn't nearly what it was "back in the day", but it seems like a place that is definitely worth a second look. Management is very cool and the place is laid out for couples to enjoy themselves.


Thanks again Ray, for yet another 5-Star report!  Keep them coming, sir.