Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flash Report! Pics From Laney's Gang Bang at CTs on Friday 3/18

Doc here with a special weekend treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Last night Laney from Texas began her long, hard weekend at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  From all reports, she had all the hard cock she wanted last night.

Early this evening Laney made several pics from last night at CTs available to The Good Doctor for publication.  Consider these a preview of what you can still have if you make it to CTs tonight (Saturday), Sunday, or early Monday.  Her visit hours will be after the pics.

The pics are hi-res, so click on them to ENLARGE.

Laney's schedule at CTs:
Saturday 8pm to Midnight
Sunday Night........7pm to 11pm
Monday lunch ....11am to 1pm

So ladies and gentlemen, if you can, I think visiting CTs in Gary and saying hello to Laney will be worth everyone's while.

Trust me...I'm a Doctor.


Field Report: On The Road With Tony - The Fiesta Drive-In Adult Theater in El Paso

Doc here with another adult theater report from the highways and byways of this great country, courtesy of Tony.  This report takes us to the Fiesta Drive-In in El Paso, TX.  Along with the Apache Drive-In in Tyler, TX, they are the last remaining XXX drive-in adult theaters.

Here is Tony's report:

My Dear Doctor,

It is Tony again...Sorry for the delay in reports, as I have been quite busy.

I would like to relate a somewhat more recent event I had. This took place at an (believe it or not) adult drive-in in El Paso, TX called The Fiesta. This was my first of many accounts that have taken place there.

Fiesta Drive In
13800 Montana Ave., El Paso, TX

I used to have a dedicated run that took me through the area every 2 weeks. It is a Friday nite, and I locate the drive in. I pay my admission and find out that this is a very large place. It also is a book store with indoor theaters (actually 3 small ones): 1 straight,1 gay,and a small couples theater. But most of the action takes place out in the drive in.

I park my semi (no trailer) along the back row to the left of the building. Why I am not sure, but it seemed to be the best place for observing the traffic. As the nite progressed, I realize that like in any theater, there are lots of single, and mostly gay men. If there are any couples in at this time, they are parked down low.

After some time, a VW van parks to my left. This is the best place for them to park, as I am able to peer down into the van. A very lovely brunette is seated in the passenger seat wearing only a blue lace bra and matching panties. I opened my door so I can turn and watch in comfort. As soon as I did this, she asks if she can come up! (Duh! Winning!)

I get out and help her up into my truck. Her companion seemed ok with just her joining me.  For a little less than an hour, I pretty much had my way with her. After all this, she asked me to kick her out (huh?). Yep, she wanted to be kicked out, so as much as I am to oblige, I told her to get her skanky ass (not really skanky at all) out of my truck. I even held the door for her so as to not let it hit her in the ass on her way out. This kind of treatment was new to me, but i think I performed rather well with it.

So, this is just another story of many I expect to relate to my fellow pervs.

I have another about a different adult drive-in in East Texas, but that will have to wait till I get back on the computer. As it is,i am loading a nursery load (trees) out of Portland and headed for Texas and ending up in Virginia.

Thank you for this opportunity,


Doc here again... Thanks Tony for another great report from the road!  Keep them coming!

Do you have an adult theater report from the present, the recent past, or way back in the past?  Just drop your good buddy The Good Doctor an email at  I will format and publish your report... And you will feel good about providing a service to this thing of ours'.