Monday, October 5, 2009

Semper Fi - SoCal Round-Up by OldMarineCorpsGuy

Southern California Round-Up

Doc here again... OldMarineCorpsGuy has filed a terrific and detailed report regarding the Southern California adult theater scene.  Awesome stuff follows...

Take it away, OMCG...

I just thought some of you might like to have some info on what I found about the theaters in the So. California area. I went to the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego (golf during the day – theaters at night) and here's what I found.

I won't go into detail, but I found action at all locations (some better than others) except The Red Panty, Tiki, Gemini and Jolar.

Riverside/San Bernardino:

DéjàVu (Corner of Mission and Central in Upland). Strip club downstairs, bookstore, arcade and theater upstairs. Small, 10 x 30, only 7 seats but they are all recliners. Has a small "privacy" wall in the back. Electronic door buzzer to let people in (fairly good "warning"). Open until 3AM. $10.00 admission with no in and out privileges. 3 small screens on each side of the theater showing 3 different movies (1 gay, 2 straight) and 1 large screen showing str8 video.

Red Panty (530 S. Citrus, Azuza) Bookstore and theater. Probably the WORST example of a porn theater I've been to in over 40 years of "playing". 2 small theaters (5x10 each) conjoined by an open doorway (one straight one gay). Enter through sliding door with no warning system. 5 plastic patio chairs in each theater (no room for any more). $12.00 admission with 6 hour in-and-out privileges. NO PUBLIC RESTROOM. Open 24/7

Los Angeles

Tiki Theater (5462 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood). Theater only, $12.00 admission with no in-and-out privileges. About 30 very comfortable (doctors waiting room type) seats. VERY loud entryway noise for someone coming in, so there is a good "warning" system. Parking in the rear. Be careful….NOT a good area. Open 24/7

Studs (7734 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood) Theater only, $18.00 admission with all day in-and-out privileges from 8:30AM opening until closing (3AM on weekdays, 5AM on weekends). Main theater shows gay movies with about 100 comfortable theater type seats. 3 small theaters. One shows transvestite movies with 15 to 20 seats, one shows straight movies with 15 to 20 seats, one shows gay with couches.

Orange County

Hate to say it, but no porn theaters anywhere in the county.

San Diego

Gemini Theater (5265 University Blvd. San Diego) Bookstore and theater. $7.00 admission, no in-and-out privileges. Open 8AM to 11PM weekdays, 1AM on weekends. 2 theaters for one admission. Main theater has only about 15 VERY torn up seats and has a chest high "privacy" wall in the back. Other is a "smoking" theater is about 5 or 6 plastic lawn chairs. Best word to describe this place is "skuzzy".

Jolar Theater (6321 University Blvd., San Diego) Bookstore, arcade, live "showgirls" in private booths and a "twin" theater. VERY comfortable "theater" type reclining seats. Each theater shows 1 gay and 1 straight movie. $10.00 admission, 4 hour in-and-out privileges. Saturday nights couples 2-for 1. VERY clean. Electronic door buzzer to let people in. Good warning system. 24/7

Barnett Super Store (Southeast corner of Barnett and Midway, San Diego) Bookstore, live "showgirls" in private booths and a "twin" theater. Each theater has about 25 reclining seats and shows 1 straight and 1 gay movie. $10.00 admission with 4 hour in-and-out privileges or $20.00 for 24 hour pass. 24/7

Adult Depot (3489 Kurtz St., San Diego) Bookstore, arcade and "twin" theater. Each theater shows straight movies only. $7.00 admission with 4 hour in-and-out privileges. 20 theater seats in each theater. 24/7

Thank-you OMCG for a terrific regional rundown. Great stuff!

New Report from Oldbeatnik! Manor Adult Motel/Bookstore/Theater, Louisville, KY October 2 & 3rd, 2009

Manor Adult Motel, Bookstore, & Theater, 4600 Dixie Highway, Louisville KY
Doc here with another field report by the prolific Oldbeatnik (now with his own logo!).  Enjoy!

Another dead weekend for your faithful reporter, but the place is nice. The motel charges $52 a night for a singles room, I forgot to ask how much for couples, I beg your pardon. There is a $20 deposit for remotes(too many thefts) that you get back on check out. One remote controls TV the other gets you to the adult channels, 60-70 of them. The peep booths in the bookstore show the same ones. Clean rooms, minimal amenities. Small bookstore holds the regular toys, DVDs etc. $10 for entrance to theater for both couples and singles, only light is from the screen, but not too bad, would be able to see any action if there ever is any. Three rows of theater seats, holding 10, 8 and 7 seats each. All are in good shape and relatively comfortable. Against opposite wall to entrance is a 3 seat couch, comfortable for 3, could hold 5 or 6, for play. No bathroom in theater, but one can leave and re-enter for that purpose in the bookstore. Otherwise no re-entry. Peeps cost $3, again, same price single or couple, also no re-entry. Eight rooms, a few of which are very roomy, 2 set aside for couples, one with glory hole, maybe. There was a glory hole, but there also was a board that covers it that someone had removed. No other glory holes in the booths. No smoking in either theater or peeps.

Overall, nice place, clean, I reccommend it, but again, it was dead, with no couples visiting either Fri or Sat nights(Oct 2-3) So for single men it will be hit or miss.

Onward and upward, Excelsior!