Friday, December 24, 2010

House Call: 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL - 12/17/10

Doc here with a no-nonsense Christmas week House Call report from a recent spur-of-the-moment visit to 15th Avenue Adult Books &Theater (& Spa).  No holiday themed puns, no mistletoe references, no Santa's riding on an electric shaver, and no snowmen wearing vests.
Expectations were slim last Friday when The Good Doctor decided to make a detour and head to 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  Why the slim expectations?  I was getting there late (9:30pm), I only had limited amount of time, and it was right in the middle of  the busiest shopping weekend of the year.  But as Wayne Gretzky said "you miss 100% of the shots you never take."

 The Lizardo 3000 pulled into the parking lot at 15th Avenue and I was encouraged.  More cars than I thought would be there - Maybe 3/4 full.  Nice.  There were a few guys milling about in the arcade area, as well as the main ABS.  I poked my head into the theater... 3 guys.  That's it.  Not so nice.

When I paid at the front desk upon entering, I also got the spa pass as well.  For an extra 10 bucks, you have access to the full spa area, including locker room, shower room, wet sauna, as well as the private room area and the "bleachers".  The "bleachers" is an area in the back (near the party room) that is comprised of 2 sets of 3 rows of continuous seating about at a right angle to each other.  Against the wall is a large screen HD TV.  This area is important later in the report.

The first couple came into the spa area shortly after I arrived.  They were in their late 20's...She was a cute smaller BBW, with long curly hair and nice sized breasts.  She and her guy went into one of the private rooms and shut the door.  10 minutes later they came out and proceeded to the locker room to undress for the shower and sauna.  They disappeared into the sauna, followed by a couple of the guys who also undressed and donned their towels.  I was not one of them.

  While they were in the sauna, I happened to walk back out the Lizardo 3000 to grab a sip of my tasty beverage. While walking back in, I saw that a second couple had just entered the building.  When I got closer to them, I was happy to see it was one of the hottest couples that frequent 15th Avenue.  We will call then T and L, since The Good Doctor rarely uses real names when describing this thing of ours'.

The last time I saw T and L was during the late summer (again, on a Friday night). L is a very attractive tall brunette, late 30's, with long dark curly hair who wears Nina Hartley-like dark rimmed glasses.  She has a great body and sports a gorgeous pair of legs, but her greatest asset is her very vocal and naughty nature. 

Case in point: The last time I saw "L", she was in a cheerleader outfit in the bleacher section at 15th Avenue.  She was bent over, and "T" was fucking her in the ass.  How did I know this since I was a distance back?  She was screaming "keep fucking me in the ass baby"... The energy that night was great, and so was "L". 

My understanding was that L&T only showed off, and didn't play with other guys.  I spoke briefly with one of the regulars at 15th (known as The Mayor") and he confirmed that point last Friday early in the festivities.  At least we knew we were in for a great show.

  While L&T made their way into their own private room across from the 1st couple, that couple emerged from the sauna and shower and went back to their private room.  Within a minute of their return, the door to L&T's room opened slowly and low and behold the show had begun.  T had L bent over on the bench in the room, and was proceeding to fuck her in front of the viewing gallery.  Her outfit for tonight was a black lacy bra with matching panties, and a flannel shirt over that since it was a bit cool in the spa outside of the sauna.

What happened next was a preview of later events... A younger guy that was in front of L&T door and had a front row seat to the show was invited in. This was new wrinkle for L... The guy knelt up on the bench while L was still being fucked and stuck his cock into L's mouth.  Her screams of delight were now muffled by the hard cock in her mouth. 

In the middle of this scene, the other door opened behind The Good Doctor, and out peered the first couple.  She was just wearing a towel, and so was her guy.  I was standing right next to them as we all watched L get double-teamed orally and anally.  Her eyes were transfixed on L as she was being pounded, and she was now squirming as she was standing there.  After a few minutes of watching both of them, couple #1 dropped back into their own room, but kept the door open. 

This was getting good.

The cute BBW dropped her towel and leaned back on the bench, showing her neatly trimmed bush to her boyfriend (and us)... He also dropped his towel and slid his cock into her very wet pussy.  She wrapped her legs around him as he fucked her slow but steady.  She began urging him to fuck her even harder, which he did.

At one point, the BBW jumped off the table and onto her knees, whereby the sucked her guys cock with a lot of naughty energy.  One thing very apparent was that she was only going to play with her guy, and not the gen pop.  Their fucking and sucking continued until they took a break and closed the door.   What we didn't know at that moment was that they were done for the night... They emerged, headed for the locker room, and got dressed. 

Across the hall, L&T wrapped up Round 1 and closed their door as well.  A minute or two later, they headed outside for a break and to cool off (which wasn't hard to do since it was 20 degrees).

I guess this was half-time.  I kept waiting for the marching band and their all-star tribute to mayonnaise.  No band showed.  Maybe next year...

  L&T returned back from their break and back to their room.  Within a few minutes they emerged, and they headed for (drum roll please) ...The Bleachers.  What The Good Doctor was expecting was a show for the boys...Kind of like a USO Show (without Bob Hope and Elke Sommer).

Ladies and Gentlemen, we got more.  A lot more.

L&T were sitting on the top row of The Bleachers, and L was playing with T's cock...Stroking it while looking around the room at the assembled throng of about 10-15 guys.  The vibe was getting very hot in their... Would they take it to the next level?

L leaned over and began sucking T's cock... She then switched positions and got on the 2nd row, facing T and continued her cock worship.  She was alternating sucking his hard cock, and running her tongue down to his balls while stroking him.  A couple of guys attempted to play with her, but were waved off by T.

What happened next opened the floodgates... A guy in a towel moved up to the top row, a foot or two away from T.  Her opened his towel to reveal himself to L, and she was impressed.  L moved up to T, and whispered something to him, and he nodded.  Those of us in the crowd who have been around the block a few times knew this was a good sign: He gave permission to suck this guy's cock.

L immediately complimented "Towel Guy" on his equipment, and proceeded to lick and suck away.  In a matter of a couple of minutes, he came all over L's lips and mouth.  And she was digging it big time.  T asked her if she wanted more, and she said that she did, but needed to get more comfortable.  T hopped down, and helped L lay down with a few towels underneath her so that her pussy was facing the open end of the bleachers and her head was in the middle of the throng of guys left.

T asked L if she wanted a cum bath, and she said "Mmmmm".  Guy #2 hopped up and kneeled on the bleacher, right behind L's head.  He leaned down and lowered his cock to L, and slowly began fucking her soft mouth.  As this was happening, T slipped back into L's ass for some more intense anal.  L was moaning loud, and was in sensory overload.

Guy #2 lifted back out of L's mouth and began stroking his cock. L was begging for his cum,  and not much later came all over her chin and tits.  Another guy rotated into the same position, and did his best to repeat his predecessor's performance.  This guy pulled out and came all over L's face...And she was moaning louder.

Guy #3 stepped in, and older guy than most in the room... He slid right into her warm waiting mouth, but unlike the others, began talking dirty to her (just as T was).  She was now squirming, and then came as #3 pulled out and unloaded a big cum shot, again on her pretty face.  This cum shot elicited a few ooo's and ahh's from the crowd, and a big thank you from L.

T asked L if she was a cum slut...Her answer was "I'm your cum slut" as the cum was dripping off her chin and cheeks. 

If memory serves me correct, she took on one more guy before they cleaned up and retired back to the private room.

 It was at this point in time I had to get back to The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.  There was another couple walking in while I was walking out to The Lizardo 3000.  Not sure what transpired with them...

In what was an evening filled with just a little bit of hope, eventually turned into a 2010 Top 10 moment for The Good Doctor.  And this hot evening of theater sex didn't even need the help of The Heat Miser.