Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flash Report! Bob in Biloxi Checks In!

Doc here with another up-to-date report from our intrepid field reporter from the deep south, Bob in Biloxi.  From the sound of things, luck was on the side of our man in the field...Take it away, Bob:
Hey Doc,

I just had to write about this weekend’s fun. Our Angel showed up Sat night, dressed to kill as usual! Short skirt, low cut blouse and fuck me heels. She was rather reserved in the Gulf Coast Adult Theater as a crowd of looky loo’s (gay) wouldn’t give her any space, they were more interested in what she was stroking, than in her expert techniques and well, HER!

Bob in Biloxi
Anyway the crowd got too much for her, and they left and went down the street to the Pass Road ABS. Her mode of operation is to get one booth (no hole) and leave the door unlocked, and wait for someone she likes to open it. If she doesn’t like you, her husband grabs the door and locks it for a few minutes. Then he will unlock it again and wait for another guy more to her liking to open the door.

Anyway someone beat me to the punch and was able to garner her attention for first dibs! I don’t do seconds so I went back out front and started chatting with the attendant, he then told me there was another couple in the back and the female looked better and younger than our Angel!!

So, there was only one booth open, and sure enough sitting on the other side of the hole was a young slim blonde lady, I would guess in her late twenties. She was dressed in a flowery print sundress, her hair tied up in a pony tail and she was wearing horn rimmed school teacher glasses. As I looked through the hole, she removed the straps on her dress revealing some very perky “B” size funbags. I commented on her tits and she said show me what you have mister! So I slid “Stanley” through the hole and was rewarded with her hot juicy mouth!! A few minutes later she stopped and I pulled out and knelt down at the hole and she asked me if I wanted to come over to their booth! Duh, as fast as I could get Stan the man back in my shorts I was knocking on their booth.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater, Biloxi
As I locked the door behind me in their booth, the first thing I noticed was how attractive this lady was, she was about 5’3, maybe 110lbs, long blonde hair tied up for cock sucking. She then dropped her sundress revealing a shaved beaver. FYI I always ask how long they’ve been there! She told they had just arrived and could not get attention except for gay guys looking through the hole then leaving! I hit a gold mine! I took the opportunity to bend over and kiss the pussy, it smelled like she just got out of a shower! Sweet and clean! She sat down in the chair and spread those lovely legs and asked me to lick it, and Doc, I would have made a lesbian proud! After several minutes getting her shined up, she said “your turn”.

This lady gave the most incredible blow job, nice soft, wet and took her time getting me fully at attention blow jobs! Then she turned around and presented me with an ass that was no bigger than two half gallon milk jugs side by side. She told me to “give me that big cock”. Who am I to deny this pretty lady what she wants? It took some work but I was finally able to get about half my cock in her as she started pushing back against me, I finally hit bottom with only about 2 inches showing! I have to tell you Doc, my cock looked like a fence post going in and out of this pretty lady’s cunt. Her husband then asked me to lift my shirt so he could see! After shinning his penlight on her ass, he started talking shit to her. Asking if she liked that big cock, etc! I could tell she was really getting into it, she was soaking wet and really gyrating her cute little ass around, loudly exclaiming fuck me, oh shit, fuck my little pussy!!

It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load. But I still managed to hammer her for about 15mins, as directed by ….uh HER!! After that I just blew, couldn’t take it anymore, plus now I have no spinal fluid left in my body to date!
With a pat on her butt and a thank you, I vacated their booth with a huge smile !! Hope to see them again !
Thanks for the great report, Bob! 
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