Friday, January 11, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Renee Submits To The Paris Theatre on 1/8/13 (w/4 PICS!)

Doc here with the first of a series of reports from Portland featuring a vivacious red head by the name of Renee.

She and her Dom, S, visited the Paris Theatre in Portland on Tuesday night, and from multiple reports ("50 Shades of Renee" by my colleague Brent), it was quite the scene.

And the best part?  Renee and S are heading back to the Paris Theatre at 9pm PDT Friday night for an encore

As a bonus to this report, S sent along an exclusive pic of Renee getting drilled, and the associated story behind the pic.

Here we go...


Hey everyone, its Renee :)

Just wanted to say I had a wonderful time at the Paris Theater on Tuesday night. I was terribly shy when I first walked in, it being my first theater experience. My legs were shaking at I was led, blindfolded to the rail in the couples section. But, once I felt all of those hands groping body it all melted away.

I was already wet before, but I started to ache for it. My hips were moving on their own against the hands prodding between my legs. I wanted them to pull me over the rail and devour me right there. I was still shaking when I while I was being led to the stage, not in fear but in anticipation. Everything felt so surreal until I was on my back, being fucked, and groped, and the blindfold came off. This incredible feeling shot through me as I saw all these lusty men looking down at me. It was thrilling!

I love all the hot attention everyone gave me as I played with everyone. I often felt myself getting lightheaded from pure ecstasy. Being surrounded and fucked like that... its almost enough to make a girl faint. But I'm glad I didn't. I wouldn't want to miss a moment of it all. My only regret is that I didn't get the chance to have a couple to play with. As much as I like being surrounded by horny men, I also yearn for some girl on girl play. And both at once would be pure delight. I will definitely be back for an encore (Friday). Can't wait to see you all again!

Renee xoxo

The Real Renee (Click to ENLARGE the images)


Doc here again... This next piece was the note S sent along to The Good Doctor, and the pic from that scene...



She is looking for an appreciative audience tonight, now that her theater sex cherry has been popped. Would LOVE to have a couple or two to play with, a little threesome in the couples section.

Another image to perhaps encourage possible playmates to come and experience her! Ordered up a pizza Wednesday evening, she met him at the hotel door holding a towel in front of her, fumbled the towel to the floor, asked the pizza delivery boy to bring the pizza into the suite and set it on a table so that she would not drop it too... then asked if he would like to watch while she was being photographed. When he said "yes", she asked if he would like to do more than watch... When he asked "like what?" she asked him if he had any condoms with him...

It quickly progressed from there! The night before at the Paris Theater rather emboldened her and gave her the confidence to seduce the pizza boy!


Doc here again... How many of you want to be in Portland tonight?  Thought so...  If you make it to The Paris Theatre tonight at 9pm PDT, and are lucky enough to meet Renee and S, please tell them "Doc sent me".  You are in for a treat tonight at the legendary Paris Theatre in Portlandia.