Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blast From The Past: Oldbeatnik on the Twin Cities Scene

Doc here with a GREAT Blast From The Past report from senior reporter, Oldbeatnik. The scene is St. Paul, Minnesota, and the location is now long gone Faust Theater.  I have included two pics of The Faust from the early 80's...

So jump in the Way Back machine, and set the controls to the 1980's...Here is Oldbeatnik's Blast From The Past!

Back in the day Minneapolis and St. Paul had close to 10 porn theaters, most were mini theaters in ABSs and the rest were made over ex movie houses. It’s nice to have so many to choose from, but it’s a bitch to have so many to choose from. You never knew who was going to play where or when. Of course the weekends at the larger theaters were always good and The Faust Theater gained a national reputation. Trying to lesson the odds, I became friendly with one of the ticket takers at a larger theater (as all good men in this thing of ours should do) and he would call me if anything worthwhile was going on. This is the story of one of those calls.
It was the middle of the week about 7-7:30pm when he called and said to get my ass down to the theater as soon as I could; it will be worth your while and hung up before I could say anything. It usually took me 20-25 minutes to drive to his theater; I made it that night in under 15.  He gave me a big grin when I arrived and said have fun. When I stopped to ask him about it he just told me to shut up and get my ass inside. I did and I was not disappointed.

That thing about having so many theaters and so many choices? And then being the middle of the week? There were only five other men in the theater that night and the woman got comfortable with all of us. When I got there she had a man on each side of her, two seated in front of her and I took the seat behind her. I stood in the row looking down on her when she turned her face to me and smiled. She was drop dead beautiful. Blonde hair, oval blue eyes, a models cheek bones and chin. When she turned away I stared at the rest of her body. She had the body of a model to go along with her face. The short dress that she was wearing buttoned down the front and was completely open revealing a bright red lace underwire bra that left her nipples uncovered. I saw bright red lace panties but because of the way she was sitting I couldn’t tell what style. A bright red lace garter belt held up the stockings that graced her long slim legs that were spread as wide as she could make them.

Faust Theater
St, Paul MN   circa 1982
I was later told that she had done a semi strip tease undoing the buttons of her dress before she sat down. It was done for the man who came in with her but he was soon joined by the rest of the men in the place. So she was just getting started when I arrived. She took off her bra, looked at us all and laughed “don’t any of you take this bra, he just bought me this outfit and I want to keep it.” We all promised not to take it and she laid it over the back of her chair, once again looking at me and this time she winked. My cock jumped in my pants and I had to make myself comfortable suddenly. Her escort spoke up and said he decided that she looked so good in it that he wanted other men to see her in it too and they wound up at the theater as the safest place to go. The alcohol I could smell on their breaths helped explain the rationality of that decision, but I wasn’t going to say anything. We all agreed whole-heartedly that she indeed looked beautiful in her new underwear. Of course she would have looked just as good in anything. Her tits were on the small size, as were her nipples, but when they got hard they felt like BBs.

She unzipped her escorts pants, leaned over and began sucking him off. She exposed the rest of her panties to me and I saw they were bikini style, her ass cheeks were covered by them but they were see through enough that you could make out the crack of her ass. I got the escorts attention and asked if I could touch her. Most guys just nod or shake their heads, he said aloud “feel free to touch her anywhere, she’ll give you blow jobs but will only fuck me.” We all jumped in and she soon had eight hands stroking her body. Her escort was content to sit back with his hands folded behind his head and with a blissful smile on his face let her do all the work on his cock.

Faust Theater
St. Paul. MN  circa 1982
I was lucky/quick enough to get to her pussy first. I caressed the crotch of her panty as it covered her pussy, then moved my hand down its waist band and touched her clit. She shook her legs and moaned but never took her head off her friends dick. I reached into her very wet pussy with 2 fingers and began finger fucking her. She came soon after, not quite squirting, but she got incredibly wet and her moisture began to run down her bare thighs to her stocking tops. Her thighs actually shone, reflecting the flickering light of the movie. I removed my fingers and they were quickly replaced by another set. She soon had another orgasm.

Her escort decided he had enough blow job and wanted to fuck. He told her to bend over the seat facing the screen, he would fuck her doggie style and she could suck the rest of us. The four of us got in line and while he, in his ever present laid back style, leisurely fucked her; she had all four of us cum in her mouth within a very short period of time. She had a vacuum for a mouth and being stunningly beautiful none of us lasted very long. When I finished I ran out to the ticket booth and told my friend I would watch it for him cause the woman was giving out blow jobs and he should get one too. More brownie points for my side. He returned just a couple of minutes later with a big smile and a bigger thank you, told him thanks for the heads up.

Before I could get back into the theater she and her date came out. Her dress was still unbuttoned, her bra was back on, her panties were in place and she had the most delightful smile on her face even as her lips, cheeks and chin glistened in the light from the sperm residue all over them. Just before she left she stopped, bent over, raised her dress over her ass and gave me a lifetime worth of jack off memories; an exquisite view of her perfect ass ensconced in a bright red pair of lace panties.

Those were the days, my friends, those were the days.


Doc here again... Thanks again to Oldbeatnik for his trip down memory lane (you thought I was going to say mammory lane, didn't you?) and the hijinks inside The Faust Theater.  The shame inside this thing of ours in Minnesota is that there is no scene to speak of any longer.  If you know of a scene there, please e-mail me and enlighten The Good Doctor.

Otherwise, stay calm and carry on.