Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flash Report! A Trampboy's 3-Way Intersection - Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of A Trampboy's latest Flash Report.  Part 1 was posted Tuesday afternoon.

Now where were we?


Speaking of Tom, somewhere along the way he had shed his clothes and joined us on the bed and as we lay back catching our breath he drew a nipple into his mouth as his fingers found her pussy. She looked at me with an OMG expression and pulled my lips to hers in a fierce kiss. I broke the kiss and moved to her free nipple as she began breathing more heavily. I looked up into her eyes as she watched our two mouths at her breasts and saw her eyes widen as Tom moved down to taste her for the first time.

I moved up and offered my cock to her lips as she greedily sucked me in moaning deeply as Tom continued eating her. She reached out and took his hard cock in her hand and stroked him as she sucked me, he continued eating her pussy like a man possessed, his moans joining hers. It all became too much for Dee who after yet another screaming orgasm begged for us to leave her alone for a minute so she could catch her breath and collect her wits. I could tell she was wearing out, not ready to quit but wearing out none the less.

She moved over to make sure Tom had plenty of room and told him to lay back on the bed, taking his cock in her hand and stroking him slowly and softly as she kissed him. I moved behind her and slid completely into he rand just lay quietly as she lay on her side and stroked him, kissing his chest biting his nipples, kissing his mouth and all the while slowly increasing the tempo of her hand on his cock. I moved slowly inside of her and kissed and bit her shoulders as she brought him closer and closer. Soon it was clear that he was ready as he bucked up into her hand and let out a bellow, shooting all over her tits as she bent down to kiss him deeply once more. She looked back over her shoulder and pulled my lips to hers and kissed me, letting my cock slip from her pussy and signaling we were done. I got them warm wet wash clothes and we all lay back and collected ourselves.

Tom got up and dressed as we lay there her in my arms worn out and ready to sleep. Tom let himself quietly out of the room with a thank you and our promise to keep in touch. He was back in a few minutes though having forgotten his glasses, keys, watch and phone which got a good chuckle from everyone.

Dee and I slept until early the next morning when we woke up ready to go and as we had a nice leisurely fuck we talked about the night, she said ’ He was so nervous I bet he would have freaked out if I’d sucked his cock’ and chuckled before adding ‘maybe next time I will while you fuck my ass…’ that ended the leisurely fuck and returned us to our normally frenzied pounding….



Doc here again... Like I said in the prologue of Part 1 of this report, this report was an interesting variation compared to most reports here at The Journal.  Thus the reason to split it into 2 parts.

Keep the reports coming in folks.  E-mail me at I will still edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two for you...  You get the glory and the byline.


Flash Report! A Vacation Round-Up From Maya (with PICS!)

Doc here with a Flash Report... Well, it's more of a Thank You Report from the very sexy Maya to our good friend, Bob in Biloxi.

You see, on top of being a man of medicine, as well as a world-class boccie player, I also help network the reporters who contribute here at The Journal.  And by "network", I mean help facilitate meetings and/or monkey business.

In this case, Maya asked to be put in touch with our old friend, Bob.  Long story short, I put these two crazy kids in contact with each other and the result is the following report (and Bob's previous report featuring Maya).

Here is Maya's note to Bob, and a couple pics from her cruise post-Bob.  Also, click on the pics below...They are high-res!


Hi Bob,

The moment I saw your condoms I added one plus one and realized that you where allergic to latex. Really, should have told me beforehand. Your fault lol, but am still very sorry for the pain and discomfort I gave you.
Maya on her Cruise
We would also had more mileage out of each other.

Must really thank you for your welcome! Starting with picking up the fee, and getting me into the booth and enjoying me. You have a very nice cock too, love that it thickens at the base, that's a nice combo with my tight cuntie, don't you think?

Particularly liked pushing my ass towards you, and feeling you inside me baby. Also without your help it would have been a poor experience, as you where the only guys around.

Now you know I (we) am for real, did not lie about my looks with fake or old pics etc. and that I do enjoy being used and serving. Please thank your buddies, particularly the one that came into the other booth twice and ended up filling the condom very nicely, wow!

More Cruising with Maya
On our way back decided to stop by Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, but the ship had a stomach flu epidemic and I got a severe case of it later into the final night,  so our timing was too lousy to play there.

At least I did play some on shore, found myself suddenly as the only passenger (no hubby even) on a boat while snorkeling, and was fondled and mounted by two Mexicans. One of them fucked me from behind in the water while feeding fish who came very near, up to the mask to eat our offerings. A beautiful and unique experience.

On board there's lots of young studs, and they have stints of 8 months on board with heavy work load and very little shore leave, therefore horny as hell. Was even "raped" in an engine room. It was very rewarding to be able to offer some relief to some both with hubby around and on my own.

Overall a happy camper, and to some extent thanks to you Bob.



Doc here again... Maya is a wild one, friends. This petite ball of fire (once she latches onto you), will sink her teeth into you and give you a ride you won't soon forget.  We are looking forward to many more adventures from Maya. 

Stay tuned.