Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Field Report! The Captain Updates Us Regarding Adult World in Rennselaer, NY

Doc here, a man who some say was once a lighthouse keeper at Point der Busen, with a Field Report from that old sea dog himself, The Captain.

Cappy is chiming in on the ongoing conversation regarding Adult World in Rennselaer, NY. The A-Team just commented on their finding, and now The Captain his two cents worth. 

Please welcome back to The Journal, with martini in hand, The Captain.  Take it away, sir...


Ahoy Doc, 

I saw the report from the A-Team and wanted to confirm the welcome flag is flying at the Adult World in East Greenbush. The NEW theater WAS TEMPORARILY closed due to an issue with the heat in the room  - there wasn't any! The issue has been resolved and both theaters are open again along with the booths area - 2 of the booths are closed due to broken equipment waiting to be fixed.

Back in the fall of 2014 one couple was asked to leave the new theater due to their behavior and the male half proceeded to pick a healthy argument with the staff and have been asked not to come back. They have posted some comments on the local signals intelligence board (CL) - perhaps that's where the rumor started?. 

The Captain


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Captain for his timely update and commentary. It looks like things are straightened out at Adult World. And thank God for that...