Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flash Report: Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway by WM

Doc here with a Flash Report from first time contributor, WM.  Looks like WM visited the recently re-opened Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway, and he would like to tell us what he saw.

Take it away, WM...



I made my way from my home in TN to Augusta last night planning a stop at Buford Twin Cinemas in Atlanta for my 2nd visit to the theater. 

Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway
Doraville, GA
(outside Atlanta)

I arrived a little before 5 pm.  The parking lot was about ½ full and I assumed there would be nothing but guys there at that time.  I asked the guy up front if there had been any couples in today and he that there had been four in so far, but didn’t know if there were any there at that time. 

I went on in to theater #1 and waited on the back wall for my eyes to adjust.   As I was able to look around there were about six guys sitting throughout the theater with 3 sitting in a small area about 10 rows in front of me.  One guy got up and left and I realized he was sitting one row behind the couple, so I took his place. 

As I sat there, I could tell that they were probably there to only watch the movie as he had his arm around her and that was pretty much it.  They would whisper to each other every once in a while and after about 20 minutes, they left.  She was a short brunette with glasses with a large ass.  He was a tall slender dude.  After they left, there was no more female traffic for the next 3 hours.  There was one guy in Theater # 2 that was blowing and fucking anyone that would sit next to him. 

Hopefully I can visit there again soon to see what couples action there is.  Love your reports and enjoy reading them.
Thanks for the kind words, WM!  Nicely done first time report.  4 Couples on a Monday?  Not bad at all for any adult theater currently on The Journal's radar.  Looks like the TCABH is back!

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